Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night 3: Revenge of Evil - July 26

The story so far...

EVICTED - Carol, Joe
HoH - Dick
Nominated: Kail & Jen
Veto - Jen (saved herself)
Replacement: Mike

Synopsis! It's day 27, and after a week of accusations (mostly by Dick the current HOH), Kail is in danger of leaving the game. Mike, out of loyalty to Kail, tried to knock Dick out of the veto competition. It worked... too well. Now he's on the block as well. So who's going to let the door hit them on the way out?

Kail thinks that it's horrible to be next to Mike on the block. She's packing her bag now. Nick doesn't think Kail is emotionally strong enough to finish the game.

Dick thinks that putting Mike against Kail breaks up their alliance. Dick and Nick think think that Mike is going to be the target, as him staying is more of a threat to Kail. Jameka thinks that she will be one of Mike's targets as they really don't connect.

Should a strong player leave this early in the game? This is what Kail and Jen think. All Mike can say to the people is that he is who he is. This as Jen rats that Kail is in a four-person alliance. Nick thinks that Kail is going to break down really soon. All of this is pointing to Kail going home tonight. Pay attention, this is all relevant.

Eric gets America's next assignment... rub out Kail. "If the vote were to happen right this second, Mike would be leaving the house, 9-0, but if America wants Kail out of the house, I will send her packing."

The plan is set in motion, starting with Jessica... and Dustin... and Amber.

Next day, Dustin, Jameka, Eric and Dick talk about Kail leaving the house. Eric boils down both sides of the argument, playing devil's advocate. Amber joins him. Kail is aggressive, more active. Daniele joins in the conversation. Mike is just floating around. Kail has Jen, Zach, and Nick in her pocket.

Dustin plans to vote Mike out... Dick, though, points out that Kail can campaign to get ANYONE out.

Let's talk with the houseguests, starting with ... naked Zach! Zach was feeling a low, and he needed a high. Jameka thinks that CBS has done a wonderful job with incorporating personalities in the house. Jen stopped the investigation on Mustard-gate. Eric is up for a rematch.

Now the focus shifts to Nick and Daniele... and the man who already has a stake in Daniele's heart back home... Kris, who've been together for two years. It's "very serious" and they've talked about marriage in the past. But Nick likes Daniele so much that it's tearing him apart. Kris wants to believe that it's all game play. "She said 'Kris, I love you, and I wanna be with you, and you have to trust me.' And that's what I'm basing my thoughts on." He also thinks that Daniele is confused right now. But all in all, he's not worried about Nick... He's worried about Daniele. He can't wait for her to come home.

In the HOH room... Dick thinks things are headed in the right direction. They had their first heart to heart in a while, and there are some setbacks, but there is progress. Does Dick trust Nick? Not really. When it comes to Kail, it's all game play. He doesn't have to run around in circles and play he-said she-said. "I got so deep in her head, I needed a miner's cap."

So what's it like in the mind of a Beverly Hills nanny in the Big Brother House whose favorite word is "Jen"? According to her mom, Jen is not like that, or at least she wasn't... "First impressions are hard to overcome." Kara, her BFF, explains that Jen's picture is her livelihood, with her being a model and all (C-Note: big surprise there). Mom was hurt a bit when she saw her picture taken down. Kara notes that Jen and her had the conversation to "play dumb"... a strategy that is not working well with people who are smarter than she is.

Now for the last appeals. Mike? "Sometimes in life, you have to step outside your comfort zone. I believe in integrity and honesty. I have to make some actions to sacrifice my security, in the hopes that you would trust the player who had that variety. If not, I'm going to walk out that door in dignity." Kail? "I really really appreciate all your friendships. Each and every one of us will have a special bond by living here in the Big Brother House. I only look forward to strengthening our bonds."

Now to vote. Remember, you are voting to evict Kail or Mike. Neither can vote, nor can Dick, the current HOH.

Zach: KAIL
Jameka: MIKE
Dustin: MIKE
Eric, and thus America: KAIL... Who should he start a romance with? "Anyone is fair game in the BB House. Men, women, you know..."
Amber: MIKE (America's Assignment: FAILED)
Nick: MIKE
Daniele: MIKE
Jessica: MIKE

By a vote of 7-2, MIKE has been evicted. And almost immediately, Dick starts to ask questions. Was his move at the veto the dumbest move ever? "I was hoping that everyone would see that I was a man of my word, played with integrity and honesty."

HOH Competition: Eliminator

Questions this time center about the three people who have been eliminated. Answers will be either Carol, Joe, Mike, or none of the above. First person to ring in with the right answer will eliminate someone else. Wrong answers are knocked out. Last person standing is the new HoH.

1) At the eviction, which ex-houseguest said in their play "The time is now to..." Eric? JOE. Correct. Jen is eliminated.

2) Which was the only one to play in "Hide and Seek Veto..." Dustin? CAROL. Correct. Zach is eliminated.

3) When sprayed with sludge in Mushroom Madness, which ex-houseguest said "Tastes like chicken?" Nick? NONE. Correct. Kail is eliminated.

4) Which ex acted like a big baby... Jameka? MIKE. Correct. Nick is eliminated.

5) Which ex did not compete in Butter Me Up? Dustin? NONE. Correct. Jessica is eliminated.

6) If all the houseguests stood up, whose nose would be closest to the stratosphere? Eric? JOE. Correct. Amber is eliminated.

7) Which ex said of the enemy twist, "If my enemy is who I think it is..." Eric? NONE. Correct. Daniele is eliminated.

8) Which ex made it to the tiebreaker in Getting Schooled? Eric? NONE. WRONG! It was Mike.

9) Which ex spun the longest in Mushroom Madness? Dustin? JOE. CORRECT!

Dustin is the new HOH. What will his first move be? Find out next time as Big Brother continues. See you soon!


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