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August 23-25, 2013

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Family Game Night
by Chico Alexander
Twitter @DinoRAlexander

Hub: Sunday 7p/6C
Host: Todd Newton
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteTwitterTumblr
  It's Barrel of Monkeys, Connect 4, Simon Flash, Operation, and Todd's favorite, Bop It!, on an all-new Family Game Night!

First up, it's a new game, BARREL OF MONKEYS with Gerdan, Naja, Danielle, and Gerard. There are five trees and 10 barrels. You have to put the least number of monkeys on the farthest left and the most on the farthest right. Open a barrel, hang the monkeys somewhere. Continue until you win or you can't. BUT there's a Top Banana barrel that will give you a save. Barrel F... 3 monkeys. That goes on the blue tree (#2). Barrel B... 10 monkeys! You put that on the red (#5). Barrel E... 5 monkeys on the green (#3). Barrel J... TOP BANANA! Inside: 4 monkeys. Banana goes bye bye. Barrel D... 8 monkeys on the white (#4). We need G to have less than three monkeys. It has.. 2 to win! They're going to Cape Cod!

Next up, it's Sunni, Zoe, Bernalyn & Stephen vs. Ryelee, Kayla, Danielle & Stephanie in Connect 4 Basketball. Ryelee's family gets an easy Connect 4 for $500 from Fandango and a year from Netflix. Sunni's family does come away with $100.

Morgan, Madison, Yvette & Huy face off against Elizabeth, Ashley, Phuong & Mark in Simon Flash. This could be game and match for Elizabeth's family. The sequence for the sweep... red/yellow/blue/green. SWEEP! They end up with tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain AND a helicopter ride! Morgan's family gets $100.

Fallon, Peyton, Susan, and Miles are going under the knife in Operation. They get butterflies in your stomach and a chip on your shoulder for three rolls total. In the Sam Dunk portion, they turn the rolls into....$800.

Kaila & Mark take on Kayla & Lisa. Lots of Kayla's on this show. It's time to settle this inside the Bop It! Boptagon! The stations for season 4... honk, crash, lift, chop, pull, squeeze, dunk, and of course... bop it!. Most commands in 30 seconds wins. After the kids' round. Kayla leads Kaila, 13-12. Lisa & Kayla win it, 26-25, giving them a year of Gamefly, a Singing Machine karaoke. and a Joola table tennis. Kaila & Mark get $100.

Now the question... Who has the combination that will open up the Monopoly Community Chest? It's RYELEE'S FAMILY! They're going to the Crazy Cash Machine!

Row 1: Cell Phone: $550
Row 2: Cannon: $700
Row 3: Airplane: $1700!
Row 4 for the car: Soccer ball.... GO TO JAIL.

But they do have $2950 and a movie package! The win card: The BOOT.


Perfect Score
by Chico Alexander
Twitter @DinoRAlexander

CW: Friday 8p/7C
Host: Arielle Kebbel
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteWatch OnlineFacebookTwitterTumblr
  Leah & Kiki are friends turned foes who are determined to get married before they hit 30. But of them will end up with a date and up to $50,000. Whoever picks the most compatible mate will win the cash and the date.

ROUND 1: First Impressions. Each guy has five seconds to impress the ladies. Leah cuts Matt ($5000 for Leah, $1 for Kiki), while Kiki cuts Dipal ($5000 for Kiki, $500 for Leah).

ROUND 2: The Q&A Round. Ryan & Drew start us off... and Ryan gets offed ($100 for Kiki, $1 for Leah). Andy & Aire are next. After practice proposals, Andy gets the "no" ($100 for Leah, $20,000 for Kiki). Brandon & Dylin are next. Brandon joins the losers ($30,000 for Kiki, $10,000 for Leah). That leaves DJ and Justin. And leaving last... Justin ($40,000 for Leah, $50K for Kiki). Should've kept in the momma's boy.

ROUND 3: Challenge Round. The first dance at the wedding. Just show us your best move. It's the last dance for Dylin ($1000 for Kiki; $20,000 for Leah).

At the final choice, the best Kiki can do is $40,000, but Leah's $50,000 man is still there. Kiki goes with Drew, while Leah chooses Aire.

DREW: $10,000.for Kiki
AIRE: $30,000 for Leah! She wins the money and the man!

For the record, Leah's $50,000 man was... Drew. Kiki's $40,000 man was DJ.