Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night: Jessica vs. Jameka - September 6

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen, Amber
HoH: Zach
Veto: Daniele (does not use it)
Nominated: Jameka vs. Jessica

It looks as if the Donatos hold all of the power, with two of the three votes that will either evict Jessica or Jameka tonight. Jameka swears that she will not campaign to save herself to spite her friend.

Meanwhile, father and daughter say that Jessica has to be the one to go home this week. With two of the three votes leaning that way, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Dick tells Jameka of the plan. She doesn't have anything to say. She's playing for her family, and that's all that matters.

Jameka goes to Jessica with the new information. Jessica talks to Eric about it. She isn't going to believe it until it happens. Reassurance from Eric makes her feel better. Eric feels confident that she's going to be safe this week. We all know what this means...

Time to see who America wants out of the house... "Thank God... Jameka." He needs Jessica fighting this battle by his side, but is his word enough to sway the Donatos?

He tells Daniele that he would understand if Jess left, but Eric plays the "she would kill me" card.

Fastforward to tonight... Literally. Tonight will play out a week's worth of events in one hour, resulting in TWO evictions. Which means we start with the last rites of both Jessica and Jameka.

Jameka has enjoyed her time here. She's made some good decisions, but she is giving her word as a guarantee. Jessica: "This has been the hardest week, sitting next to Jameka. If it's my turn to go, it's my turn to go."

As a reminder, you are voting to evict Jameka or Jessica. Zach, the current HOH, is not eligible to vote. Neither are the two nominees. That leaves three.

Eric, and thus America: JAMEKA. (After the HOH competition, Julie will instruct one person to lead the rest of the houseguests back into the house. That is the next target)
Daniele: JESSICA

So our first evictee is Jessica, by a vote of 2-1. No one campaigned. "I love Eric. My feelings for him were real."

HOH Competition: Before or After.

Two events. Which came before or after the other?

1) Did Jen cry over her memory wall portrait before or after Amber cried over her first eviction nomination? BEFORE. Everyone's right.
2) Did Amber handcuff herself to Kail before or after Joe tasted an anchovy-cabbage pie? AFTER. Everyone's right
3) Did Jameka say that she wanted her actions to be aligned with her words before or after Nick shaved his head? BEFORE. Daniele's right.
4) Did Julie ask Dustin about his grey shirt before or after Julie asked Jameka whether she would still give up five HOHs? AFTER. We're tied again at 3.
5) Did Jen say that the house would be better without negative vibes before or after her red unitard? AFTER. Eric and Daniele lead with 4.
6) Did Amber and Dustin win lobster tails before or after Zach went streaking? BEFORE. Eric leads with 5.
7) Did Jen win POV #2 before or after the banner incident? AFTER. We're tied at 5.
8) During the veto meeting, did Amber say "My journey has been an amazing journey" before or after "No one wants to be in this chair; it's a crappy feeling"? BEFORE. Dick wins HOH, 6-5-5.

Julie calls on Daniele to lead everyone back into the house. That is the target you want Eric to get out. So Eric goes on the campaign.

Nomination Ceremony 

Dick nominates Jameka and Eric.

Power of Veto Competition: Niagara Balls.

More than 5000 rubber balls will come a-crashing down. Collect the green balls and stack them in your tube. Eight green balls is a win.

Yes, we've done this before...

Winner: Zach.

Veto Meeting.

Eric looks like he knows what is coming next. Jameka goes first, though. She's not ready to go home...  breathily. Eric: "Zach, I have no expectations that you're going to use this, but vote smart. I have no friends on this jury. I haven't won a competition in weeks. Give me a fair chance to play this game."

Zach elects not to use the Power of Veto, which means the nominations will stand and the vote will be forthcoming. As a reminder, you are voting to evict Jameka or Eric. Dick, the current HOH, is not eligible to vote unless there is a tie.

Last rites from Jameka: being on the block this many times is not fun. It is how this game works, though. Keep in consideration that she is a woman of her word. Eric: the power is in your hands. Any word he's given he's kept. To some degree that trust was breached. "I've been good to you, please be good to me."

Zach: ERIC
Daniele: ERIC

It's unanimous. America's Player is heading to the Jury House.  "Actually, I'm really at peace with it. I've had obstacles that no one had to deal with. I'm not surprised at what happened. The people who did it to me would've been long gone were it were in my hands. It was a great honor to be selected as America's Player. It was my job to honor America's wishes. They were pulling for the people who sent me out of this house." As for Jessica? "She was the perfect partner, tried and true. My goal as America's Player may have compromised her position in this house." Eric heads to the jury house with $40,000.

Next time, the house goes back into HOH mode. Who'll be guaranteed a spot in the final three? Stay tuned...


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