Big Brother 8
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Today is

Tea-sers - September 2

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen, Amber

On our last show, one half of the 'G-d Squad' gets shot down by the ultimate lightning bolt as Amber makes her leave of the Big Brother House. We see the recap of that, as well as the results of the aftermath. Dick is glad that Amber is gone, while Jessica wanted her to stay, while Daniele is still stunned that no one realizes the alliance between Dick, Daniele, Eric and Jessica. Meanwhile Amber...cries. Jameka...goes in the back and cries. Zach is thrilled, and so is Eric, who is happy that Amber is gone.

Now we saw the start of the HOH competition, but we didn't see the end of it. After a number of bumps and bruises, Jameka feeling lonely and Zach knowing he has to win HOH, the winner is...Zach. This occurring while there was a chance to win a phone call from home for filling up a smaller pitcher instead of going for the win and an additional penalty of 8 days of cold water because of the players using penalty cups to fill the pitcher faster.

This doesn't make life good for Dick, who yelled at Zach only an hour ago, and wanted him out of the house. Oops. But despite that, Zach and Dick still hugged with Daniele, while Eric sat frustrated on the floor. Dick is frustrated because he know that Amber would have had no shot to win this. Eric is concerned that Zach could take out his frustration on Jessica for her putting him up last week. To make it up to her, Eric gives Jessica the call from home that he earned in the challenge.

Dick and Eric are concerned. Daniele tells Dick not to be concerned, because Zach is going to put up Jameka and Jessica. Because unlike dad, Daniele actually has some pull with Zach, and she will protect both of them. Eric meanwhile is convinced that he or Jameka will leave, and he wants to do the Dick strategy and try to get the focus on him instead of Jessica.

Zach shows everyone his HOH room, while the rest of the houseguests were extraordinarily despondent. Zach gets note cards and pictures of his family and brothers, which completely underwhelms everyone, including Eric. 'Out of all previous HOH's , I was never in my life less excited to see anyone's pictures as I was of Zach's.' Everyone leaves - except for Daniele, who does indeed have pull with Zach as they talk about how loud her dad is. Daniele tells Zach to not say anything, or he will kill her. Zach says Dick's tactics are embarrassing, and he doesn't know, wondering if he can trust a guy named Dick. Heh. Daniele reminds him that whoever he evicts has a friend in the house - except Jameka. Hmmm...

It's Jessica and Eric cuddle time. Jessica says that she learned that Zach can hear you at all times, that a 44 year old man can act more immature than her 3 year old son, that she can trust...and that Eric cast the phantom votes and put the mustard on Jen's shirt. He did this to clear the air, while Jessica is wondering what other evil things is Eric doing. She trusts him...for now...and this may have been a grevious error for Eric.

Jessica's call is from...her younger brother Dean, who came back from Iraq. Dean wants to be hooked up with the BB women. Heh. They just chit chat before he has to get off the phone. After she hangs up with Dean, Jessica has a good cry, and then cries all over everyone. She says that if her brother can make it through the war, that she can make it through the house. AwwwwBarf.

Who should Eric get nominated? Jameka! Eric feels like this will be a very easy one to carry out. It should be, especially since Zach is in the 'everyone but me' mentality. Eric says that if she sends Jameka up, then everyone will be happy because none of them can beat her in the finals. Meanwhile, Daniele and Dick think about him putting up both Eric and Jessica, because then they have to put up one of them. Daniele tells Zach the strategy, but she mangles it up by telling Zach that Eric and Jessica want him gone. Dick comes over and says that there's no throwing anyone under the bus, with Dick adding that if either of them win HOH that Zach will be safe. Zach points out that his end game will have to put him in the best situation. If he gets rid of Jameka, he can do his thing and not step on anyone's toes.

Daniele is not worried that Zach will nominate her. Jessica thinks she's going up, Eric wants to make sure that Zach won't take out himself or Jessica. Zach wants to do whats right for him, and a delusional Jameka still thinks she is not a target. We'll see who is right as Zach comes up with the safe list. First to be safe is...Dick. Next is Daniele and finally Eric. Jameka and Jessica are going up on the block. Zach says that his social situations haven't evolved and he's threatened by that at the end game. Jessica is also threatening in the End Game. He's right, of course - he will lose against both of them. Jameka will be fighting for Veto. Jessica knows she could be a target. Daniele is satisfied, while Eric is devastated. Whoever wins that veto will have major power in the game on Tuesday - and we'll see in 48 hours who that person is.


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