Big Brother 8
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Today is

Moving Day: Days 1-6 - July 5

Seven years ago, 10 Americans were put into isolation from the rest of the world inside the Big Brother House, their lives recorded as a nation watched them. Since then, seven groups of contestants have entered the doors at CBS Radford for a chance at $500,000...

Get ready, because it's about to happen all over again.

As per usual, every week the 14 contestants will compete for food, luxuries, and most importantly, power. But this year, six people have no idea that they're going to be reunited with their past in a BIG way: an estranged father & daughter, ex-boyfriends, and former high-school BFFs.

Someone fireup the Chenbot... It's showtime. Let's meet the players!

Jessica Hughbanks; 21; student/cheer dancer; Haysville, KS
Nick Starcevic; 25; former pro footballer; Kimball, MN
Eric Stein; 27; talent management assistant; New York City - "No one's ever played the game like me before." There's a reason for that. More later.
Daniele Donato; 20; waitress; Huntington Beach, CA
"Evil Dick" Donato; 44; bar manager; Los Angeles
Jen Johnson; 23; nanny/model; Beverly Hills, CA
Mike Dutz; 26; painting contractor; Three Lakes, WI (he is also a "repeat offender", having been on the first episode of "Gay, Straight or Taken")
Kail Harbick; 37; business owner; McKenzie Bridge, OR
Joe Barber
; 23; receptionist; Chicago
Carol Journey; 21; student; Lawrence, KS
Amber Tomcavage; 27; cocktail waitress; Las Vegas
Zach Swerdzewski; 30; graphic designer; Burbank, CA
Dustin Erikstrup; 22; shoe salesman; Chicago
Jameka Cameron; 29; school counselor; Waldorf, MD

After the houseguests... well, 11 of them... arrive, Julie gives them the usual lowdown: these strangers are now your new family. "Among them, you could find your new best friend... or not."

When they enter the house, they'll have one minute to call their bed by placing their bag on it. Choose quickly, but carefully. First group: Carol, Joe, Mike, and Amber. As soon as they enter, they realize that... this house ain't right. Some beds are too big. Some are too small. Some are circular. Some are square. Second group: Nick, Daniele, and Jameka.  Nick sees getting any... as not happening. Then comes the giant looking glass, where Joe finds "Anna Nicole's ghost." Final group: Kail, Jen, Eric & Zach. Jen is used to sleeping on kings...


Eric, meanwhile, notices that every other guy in the house is taller than he is. A quick thing to notice about Jen is the way she talks like this? Like every sentence has a question mark at the end of it? With an upward inflection? At the end of every sentence? Daniele, meanwhile, is smart... She was the first to notice that only 11 people went into the house. The houseguests speculate that this season was the Alice in Wonderland season. Well, it is.... and yet it's so much more. I'm getting there...

Intros again. Daniele lies about her age, saying she's 21. Yeah. Big difference. Zach's observation: the women in this house are really hot. But he's here to win. Carol doesn't think that Jen is a person of substance. Kail holds back that half her hometown works for her. Amber's playing for her daughter. Joe's... yeah, he's flamboyant, something that Kail takes issue against. Joe's hot for Nick. Jameka is not used to being around these white people.

So everyone's chummy chummy right now... What if we were to say that there are three others in the house RIGHT NOW?

Iiiiiiit's TRUE!

The first three to move in have been sleeping upstairs waiting for their houseguests to make their arrival. Now it's time for THEM to make THEIR arrival. Here we meet Dustin, Jessica, and Dick as they find out 11 competitors are downstairs and three of them are from their past. Could be an enemy, a rival, someone you have unfinished business with, in short, the LAST person you'd want to see in the Big Brother House.

The other houseguests have no idea who's matched up with who... But the three will be able to watch their every move until Julie deems it necessary to introduce them.

Let's watch. It's Dustin's ex (Joe), Jessica's former BFF (Carol) who owes her $5, and Dick's estranged daughter (Daniele). Maybe this'll be a growth exercise... Or maybe not.

Jessica just wants her $5 back.

Meanwhile, Julie enters to introduce the twist...and the three mystery guests... but not before the first Head of Household competition. Nobody knows who this mystery group could be.

And if things aren't any more awkward... Joe's wearing Dustin's shit... and Dustin's wearing Joe's shirt.

Head of Household Competition: Mushroom Madness (only the 11 houseguests downstairs will compete)

Each houseguest will have 30 seconds to choose a partner and head to an oversized mushroom. The last person picked will not compete. the pairs:

Jameka & Joe
Mike & Daniele
Carol & Amber
Kail & Eric
Zach & Jen

Players seated on the ground will be asked true/false questions on the housemates. Every wrong answer will cause your partner seated on a mushroom to spin faster. The team that stays on their mushroom the longest will win. One of them will become the first HOH. Eric wants to throw the competition.

1) At least 5 housemates have admitted to cosmetic surgery. FALSE. Carol starts spinning again.
2) More than half said you'd give up your best friendship for $500,000. FALSE. Carol goes faster, while Joe starts going...
3) More than 2 would not give up their seat to a pregnant lady on the bus. FALSE. Eric keeps getting them right. Zach goes spinning.
4)  More than 3 are members of the mile-high club. FALSE Joe spins faster... and some gunk starts spitting at the spinners.
5) More than half would start a malicious rumor. TRUE. Carol, Kail & Zach go faster. ... and Carol's down. So is Zach.

No more questions, but the mushrooms continue spinning... with a surprise flour shower. Mike is down next, leaving Kail & Joe spinning for their lives.

And Joe's down! Kail & Eric are the big winners this time. The LAST thing Eric wanted. 

Julie comes back with news that the mystery three are safe from eviction, having not been able to compete in the HOH. They will get to choose who of either Eric or Kail will be the HoH. Eric starts pleading with them to give it to Kail.

Dick: "Giving it to a childbearer is the right thing to do."  This one's easy. KAIL is your first HOH of BB8. She is the Mushroom Queen... Daniele feels threatened by Kail's presence, while the rest of the players don't know which way she'll go.

Now it's time to meet the three houseguest. Be warned: expect the unexpected as some will be sleeping with the enemy... literally.

Joe thinks that it's going to be Dustin. "Somehow I immaculately conceived gonorrhea!" WHAT?! Joe later admits that he destroyed all of Dustin's friendships.

As for Kail, she's afraid that someone will blow her cover. Jameka doesn't want to see her roommate. Daniele's thinking that her dad is coming in (she hasn't said anything to the rest of the house). Joe wants the 11 originals to pledge solidarity... Good luck with that.

And heeeeeeere they are!

Joe... doesn't like this. To say the least. Meanwhile, Daniele goes off to have a good cry over seeing her father for the first time in two years. Jameka: "This is going to be a crazy & interesting summer."

That it will, because America is now also in the house, as one person is designated America's Player... Let's go back to Eric's profile....

"No one's ever played the game like me before."

That's true, because for the rest of the summer, or until he is evicted, he will follow every one of your instructions, and will be paid off in cash to do so. "It looks like I'm going to be America's Player. Welcome to reality TV's first alliance of 10 million." He's doing it for all of us, the bloggers, the feed watchers, and everyone who's ever said "What a bunch of idiots!"

I like this guy. Our alliance begins next episode. Be mindful of your directions, because for every five tasks he completes, he wins $10,000.

Just a reminder: Thursdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays are the CBS show. Live feeds are at Free unedited feeds are available every night at midnight on ShowToo. Be back Sunday to see what the Head of Household does..

... and as always, here's to one hell of a summer.


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