Big Brother 8
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Today is

Tasty: Days 12-14 - July 15

The story so far...

HoH - Jen

Jessica, Carol's Frenemy, wants Carol gone. Kail's alliance wants Carol gone. Dustin's alliance wants her gone, because they need to keep Amber in the house. Jen wants Carol in of the house because Jen has the brain matter of a peanut. She's the only one, as Carol gets booted by a 10-1 count. Carol gets her picture in black and white, and Jen may need to have a second thought of how bad her pic looks. She's going to hate it if it's in black and white.

We get the recaps of what has been going on this week, including Jen being Head of Household - which everyone abhors. Dick 'She's the only one that I really didn't want to see win'. The only person nice to her this week - Kail, who has Jen in her back pocket. Joe is disgusted that Jen's stupidity is rewarded, while Dustin sees that everyone who hated her last week is now kissing her butt this week.

Mike and Nick decide to work out together. Zach and Dustin make fun of them, calling them Magnus and Kragnus. Huh. They are completely ripping on the World's Strongest Man, and they get to Nick, who stops because he can't keep from laughing.

Nick is trying to woo Daniele, but he's just as successful as him trying to lift weights in front of Dustin and Zack. Nick gives Daniele the key to his heart (which is actually the key to his suitcase, but who's counting). Nick wants to get to know Daniele better...which will last around as long as she's in the house.

Jen is trying to wonder who to nominate, as she discusses with Kail. Jen first says Daniele and Dick, but she doesn't want to get rid of any more women. The next idea - Joe and Dustin, but she likes Dustin. Maybe Nick...which Kail bristles because he's in her secret alliance.

It's 6 Guys Vs. 5 Guys and Joe for the Food Challenge. It's time to play Name That Pie! You have to name what's in the pie in the fewest amount of bites (think Name that Tune's Bid a Bid a Bite). The team gets 1 point for each right bid, and the team that gets to 7 first wins.

Jameka gets 5 bites and says Bacon and Banana. Right! (Red leads, 1-0)

Amber gets 4 bites and guesses lemon and sweet potato. Wrong. Potato and Pineapple. (1-1)

Eric gets 4 bites and guesses Spam and Fig. It was Sausage and Apple. (Red leads, 2-1).

Jessica gets 4 bites with Spam and Pomegranate. No. (Tied, 2-2)

Zack has 4 bites for Pepperoni and Mint and gets it wrong. Red goes up 4-2, but Dick cuts it to 5-3. Amber gets Salmon and Blueberry (5-3, Red). Kail can't get Hamburger and Peach, while Zack gets Tuna and Jelly Beans to tie it at 5.

Joe can't get Tuna and Anchovies, so the Blue Point is one away. Daniele has to get pickle and clam in 4 bites. She says pickle...and tofu. That's match for the Blue Team, as Daniele gets her second week of slop. 'It can't be worse than that, besides Jen getting HOH.' Ouch.

Eric, America's player has an assignment. America wants him to get Jen to nominate a certain person. That person...Jessica. Eric is stunned, and I'm guessing the only reason why that is the case is because Jennifer is obviously not one of the options this week.

Speaking of which, it's time to see what Daniele is concerned about. It's time for the nomination ceremony, and Jen, who says that she is being influenced (noooo, really?) has nominated 2 people who she thinks could be better if they brought in positive energy. She says that these two people bring negative energy in the house. Oh, sure, THAT won't put a bulls-eye on your back...

Anyways, safe is...Jameka, Kail, Mike, Zack, Nick, Jessica (America's Assignment - FAILED), Amber, Dustin, Eric and...Joe. The 2 people up for Nomination are Daniele and Dick. Jen says that both of them together cause negative atmosphere, as their negative sarcasm has been ringing through the house, adding that the house would be better without the negative vibes. Daniele calls Jen's speech a load of crap, adding that she's ready to fight. Nick says that Jen is jealous of Daniele, while Dick will not campaign against his daughter - and hopes that one of them wins the veto.

Speaking of which, Eric says that he will try to get Jessica nominated if there's a veto situation. As for Jennifer, she has successfully done Kail's dirty work for her, while leaving her out there as a MAJOR target, as no one really likes her. Join us in 2 days to see if any of the current targets is able to make their way off of the bulls-eye.


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