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Today is

Vocabulary - August 19

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin
HoH: Daniele

Last week at this time, the Donatos were about to be separated form the house...until those lovely CBS producers and Eric convinced the rest of the house guests to completely throw strategy out the window and get rid of Dustin instead.

Dustin calls it interesting. Amber...cries. Shocker. Dick says he pulled off the coup of the century, adding that he was shocked that based on him trying to get himself kicked out of the house. Daniele is impressed that the 2 most hated people in the house are still here. Amber...cries some more. Eric apologizes to Jameka, who says that nothing makes sense. Apparently, the Bible is not going to help either Jameka nor Amber, who....cries. Amber says that she never tried to play anyone, but she has a history of making fun of people only for said people to come bite her in the butt.

Of course, with Daniele winning the HOH, this puts both Amber and Jameka in trouble, because they both know that they have dissed both of them. Meanwhile, Eric and Jessica, who switched over to the Donatos, are thrilled that they are safe. Daniele wants to be satisfied when someone gets evicted - so she's going to listen to any and all people - including Eric and Jessica, who she jokingly says that she's going to put up. As she leaves, Eric gives her a disgusted look. Hmmm...

Jessica still wants to make sure that she's friends with Jameka. She explains to Jameka that she would rather see Dustin gone because at least she knows what Dick is going to do. Meanwhile they discuss Eric's behavior, with Jameka adding that something ain't right. That's because America > Eric...

We get the second tour of Daniele's Head of Household tour, which features daddy Dick having a bad hair day and Daniele being a brunette. Zach was wondering where the pictures of Daniele's boyfriend is. No boyfriend, but she gets a letter from Nick, complete with sparkles, glitter and a poster book. Eric - 'It looks like something that a 13 year old girl would have concocted'. Heh. Nick says that he can't wait to see her again, and Daniele thought it was really really nice. AwwwwBarf.

Daniele comes to Amber, who says that it sucks. Daniele tells her that it had nothing to do with her. Amber tells Daniele to do what's in her best interest, adding that she's not going to fight the nominations. They both discuss how hard her situation is, but Daniele says that strategically, she needs to go. Well thought out...

Amber and Jameka are having a discussion about Amber's lack of verbal knowledge. Amber wants to know what the following words mean - outed, superficial, charismatic, implication, perceived, and sub-alliances. Dick - 'I wonder if her knowledge of vocabulary is exceeded by her daughter.' I wonder if she knows what evicted means.

Now it's Eric (who is perceived as the pariah) to tell Amber that it was strategy, adding that if any of them would win HOH, he'd be the person out of the house. He's probably right there. He tells Amber that the decision has nothing to do with his feelings for her, while Amber says that they should all get together. Eric better.

Beer Pong time! The objective is to get a small ball in a set of cups and to drink the contents in it (usually alcohol). For the winners, it's time to get drunk, but for the losers, it's time to own up to their wager. Eric, who apparently is as good at Beer Pong as he is at getting Dick out of the house, has to first wear booty shorts, then swap clothing with Jessica, which in this case included wearing a dress. Jessica noted that Eric filled the dress up very nice, and Eric admits that it looked good on him. You know Eric, there are places in NYC that will pay you for that.

Amber and Jameka called Dick into the house, and NOW they want to talk. Jameka wondered what happened. Dick told them that he cared so much for his daughter that he would make them upset so they can vote him out. However, once Dustin put himself on the block, it gave him a ray of hope because a lot of people didn't like his attitude or ego. Though Dick (for the most part) is telling the truth, Jameka and Amber both realize that Jessica and Eric made a deal with Dick, and they will align themselves to the final four. In addition, they realize that they don't have the votes and are now promptly screwed. Too little, too late...

Daniele comes out in a toga, but it's not because she lost a dare. It's
because it's time for the food competition! This time, it's human sized beer pong, complete with rubber balls and garbage cans. It's Dick, Zach, Eric and Jessica Vs. Jen, Amber, Jameka and Daniele. If both teams can get a ball in the can labeled 'Feast', then both teams will have a hearty meal. The Red team did hit it in the 'Feast' Can, and Dick really, REALLY wants to put both Amber and Jameka on slop. Blue ties the score at 9-9, and it's the next team that gets it in wins. The final shot is made by...Eric, who finally sinks a shot for the win. Amber, Jameka and Jen are all now on slop for the week, while Daniele, as Head of Household, is immune from it. Jameka wonders if being on slop will make her any less of a target. Uhhh...nope.

The team comes in to see a smaller table in the kitchen area. They realize that the game is now really starting to heat up. They also realize that it's going to be much harder to play beer pong. Heh.

Eric tells Jessica that they are now officially bas asses. He wants a kiss, while Jessica tells Eric that Julie wanted to know if she has feelings for Eric. Dick comes in and wants to see some action, while as Dick leaves, Eric and Jessica does some more googooing.

Daniele and Jen discusses options. Jen wants to know what her position is in the house. Daniele trusts Jen as far as she can throw her, remembering that Jen only used her to save her own ass. Eric wonder who America wants to get banished. America gives him an easy assignment this week - Amber. Eric comes to tell both of them and they all wonder what she is still doing in the house. Eric wants to make this week the week to torture Amber. Daniele doesn't trust Eric either - nor should she, as they were only at each other's throats last week. Whereas I agree that Eric needs to go - soon - doing it now would be a tremendous error in game play.

It's time for the nominations Amber is convinced that she's going up because she gets along with everybody (HA!). Jameka is convinced that she is going up as well. jen is convinced that she isn't - because Daniele told her. Speaking of which, Daniele knows that all of these people will now be in the jury. Eric is convinced that he and Jessica will be safe, while Daniele says that certain people who have been under the radar do not deserve to win this game.

On that note, Daniele calls everyone over. She says that the nominations are for strategic reasons, and not personally, adding that Jessica, who nominated her last week, is the first person safe. Also safe is Dick, Zach, Jen, and...Eric. Of course, it's Amber and Jameka who are up, but she at least says that the reason why they are there is because they are so nice to everyone that she doesn't want to be against either of them at the end. That sounds nice - but the real person she wants to get rid of is Jen, hence back-dooring her. I'm not sure if I agree with that strategy, because while Jen is a competitor, she may not have a problem with Daniele, while both Amber and Jameka will have no problem with putting both her and Dick up. So what will happen? We'll see in 2 days if Daniele can get her plan in motion.


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