Big Brother 8
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Today is

Fathers: Days 44-45 - August 14

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
HoH: Jessica
Nominated: Dick vs. Danielle

Jessica’s reign has got Dick and Daniele feeling like total idiots. There have been so many swaps of power that they feel like they should have seen this coming. Regardless, Dick has made it his full intention to make sure that he gets voted out and that Daniele gets to stay.

This might seem a little premature when you consider that the Power of Veto has not even been awarded yet.

The entire house for once seems united as everyone seems happy with the plan to get rid of one of the “Double D’s.” As a result there isn’t that much strategy talk going on. Instead, most everything is a pep talk as players get ready for the Veto competition.

But who will get the chance to play in the veto competition? As always, a random draw will reveal the houseguests’ fate.

Jessica draws Jameka
Daniele draws Dusting
Dick pulls out Zach

Daniele and Dick aren’t really that happy with the selections as they feel that no one will help to veto them off the block, but they already knew that would be the case anyway.

Let’s play Wicked Wickets!

Each player will in secret be challenged to drink 10 different Big Brother concoctions ranging from plain water to pickle juice to a bacon, egg, cheese and OJ smoothie (YUM!) For every drink that a player downs they will be given on croquet whack of a ball. For every wicket they knock the ball through they will score a point with a perfects shot passing through 4 wickets and hitting the wood pole being worth 5 points (thus max 50)

The highest score will win the Power of Veto.

With the gruesome eating task standing before the wickets, many houseguests decide that they don’t really need this veto that bad. Here are the drink totals.

Zach: 3
Jameka: 4
Jessica: 5
Daniele: 7
Dustin: 10
Dick: 10

But would those drink turn into enough points to win the veto.

Zach’s 3 shots earn him 6 points.

Jameka sets the new bar at 10 with her 4 shots.

Jessica brings a little heat, pushing the high score to 17

Daniele fights for her life scoring 20, but with the shot difference, this game is really just between Dustin (“Princess”) and Dick.

Dustin maintains consistent shots (including a perfect one) to score 32.

After 9 shots, Dick has managed to pull close to Dusting but with 28 points Dick will need a perfect shot to win the veto.

As if this would be Big Brother is anything else happened. Dick hits it straight down the middle. A perfect shot for a total of 33, beating Dustin by 1 and winning the Golden Power of Veto.

Veto in hand, the gamesmanship on the part of the Donatos will not cease. Daniele heads to the HoH room later that evening (where everyone but her Dad is) and breaks down crying letting all the players knows that she is hurt that they define her by her father. Jameka isn’t fully buying it and says that if Daniele doesn’t want to be lumped in with her father that she should stand against him more often. Eric chimes in citing how both she and her father attacked his reputation in the house.

Daniele is mildly defensive, but most people in the room seem to believe that she is being genuine. Daniele says that this is how she was actually feeling, but that she realized her feelings could be used to her strategic advantage.

But back to the real problem at hand. With veto usage imminent, who will be the replacement nomination? America wants Eric to make is Dustin and unbelievably, Dustin offers himself up in front of Jessica. Eric seizes the opportunity saying what a funny smack in the face it would be for Dick to go home while sitting next to Dustin.

The chance for revenge seems to taste too good to Jessica and after Dick removes Daniele from the block, Jessica takes Dustin up on his offer.

So now it is Dustin vs. Dick. Dustin is having a little bit of pawn’s remorse, but will it affect his final standing in the house? Keep tuning in to find out.


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