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August 29, 2013

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Money from Strangers
by Chico Alexander
Twitter @DinoRAlexander

MTV: 11p/10C
Host: Jeff Dye
In HD Where AvailableOfficial WebsiteFacebookTwitter
  We kick it off with Camilla (NYC), who goes to OST Cafe to make some money the old fashioned way... by screwing with people. She makes $700 before heading into the Speed Round. Put six coffee sleeves on each arm, go up to everyone on a computer, and say "May the odds be ever in your favor." All in 30 seconds. She... only gets eight, but $700 is not bad.

In this quickie, one lady gets powdered. With goop on her face. Okay, make that three ladies for $40 each.

AJ (Brooklyn) is getting some paninis and a job. His speed round for a perfect game: grab a cookie and crab walk out of the store in 30 seconds. PERFECT! Have $1000!

Quickie #2: let this guy put his tongue through your ear hole for $40.

Christina (NYC) is pranking a hair salon. She gets $700, but she doesn't get busted. Instead, the other hidden-camera faux pas happens... She gets MADE. They find her camera and she has to call the game.

Last quickie involves getting duck taped to your bike. Can't even grab the 40 he's won.

Finally, Parker (NYC) is sampling some cheese. He gets $500 worth of cheese before he gets threatened with police action. Still, it's better than getting made, CHRISTINA!