Big Brother 8
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Today is

God: Days 41-43 - August 12

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
HoH: Jessica

We start this episode with the Diary Room convincing the mean Eric convincing the guests to get rid of Kail over Eric. Dick admits that he was outplayed, calling them all liars, while Daniele says that people's words are less than a piece of chewed up gum. Eric is glad that his friends (IE. CBS) came through. While Amber says that he forgives Eric, she won't forget, while Dick warns everyone that he better not win the HOH. Fortunately, for everyone, he doesn't - Jessica wins it and Eric has no problem throwing it in the face of Dick and Daniele. Dick knows that he and Daniele will be on the block.

Dick tells all of them that they broke their word to him, telling their all liars. Jameka says it's all a game, while she and Dick go at each other. Jameka says that her word is her word, but Dick correctly calls her for lying and him and Dustin get into it. Dick calls her out successfully, while Amber comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Dick calls out Amber - also correctly, for lying. Dick is really really good for correctly bringing up people's feeling and emotions, while Jameka is calling up G-d to protect her. Zach however is right - Dick is pissed for being duped. Later, Eric and Jameka have a talk on as she is trying to stand up to Dick - who wants to talk to Jameka. Jameka wants peace, but she ain't getting any from Dick. We all know that Dick is going to be up on the block, but I will laugh hysterically if he somehow wins Veto and gets to torment all of them in the house for another week...

Dick and Daniele now talk in the house to retalk strategy. Daniele is pissed that she left a goofy message to Kail, adding that she hates the people in the house. Dick is actually saying good stuff to her daughter, saying that it's ok to take chances. Daniele doesn't want to stay with anyone else in the house, while Dick reminds Daniele that they have 5 days to change their fate. Jessica knows that they want to get rid of the 4 - Dick, Daniele, Jen or Zach, and knowing that she has never been a target from Dick. Hmmm...

With that, it's time to visit Jessica's HOH room, and we see her family. While Dustin is grovelling over Jessica's male relatives, Dick is talking about Jessica's fake boobs. He then goes back to Daniele and tell her that since they want him out, they will hate him so much that they want all of them to vote him out. Sure enough, he goes after Amber and Jameka, and they all sling it at each other. Meanwhile, Dustin is watching, and who knows what's going on in his mind. Amber and Jameka both says that he can't hurt them - but they are both crying in their rooms. Amber is pleading to G-d to be better and help. It's too bad that G-d can't put lightning bolts through houses and nail both Amber and Jameka with them.

Meanwhile, Daniele makes an alliance with...Jen? Desperate people call for desperate measures, as they ally with Zach. Jen's upset that they didn't click before.

It's time for the Big Brother Benefit Concert for food. We have 2 sets of bands. Dustin, Jen, Dick and Daniele is the Blue Team, while Eric/Zach/Amber/Jameka is the Red Band. Both teams come out. The teams have to hit guitars against speakers, finding either a slop or a $$. 20 $$ give the team a win, while there may be a Slop Pass inside. Dick wants the win - bad, and regardless of whether he gets it, he gets a Slop Pass for a week. Meanwhile, Amber and Jameka says that G-d told them where to find the $$ signs. Will. You. Please. Shut. Up. Eric had a better idea - go for the guitars the furthest away, which would probably have the $$ behind it. Or maybe the CBS Executives told him where they are. Dick was going to give it to Daniele, but she tells him to give it to Jen, who's been on Slop for a few weeks. Eric guarantees that Dick is going home on Thursday. We've seen THAT before...

Zach likes the bunny suit, and puts on a show for Jessica. We get a bunny on a treadmill, while Amber calls him sad. Pot. Kettle. Black. Amber then calls him cute...but then waffles again. Dustin likes Zach, and then Amber waffles again.

America isn't wanting to beat around the bush on who they want Eric to nominate. Eric wants America to nominate...Dustin. Uh oh. Dustin tells Jessica to put him up. UH OH. This may not be too hard of a sell after all. Eric even tells Jessica that Dustin was lying all over the place this week, and he may want Jessica to put him up. Here's the problem with that strategy - Here's the votes if Dick and Dustin went on the block -


If Eric is told to get rid of Dustin - which I'm sure the vote will be - then that will make it 4-2 in favor of Dustin leaving. How's THAT for a shock? It would be one quite deserved, because anyone who is dumb enough to put themselves on the block deserves to be voted out.

But it's not Eric who's making the nominations. It's Jessica, who is convinced that she and dad are both going up. Dick is convinced that he will make the whole house hate him to the point that he will leave. At least Dick, for all of his faults, is a classy and stand-up father. Jessica has decided to let her heart talk, and safe is...Jameka. Also safe - Jen, Eric, Amber, Zack (well, now it's fait accompli), and Dustin. Nominated, of course, is Dick and Daniele. Jessica reveals that she is close with Eric (which is a HUGE mistake), while Daniele and Dick both want veto. Jessica actually wants to get rid of Daniele (which is a HUGE blunder right now), while Dick wants to give everyone Hell. Well, that much will be guaranteed. Join us on Tuesday to see how much Hell you can give a Bible-Thumper.


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