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Today is

Naked - August 26

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen
HoH: Jessica

Who's up for a recap of Jen destroying everything and getting booted out of the house by a unanimous 6-0 vote? I am! What about Jessica being Head of Household again? I am! Ok, we're done with that...

Dick, of course is celebrating and saying that it's about time, adding that the cancer has been removed from the house. Daniele adds that she's one of a kind, adding that she hopes that she never finds that kind again. Jameka...apologizes? wha? And she thanks the lord. Well, that's normal. Eric was put off by Jen and her snide comments. Amber is relieved, while Dick says that it was the easiest vote ever, as the group applauds Jen's picture changing from color to black and white.

Dick is even happier that Jessica is the HOH, while Daniele feels safe as well. So is...Jameka, and Zach and Amber? Amber and Jameka are both praying and praying. Uhhh....guys, one of you has to go and two of you have to be nominated. Someone's not going to be a happy camper...

Two people who are happy campers, Eric and Jessica, are teasing around, while Eric is wondering if Jessica gets 30 minutes of unaired time with Eric, with they talk strategy, rip her clothes off or make out? Jessica her clothes off. Oooh la la. Eric chooses making out. Eric, who admits to be a 5'7" Jewish kid, has no romantic game, but is the best thing remaining to a 44 year old pervert and a 30 year old dork. Heh.

It's time to see Jessica's HOH room, which features her father and family while getting t-shirts. Dick the 44 year old pervert says that he would never make a move to Jessica. I would think, with Eric in the house, it's wise. Or maybe not...Amber tells Jessica that Jen told her that Eric has a girlfriend. Uh oh. Amber tells Eric this too to get it all out in the open. Eric calls Jen a bitch, while Jessica openly says that she hates people who cheat. Amber wonders if this could be the start of getting some leverage. Hmmm...

Eric, in another attempt at damage control, tells Amber that he wants Jessica to understand that he has a thing with someone that may or may not be a fling. He is asking, of all people, Amber, for advice. Amber tells Eric to trust Jessica, while Eric says that everything in the house has been genuine. Following Amber's advice, Eric talks to Jessica, who admits that he doesn't know if he has a relationship outside the house. She admits that it bothers her a little but she says she's cool with it...for now...

Meanwhile, Dick is trying to parent Daniele. We get a montage of Dick trying to be a dad and Daniele trying to avoid that, because she still doesn't see him as a dad. Daniele tells Zach that her dad is getting on her nerves and wishes that he stops parenting. She tells this to zach, and he has to be wondering if he can use this to HIS advantage. Hmmm...

Meanwhile, Dick wants to know if there's anything wrong. After Daniele says no, she changes her mind and unloads. Dick decides to give her some space as he leaves the room. Then he tries to go on the offensive, with awful results. Dick says that he has never left, while she says that Dick won't understand. Her yelling gets the attention of Eric and Jessica, who just disregard it. Who does Daniele turn to? Zach.

Jameka comes in and asks Jessica to put Daniele and Dick up. Jessica thinks about it, and thinks that getting rid of them would get rid of a threat in the game. It would also probably sign Jessica's death warrant. She promises Jameka that she won't go up, which leaves Amber and Zach...if she's telling the truth.

But forget the voting. It's time for the first luxury competition. Jessica decides girls vs. boys. Everyone puts on their wet suit and sees a big contraption that is spewing out soap. The prize - a Big Brother shopping spree. The requirement - get naked! You have to unscramble the letters in the suds and get their clothes lined up in the correct order.

Eric says that his eyes weren't wandering. Dick's...were. 'I see boobies!' That Dick, always classy. The men are spelling 'Goat'. Goat? The women have the right answers, but are using the wrong clothing. The women, who are now liberated, win the game and hug, while the men are quickly dressing. They win a 2 minute shopping spree, and whatever they wear after 2 minutes is what they keep. Eric reminds them to put clothes on, which they do, quickly. Dick is actually giving them good strategy, telling them to just put it on. Jameka called it the best day in the Big Brother house. As a victory celebration, the women grab the mannequins and dance with them. Heh.

Jameka tells Amber that she can be a top model. She asks Amber if she should apply, and Amber says sure. She is convinced that she has a great body. She has the easily manipulated part down perfectly. Jameka is pumping her up to grand ideas of delusion. Zach, who realizes that there aren't many people left, offers them his vote, adding that if she wants to make a change, that she has to put up Dick and Daniele. Zach also tells them that Jameka can't go for HOH, so he's the only person who can compete. Hmmm...

While Jessica is contemplating this, Eric is finding out that America wants to nominate...Amber. This should be an easy one. Eric reminds Jessica that Amber needs to go up for a reason. Eric reminds Jessica that they are in the position that they are in because of their alliance, and that if they get rid of Amber, then they break up that two some and no one else in the house will be upset - save Jameka, who can't compete for HOH. That's the perfect way to go, but will Jessica see that?

We find out now on the evictions. Amber is concerned but prefers to be nominated now so she has the chance as veto. Jameka doesn't want to go up - but she would understand. Daniele is nervous, while Jessica has decided that she is nominating the 2 people that will make her go further in the game. Jessica says that she wants to take out a power player, and with that, the first safe person is...Eric. Also safe is Daniele, Jameka and...Dick. That leaves Amber and Zach. Jessica says that she likes both Zach and Amber, but she has had better relations with the other people in the house.

Jessica says that she likes everyone, but she already has deals to Jameka, Dick and Daniele and she's certainly not going to put up Eric. Good more, Jessica. Zach says that he actually has to work this week, while Amber prays to G-d for help. I'm still hoping that lightning can somehow find it's way through the house and hit it's mark.

As for who the marks will stay on? Check us out on Tuesday for the answers.


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