Big Brother 8
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Today is

The First Veto: Days 7-10 - July 10

Last time on Big Brother…

Kail won Head of Household and chose to nominate Amber and Carol on the basis of their poor performance in the Head of Household competition. She and her newly formed alliance (Kail, Mike, Nick, and Zach: i.e. Mrs. Robinson and her boys) decided that choosing victims based on performance would be the best way to get the target off of Kail’s back.

Carol and Amber don’t whine outwardly about their nominations, but Amber reveals in the diary room that she feels utterly disrespected. She thought that she would be safe because she and Kail share the bond of be mothers. Amber says she never would have put Kail up, simply because she understands how hard it is to mother children.

Jessica meanwhile is doubled over with glee. She’s practically giddy that Carol, the girl who still owes her 5 dollars from grade school (do we really believe that is why they hate each other?) might be ousted in the first week.

Carol on the other hand is torn. She wishes she were nominated against someone other than Amber because she likes her.

But back to Amber who is now bawling. Why? Because she is coming to the realization that she might be going home (Thank You Captain Obvious).

Enough with the nominations for now. After all, we don’t just watch Big Brother for the gamesmanship. Nick has apparently taken on the role of house flirt. In fact he has ranked his favorite girls to flirt with and Daniele is on the top of the list. In his words, she’s number one because, “obviously, she’s hot.” The joys of being young and vapid ladies and gentlemen.

Things get more interesting though as we move down the list. Amber is number 2 and Miss “I Hate my Photo” Jen is number 3. Now any player (read “playa” not contestant) will tell you, there is an inherent danger in ranking women and making that information public in any way. After all, jealousy is a wicked tramp.

Case in point: Nick and Daniele are cuddling on the bed. Actually they are just lying on the same bed, not touching each other, fully clothed, and above the covers. Enter Jen stage right. Exit Jen. Jen enters Kitchen. Jen tells group that Nick tried to kiss her (we haven’t seen that).

…And in dangerously stereotypical (but great for television) fashion, Joe exits the kitchen to dish the dirt. He dishes the “salt and pepper” to Nick, stirs the pot, and one minute later we’ve got a fight on our hands.

It’s a simple he said she said that ends with the house believing Nick and Jen pulling him aside into the storage room to apologize. Things seem copacetic, but Nick along with much of the house is done with Jen. Could we have a backdoor in the brewing?

The houseguests draw balls out of a bag to select the veto competitors and Kail, Daniele, Carol, Jameka, Amber and Nick will be competing. Jessica will host and everyone else will be confined to the HoH room.

The houseguests will be playing hide and seek. Each will individually hide a veto block in the house and then they will all have minute long turns to search until all but one veto block is found. The person whose veto remains unfound will win the Golden Power of Veto.

As the hiding and seeking happens, the real game is being played out upstairs. Dick is sinking his teeth into Jen saying that she was a real “you know what” to him on the first night in the house. Jen is incredulous that Dick would feel that way, but everyone else in the room is rolling their eyes, so you know it’s true.

Back at the veto competition we learn that hiding things in mattresses, pillowcases, tea bags and hair extensions is not good enough. Only one veto stayed hidden, and where was it? In the slop. The genius behind the covert tactics? Daniele!

So now that Daniele has wont he power of veto, everyone will gravitate toward her. There are intimations that the house would like to get rid of Jen and Amber makes it her duty to turn those intimations into action. She buddies up with Daniele, confirms that they both hates Jen and plants the seed.

Kail has seen some of the maneuvering in the house and is deeply concerned that Daniele may try to change her nominations. Mind you, Amber has taken the time to plant the Jen seed in Kail’s head as well.

But before the veto decision we need to handle America’s choice. America voted that Eric should pour out his heart to Kail (HoH, what a shock). So Eric full of tears (brought to you by visine) asks Kail for a minute of her time and makes up a story about how Daniele reminds him of his ex and that seeing Daniele eat slop reminds him of his ex’s anorexia. Kail seems to buy the whole thing and recognizes that Eric is a very sensitive person. So now that we have used Daniele as the model of anorexia for teen girls everywhere, let’s see if that “anorexia” affects her veto decision.

After two worthless speeches from Carol and Amber about why they should be saved, Daniele announces that her decision may shock some people and may not shock others. Daniele decides to refrains from using the power of Veto and the ceremony and this episode are both adjourned.

Amber and Carol’s heads are now firmly on the chopping block. Whose head will roll? Check back hear or keep on watching to find out.


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