Big Brother 8
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Today is

The Fallout: Days 6-7 - July 8

Welcome to the first Sunday version of Big Brother. This is Gordon Pepper, who will be taking you through the next 3 months of idiocy, conniving, and other aspects of Big Brother that we all know and love.

After the recaps, we start with Daniele, who considers her dad a 'mean' friend. Daniele and Daddy spend their time staring at each other, with Daddy Dick adding that he doesn't know what's going to happen. Daniele tells dad that she doesn't want her dad to tell people that she's not 21, adding that she can take care of herself. 2 minutes later, she starts to cry again. Dad has the brains of the family, telling Daniele that they need to be cordial, adding they
could be in the final two. Dick says that he won't backstab his daughter, adding that it's going to be a lot tougher with her in the game.

That's going a lot better than Dustin and Joe, as Joe, who has already told the world that Dustin gave him Gonorrhea, has already told Dustin that he's going to do his job. Meanwhile, Dustin is telling the house guests his side of the story, hoping that a calmer saner explanation will get him more sympathy. He finds it in the arms of Daniele, as they chat. Hmmm...

Then we go to Jessica and Carol. Jessica tells Carol that they could be a secret alliance, but Jessica doesn't trust her. Someone who everyone is trying to trust right now is Kail, as she wins the Head of Household (FLASHBACK). Jameka and Joe, who come in second, are worried that they will be targets. Kail, who won't be a target, is welcomed in her HOH room with pictures of her husband and 2 kids. By the way, the advice that the kids give her - stay under the radar. Oops.

The Houseguests get to make fun of their new pics as Jen bursts into tears at the sight of hers. Oy. Jen puts her hand over her face and says how bad her pic is. All of a sudden, that makes Joe sober, while Eric (America's Player) is shocked at how unraveled Jen is. Jen, who is still crying takes a piece of tape and cloth and covers it up, adding that the camera will see it every time. 'That sucks.' says the still crying Jen. Her listed profession is 'Nanny'. How much would you like to bet that she does some acting on the side?

One of the ways to stay in the house? Be cool. Part of being cool? Name drop, which Dick tries to do. If anyone in the house was smart, they would see right through Dick. However, as most of them are as smart as your local variety house plant, he gets through, despite pronouncing Bam Margera's last name as Margela.

Someone who's trying to make friends the other way is Mike, who promises to go all the way with her. Kail is comfortable with Mike, Kail, Zach and Nick. Mike agrees with it - but keep in mind that Kail is the Head of Household, and Mike could be doing it to secure his first week. Hmmm....

Food challenge time. We have a huge pump with popcorn. Each team must transfer butter from the bodies to the tub. The losing team will have Big Brother Slop (ie. Oatmeal). Joe can't wait to rub butter off of nicks body, while Jen and the women don't want Dick to touch them. Of course, if the women are smart, they would use their hair aw a weapon and get all of the butter in there. Jameka didn't think that anyone looked too sexy. Nick, who was the butter pumper,
begged to differ. Joe gets to be butter rubbing buddies with Eric, who's strategy was to get as many trips as possible. Amber decided to listen to my advice and use her hair as a weapon.

Who's strategy worked? With time up, we see that the Blue Team caught...37 pounds. The Red Team (with all of the women with the hair) caught...77 pounds??!!?!? Dustin (Red) would like to thank Amber's hairstylists for winning the competition. Jameka loves Oatmeal, but after taking a bite, she calls it illegal. Jessica describes it as...Oaty.

Joe calls Dustin over for a small chat. It turns into a yelling part with him calling Dustin a liar, cheater and a bad person who is only out for himself. Dustin calls him a liar, a despicable person and very manipulative. It sounds like both of them are on an ego trip and will be very...uh...dynamic players.

Speaking of dynamic, Dick goes to Daniele to talk. Daniele is ignoring her. Dick calls her 'typical Daniele', adding that he has never had a problem with her. Daniele tells Dick to be less pushy with the women, adding that while relationship wise, it's pretty bad, but she knows that she will need him to get far in the game. And so the gears turn...

Kail gets to the crux of the matter - nominating the 2 people up for expulsion. Mike tells her that the easy out is to go after the people who didn't perform in the competition. Kail wants to go after a guy like Joe. He or Eric is the only guy she can go after though - Mike, Zach and Nick are in the alliance, while Dustin and Dick can not be nominated this week. But Eric is the life of the party, so she doesn't want to go after him...yet...

Speaking of which, it's time for America to vote on what Eric (America's Choice) should do. Who should Eric pour his heart out to? You have all of these possibilities and you're wasting America's Vote on THIS? Ugh.

Back to Kail, who says she wants to do what's fair. Jen is scared, while Joe isn't safe as long as he has tension with Joe. Dick is concerned that Daniele, one of the six Frenemies, could be on the block. Kail knows that she is going to crush one of their dreams, while Nick, one of the people in the alliance, feels that he's safe.

Time to find out who is safe as we unveil the vote. Kail is safe, of course, and so is...Dustin, Dick and Jessica, due to the first week. People who could have been nominated but who aren't include...Eric, Joe, Zach, Daniele, Jen, Mike, Jameka...and...Nick. That leaves Carol and Amber, who are on the block. Kail said that she picked them because they were the first 2 people out of the HOH competition.

Jessica, of course, is thrilled. Joe says that it's fair, and no one could argue that. Dustin is hoping that this isn't a long Summer. Amber, who is also a mother, thought it was a lack of respect, while Kail says that there are other reasons that no one needs to know. Join us in two days to see if we get our first veto of the season.


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