Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night 5 - August 9

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick
HoH: Daniele
Veto winner: Jen (saves herself)
Nominees: Eric & Kail

Eric is all but outed as a lone shark in a sea of guppies, and one can only wonder if he can hold on any longer. The live eviction is only half an hour away in this, the 41st day in the house

Eric's safety is in the hands of four other people. Meanwhile, Kail thinks that everyone loves Eric more than her. That's what she thinks, as Dick notes that he only needs one more vote to get Eric out of the house. Amber swears on her girl's life that she, Dustin, and Jameka will work to save Eric. Meanwhile, Dick has a problem trusting Kail. But that won't stop him from saving her.

Dick tries to sway Amber in the gym, which she feels uncomfortable about. UNTIL Dick happened to bring up what happened a week ago with him warning against Amber playing the self-righteous card given something that happened in her past (C-Note: Yeah, that would be the pregnancy thing). Dick never lied to anyone. He wants to seal the deal.

Amber goes to Dustin about it. Dustin says that Eric is not exactly a big threat to him. He doesn't think that he has anything about him, henceforth no big threat. Taking Amber's daughter out of the equation... Amber wants him gone. Dick tries to make a deal: Dustin wins HOH and doesn't put the Donatos up IF he gets rid of Eric. Will he bite? Nope. He wants Dick out of this house, calling Amber a psycho. Amber says that she has to make sure that "good people" get to the end.

And I count... oh... no one. Heh.

Amber confronts Eric on the allegations, saying that if he wants to tell the whole g-d house, then now's the time to do it. She hasn't lied to no one, and now he's going to use something of hers against her? That takes balls.

All this while Amber cries.

Going live, Jameka was put in an awkward position, but in the end, it was good to get all of that out in the open. She wouldn't have changed a thing about her whole HoH deal. Jen agreed to give up half the grand prize (she's not here for the money). She says that she's just proved himself. Dustin gets a viewer question. "Why do you wear the same grey T-shirt day in and day out?" "Well, it's all about consistency. I'm a very consistent person."

So is Evil Dick really evil outside of the house? Let's ask some of his friends... the keyboardist for Guns'n'Roses. "People drop HIS name." How about the guitarist for Alice Cooper? "Evil Dick is definitely no poser." How about... that one chick from Rockstar: Supernova? "He doesn't mean to be mean. He just tells it like it is." The lead singer of some band I never heard of? "Dick is just Dick. You either love him or you hate him." His friend and co-promoter? "Dick is as loyal as a friend can get." The chick with the I Heart Dick shirt? "We love you, Dick!"

Daniele? "It's just a really hard position to be in. No one knows the real reason. It's my choice." Dad's a different person that she is. People are afraid of him, so Daniele ends up taking the votes for him. She's not 100% sure that Eric was the one that cast the votes to evict Kail, but there is no evidence to the contrary.

Back to Kail, as her husband weighs in on her gamesmanship. So far, we know that she owns two restaurants, a grocery store, and a motel. Husband Darin thinks that this is a smart strategy to keep all of her cards close to her. If she gives her cards away, she has little chance to take home the gold. The houseguests have no idea who she really is. Darin doesn't mind Dick yelling at him. Kail is downplaying her beliefs a lot. She's downplaying a lot of things. "If Kail can get past this week, she has a better chance to survive the rest of the game."

Final pleas from Kail? "As you all know, this is my third time on the block. It never gets easier. I want to let you know to thank you for the first two weeks, and I ask for another week, because I don't take any week for granted." Eric: "I came here thinking that I was going to meet 13 strangers who were standing in my way of winning this game. That notion didn't last long. I had some rough times this week. I hope I get to stay to work on bonds that need to be repair."

As a reminder, Kail, Eric, and Daniele cannot vote...

Dick: "I happily vote to evict that weasel ERIC."
Jessica: KAIL
Zach: ERIC
Jameka: KAIL
Dustin: KAIL
Amber: KAIL

With the vote at 4-3... Kail has been evicted. Plan didn't work, Dick. "It was probably from the very beginning, winning the first HoH..." Is this a fair way of playing from Dick? "You can only be somebody for so long."

HoH Competition: Let's Make a Duel

Two at a time, the houseguests will answer questions about things evicted houseguests said in the Diary Room. As current HOH, Daniele can't play. Neither can Jameka who is currently on restriction.

Dustin vs. Eric: Which houseguest confessed: "There was a situation that was brewing and I added some pepper and some salt." Eric? "Joe?" Correct.

Dick vs. Zach: Which houseguest stated, "I was hoping the other houseguests would see that I was going to be an honest player. Mission accomplished." Zach? "Carol?" No, it was Mike.

Eric vs. Jessica: Which houseguest revealed, "One of my main strategies was going to flirt with everyone..." Nick... err, Eric? DO OVER!

Which houseguest said, "I did not want to tell them that I was a multi-business owner"? Jessica? "Kail." Correct.

Jen vs. Dick: Which houseguest admitted, "The beds are about 5'5 and I was thinking it would hinder my chances if I was looking to invite a girl to my bed." Dick? "Mike?" Nope. Nick.

Jessica vs. Amber: Which houseguest stated, "I'm not one of those weepy sad rain clouds that drags everyone down." Amber? "Carol?" Nope, it was Joe.

Jessica vs. Jen: Which houseguest said, "I gave up way too much.." Jessica... "Carol." Correct! Jessica's your new HOH.

But how will she use her newfound power? Find out in three.


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