Big Brother 8
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Today is

Vindication: Days 20-22 - July 22

The story so far...

EVICTED - Carol, Joe
HoH - Dick

Welcome to another Big Brother Sunday show. We get the recaps of Kail trying (unsuccessfully) to get rid of Dick, Joe being eliminated and Dick being the new HOH.

Dustin is thrilled that Joe is gone, while Jen, who preferred to get rid of Dick, was happy that she at least got rid of Joe. The people were unhappy to see Joe go from a friend standpoint, but from a strategic standpoint, it was better to get rid of him.

With Dick being the new HOH, he is thrilled. he calls it sweet vindication. Daniele was excited, as is Amber and Dustin. Both Kail and Jen feel like they are going to get put up, and I think they are both right.

A pissed Kail asks Mike why he didn't tell her that he was changing vote. Mike forgot too and Kail was wondering if there's still an alliance. Mike says that he doesn't know, and Kail realizes that the jig may be up. She calls the men cowardly, but she realizes that the men are not strong-willed and she hitched up to the wrong people. Oops.

Dick gets to go into the HOH room, where there are pictures with Dick's friends...and his daughter. Dick has decided that he will stay downstairs - if only to know what the Mrs. Robinson alliance and Jen are doing. Speaking of which, he asks Kail why he did it. She admits that she is in an alliance. Dick calls her on betraying them to save her own ass. Dick is pretty much set on putting up Jen and Kail, but he wants to know what else is going on, so he can figure it out - and maybe to have some choices should one of the two women win veto.

Eric decided to play fight with Jen. Unbeknownst to Eric, Jen used to wrestle in high school and pretty much had her way with Eric. Eric says that he could have won if he wanted to. Sure you could have, while you're being lifted and thrown against the corner. Jen pins him and is the wrestler of the house.

Nick has a top 5 list to hit on with girls...and guys. Zach finds guys visually appealing here as well. Dick finds this strange, but Nick is comfortable with his own sexuality. I wonder if Dustin knows this...

So who's on Nick's list? Matthew McConaghey and Brad Pitt - both of which he tells Daniele, who likes the fact that he's comfortable with it. Nick says that he has a top 5 women's list, but he has replaced with Daniele. Daniele likes Nick - but she has a boyfriend and his not going to cheat on her. Speaking of which, Daniele wakes up and joins Dick on the hammock. She cries to her dad about the bf issue and they share quality time. He tells her to stay with Chris (Daniele's real boyfriend), reminding her that it's a game and that people are going to say that it's her fault, regardless of what choice she makes. He reminds her that he only knows Nick for 3 weeks, while she knows Chris for a long time and she has to do what's right for her. Dick also reminds her that Nick may or may not be real outside of the house. 'Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes the decisions you make can hurt other people, but you have to do
what's right for you...I'm always here for you.' AwwwBarf.

Dick talks about his problem with Dustin, adding that it's killing him. He wishes that he can have the answers to everything, but Dustin says that her coming to him was her way of saying that she loves him. Dick admits that this is way harder than he thought. I sense 2 things...1. We have a new Dick/Daniele/Amber/Dustin alliance, and 2. Dustin, if he plays his cards right, could be in complete control of this game...

One thing that both Jameka and Daniele have been in control of is the slop. Amber feels bad for Jameka, who is visibly crying while eating it. Jen, who's never eaten slop, says that she doesn't feel bad, but she doesn't know what she's feeling. Way to go, Jen. Speaking of Jameka, she is upset that Dick talks about starving kids in Africa. That upsets Jameka, while explaining to Dick that it wasn't meant to be offended. She says that she's the only Black person in a white house, its tough and she knows that she has to act in a certain way that's not her. Dick calms her down and talks her through it.

It's food competition time. It's called Mission Im-pasta-bowl. Everyone is competing as a team. Pairs have to go into the two bowls and get ingredients - but they can only eat them if they match. Dustin and Jessica go first. They find halibut, and Zach and Mike get dessert. Kail and Jen get Sweetbreads. Jessica thinks that it's any sort of bread. Uhhh...Sweetbread is cow's pancreas, dear.

Jameka and Jessica get Barbecue Grilled Food. Daniele and Nick get Bananas. Round 2. Dustin and Amber gets Lobster Tails. Zach and Mike get Chicken. Kail and Jen get cucumbers. We continue with BEER, rice, chips, juice, pasta, melons, bananas, hamburger, and cereal and milk before time runs up. We end up with a pasta fight, complete with Eric pushing spaghetti down Amber's pants and Amber retaliating with a rubber meatball to the side of the head. 'I still think I have pasta sauce in my ears.'

Speaking of Eric, it's time for America's choice. Who should Eric nominate for eviction? Eric is praying for Jen or Kail. We get...Jen. 'This is the best day'. Eric has no problems telling Dick to get Jen, who nominated Dick and Daniele. He reminds Dick that those two were the only two to openly try to get one of them out of the house. Dick nods in agreement. Eric is confident, 'I
don't know how things are going to turn out, but I'm feeling pretty confident from where I stand.'

Dustin and Kail talk about characters. Robin? No. Barney? No. Kail says that she doesn't know any homosexuals and didn't even think that he was. She says that she can't ever figure out who the gay person, adding that she still doesn't like gay people, but says that Dustin has a good heart. Joe says that he was single for 21 years before Joe, so he says that if something happens, it happens.

Now it's fun time with Dick and Zach. Dick tells Zach that he would vote in a block with Nick. Dick exposed the alliance to Zach, who said that he gave him his vote, so he's trustworthy. Dick doesn't buy any of that (nor should he) and I'm guessing that Mike will be the alternate. The other alternate could be...Nick, who Dick warns that he better not be playing around with Daniele. Nick says that he isn't, but Dick knows that he is better off with Nick not in the house. 'Game is one thing. My daughter as heart, body and soul is a whole other thing'

And with that, it's time for the nominations. We don't get much time of Dick pandering, and Dick says that it's about lies, deception, and breaking up Big Alliances and upsetting the balance of the house and trying to stop people from getting him out of the house. I will be stunned if it's not Jen and Kail. Safe is...Jameka. Also safe...Jessica, Amber, Eric, Daniele, Dustin, Nick, Zach and...Mike. Dick calls Jen out for putting him on the block last week and
Kail for lying to him and deceiving him, adding that he wants her out of the house. 'As far as I'm concerned, go back to Rainbow, Oregon. See ya.' Jen says that she doesn't feel like she's nominated, because she's really not the target this week. She better make sure that Kail wins the power of Veto though.

So will she win the Power of Veto? Who will? And will Dick be able to get either of the women out of the house? Join us on Tuesday, where we will find out where the veto goes.


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