Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night 2: Jen-ectric Boogaloo - July 19

The story so far...

HoH - Jen
Nominated - Dick & Daniele
Veto won by - Daniele
Saved by veto - Daniele
Replacement nominee - Joe

The "Fun Nanny" has so far blanketed the house with anything BUT fun. As HoH she managed to put father against daughter, only to have them join up in the end. Jen, in response, put up Joe, another person sending negative vibes. Seems like the only person with any negative vibes in the house is currently wearing the mantle of Head of Household in this, the 20th day in the house.

And just as things were going so smoothly, MORE dramma! Jen has a lot to say about Joe, namely that he's a liar and very manipulative. Dustin, meanwhile is feeling a wave of ecstasy over his ex being on the block. Daniele is just grateful that she's not on the block anymore. Joe? He's screwed.

Daniele apologizes to Joe, feeling responsible. Joe's not going to freak out like the women did last week. Joe admits to being a pot stirrer to Kail. ... and Zach... and Jessica...

Next day, Eric receives yet another America's Player assignment. "Which of the two nominees do you want Eric to get rid of in the Big Brother house?" Answer: Joe. "This is gonna be a slam dunk."

Dick tries to out Kail's alliance... again. Dick's not worried about being on the block.  He's got six or seven votes locked. Kail meanwhile goes to Mike to see if she can rustle up some votes for Evil. She also goes to Daniele saying that Dick did something right in leaving her. Daniele says that Kail is the most paranoid people in the house right now? She's trying to campaign against her dad? She goes to daddy with this information. With Kail watching. Nick says that he's going to end up making someone unhappy.

Dick outs Kail's plan that next morning, saying that she's a liar. She doesn't have to tell Dick anything, though. He's not really worried, though. "Sounds like you're worried." Nah, he's not worried. Kail begs Jameka to stop playing the fence, while Jessica is also torn.

Talking live to the houseguests, Daniele didn't like being on the block, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Amber is so emotional because she's from the heart and sentimental. Magnus and Kragnus (aka Nick and Zach) say that they're ladies man. Jen... is wearing the same unitard another way.

The Joe & Dustin diaries open... to the page on Nate, the current of Dustin and ex of Joe. Nate called the "gonorrhea" episode a low blow. He notes that Dustin is prevailing. Dustin says that Joe is not worth his vote, saying that the way he played the game in the house is reflective of the way he played the game of life.

Going to the HoH room. Jen thinks that Dick's got a lot of the same traits as I do? And that he's got an explosive personality? She's not an emotional person, but she still can't get over her picture on the memory wall. Yeah, we all remember that one. She's not jealous with Daniele by any means.

It is time for the live vote. Last appeals. Joe? "It's been wonderful knowing you guys. It's time to stand up and take action and prove that you're a man or woman of your word. It's a very important vote because you're losing one great guy or another." Dick? "I look forward to know you a little bit more."

Now to vote. As a reminder, Nominees will not vote. HoH only votes in the case of a tie. You are voting to evict either Joe or Dick.

Dustin: JOE. "And that's that."
Daniele: JOE.
Eric: "The weather's great outside. And remember, Julie, you can't spell America without Eric!" As you know by now, America has assigned Eric to vote for JOE.
Amber: JOE
Kail: DICK
Jameka: JOE
Mike: JOE
Nick: JOE
Jessica: JOE
Zach: Jumping the gun. "I vote to evict JOE."

Results are in, by a vote of 9-1, JOE is evicted. It absolutely kills him to be outplayed by his ex. He wasn't as focused on the game as he should've been. Smart to play the firestarter? Not really. Jen wanted him to stay, but the firestarter tendencies got him out of the house early. Watching the tape of who latched onto Joe's leg? It was Eric, as he reveals himself as the twist in the BB house this year.

HOH Competition: Getting Schooled.

Welcome back to high school. True-false questions. Not unlike another game show in this time period, questions will come from subjects such as history, geography, et al. as they pertain to the time in the house. Wrong answers are eliminated.

1) History: after finding out that she was evicted, one of the first things that Carol said was "fabulous." TRUE. Dustin is eliminated.

2) Math: in the Butter Me Up competition, the total amount of butter collected by both teams was 117 lbs. FALSE. Jameka, Eric, Zach, and Jessica are eliminated. It was 114.

3)  Geography: the animal topiary found in the backyard are based on the Garden of Eden sculptures by Michelangelo. FALSE. Kail is eliminated. They are originals of Gustavo Rivera of North Hollywood... There are no such sculptures.

4) PE: when Jen won the second HOH comp, she said "Please don't steal this from me, I really would be sad." FALSE. Amber and Nick are eliminated. It was after she won the unitard.

5) Math: when you add up all the bites of pie in the Name That Pie comp, there were more than 45 bites. TRUE. Everyone is wrong. We move on.

6) PE: When Jen won the red unitard, she exclaimed "Thank you Santa!" FALSE. Everyone's right.

Tiebreaker) From the moment she opened her present in the Cutthroat Christmas comp, to the nearest hour, how long has Jen owned her unitard?

Dick: 120
Daniele: 145
Mike: 108

Correct number: 125. Dick is the new HoH. Vindication is sweet. But for Kail? Maybe not. We'll see in three days time. See you soon!


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