Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night 8 - August 30

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen
HoH: Jessica
Veto: Eric (does not use it)
Nominated: Amber vs. Zach

It is day 63. Eric kissed Jessica... twice. Amber and Zach are nominated. Amber & Jameka are praying. Dick and Daniele are sitting as pretty as two people with huge targets on their back. And America has the swing vote.

Seems like Eric is only out for Eric. Amber, on the other hand, is a floater. Zach isn't going down without a fight.

In the HOH room, Jessica is upset that she put two people up that she did not have beef from. She feels like she made the biggest mistake ever. "Do you really think that Amber really likes you? She doesn't really like you and you don't really like him." Speak of the devil, and she appears. Amber says that she really wants to be here... with, big shocker, tears in her eyes.

"I want people who are deserving to win it. Don't you want good people to win this?" Apparently in Amber's ever-red eyes, "Good people" = anti-Semitic people whose game in the house are, at best, weak. Jessica doesn't want Zach in the house anymore. Eric hasn't decided yet.

Zach thinks he has Eric. At least he gets $50,000 in the final 3. But remember, Amber turned down $10,000 on "Power of 10", so it's clear where her loyalties lie. Getting rid of Amber breaks up Amber and Jameka. Zach only needs $15,000. Zach lays his plan on the line.

1) Win HoH
2) Put Jess and Jameka on the block
3) Backdoor Eric
4) ...
5) Profit!

The only way if Zach is going to go is if Dick finds out that he flipped the script. Which he did... time and time again.

Amber thinks about putting Zach on the block, thinking that this whole week Eric was HoH. Everyone that he wanted out was out. It still kept him safe. He's scared to get HOH, because all of a sudden, there's a picture of Eric's girlfriend. Jessica's starting to see that Eric is playing the game through her. Amber knows. She's pulled the same game once or twice. Jessica doesn't overlook it because she doesn't want to.

And speak of the Devil again... Amber's got to get Daniele's vote.

She goes to Daniele and plays the sympathy/little girl's life card again. It would be in her best interest, she thinks, if Amber would stay.

This week's assignment for Eric... Evict AMBER. "As expected. Amber is causing trouble, masquerading as one of the 'good people'. She is self-righteous and she needs to get off her high horse."

Eric and Jess are in bed again talking about what Amber were talking about. Why do we want her to stay again? "You don't want to win HOH because you know the girlfriend and family back home..." We've said all of this before, really. He doesn't like that Amber's pitting the two against each other, and even goes so far as to say that her calling herself one of the good people is really hypocritical of her. "Let's not get carried away. Just because this week she's kissing your ass doesn't mean that she has your back."

That night, Dick tells Eric and Jess about Zach's master plan... Again...

1) Win HoH
2) Put Jess and Jameka on the block
3) Backdoor Eric
4) ...
5) Profit!

Good plan. Better plan per Zach...

1) Win HoH
2) Put Dick and Daniele on the block again
3) Prevent any backdooring
4) ...
5) Profit!

Needless to say.. Dick's done with Zach.

Going to the living room. Jessica called being naked her best day in the house. "After I took my clothes off, it was a whole new me!" Daniele wanted to say to Nick, "One, five, three." She wishes that Nick would still in the house. Amber could've walked with $10,000... She regrets it a little. She was put in that position for a reason and she had to go for it for her family. Viewer question for Dick: "What's up with the spitting?" "I have no idea, Julie. It's like walking and talking."

So what do Jameka's family and church think of her faith in the house? Her pastor says that "The Lord ordained Jameka to be in the house." Her older sister says that some people woculd perceive her faith as weakness. But she is the kind of person who'll let you know when you crossed the line. "When I saw Jameka letting it rip on Dick, I said, go sis. He's just angry because he's missing something." Jameka praying for other people is her spirit speaking.

How is Danita and her new baby? Just fine, thanks. Family is important to her.

On the other end, there's Eric's family and the other woman in his life. Eric's older brother Josh has done nothing but watch him. Aligning with Dick allowed the American people to align with Eric. Eric & Jessica could get to the end now. Josh is in favor of this relationship both from a game point and from a relationship.

And then there's Cheryl, who was on-again-off-again. Currently, they're off again. And she's a bit jealous of him and Jessica. "I am 150% on his side, and I can't wait to see him."

Speaking of the Devil for the third time. Jen told Amber to warn her about Eric's other. Considering the source, it was kind of a last-ditch effort to stir up the pot. She didn't believe what Jen said. She thought that Eric was having a little pressure issue when Eric finally kissed her. She thinks that she'll be the first person out. She's going to try and make it to the end.

Grant my last request and just let me hold you... Zach's first. "From mad hatters to guitar smashers to bunny suits. I've enjoyed many memories with all of you in this place we call Wonderland. I would love to be a part of this house still and continue my journey down the rabbit hole." Amber: "I'm going to try not to cry." TOO LATE! "When I was picked to be a houseguest, I didn't know I was going to build unique rare relationships. I'd love to stay, but if it's in God's plan for me to go then I hold nothing against you guys. I hold a special place in my heart for each and every one of you."

Here we go. Time to vote. Amber and Zach cannot vote. Jessica only votes to break a tie.

Jameka: ZACH
Eric: 78% of America will evict AMBER. So far, he's won $30,000 as America's Player.
Dick: AMBER.
Daniele: AMBER.

With the count at 3-1, Amber is evicted from the House. And now Jameka's crying. She thinks that no one wants to sit next to Amber in the Final two. She saw herself as a threat. Eric kept playing both sides. How do you determine who's the good people?  "Basically how they play the game. If they're honest, if they lie. If they go around making deals. Calling people out. You can tell a good person and a bad person." She made a lot of mistakes in the game and she thinks that there's something more ahead.

And she's crying at the legacy videos.

Hmm... No Early Show/House Calls plug. Very interesting.

HoH Competition: Big Brother Tea Party

Each player will be given a small teacup to transfer colored "tea" to a fishbowl awaiting them on the other end of a runway. First one to fill their fishbowl so they they can retrieve a colored ball is the new HOH.

Oh, and one more thing as we close the show out... The runway's going to get a little slippery... HERE WE GO!

Find out how this ends Sunday.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough. Next week is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION round.


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