Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night 6 - August 16

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
HoH: Jessica
Veto: Dick (saved Daniele)
Nominated: Dustin vs. Dick

With Jessica at the head, Dick knew the plan. He and Daniele were going up. But what Jessica didn't count on was Dick winning Veto. And what NO ONE counted on was that Dick would not save himself, but his daughter Daniele. So tonight, either him or Dustin will be the first player in the Big Brother Jury house.

It's day 48. Dick is putting his energy into saving himself. "I'm probably going home, but this could be a really really big coup." Dustin, meanwhile would've rather seen Daniele go, just to see what the reaction is. Daniele says that Dick's sacrifice means more than he knows.

Worst case scenario, it's a 3-3 split, says Dustin. He cut off Daniele's right leg when he evicted Nick. Now he's cutting off the left leg trying to get rid of Dick. "Bitch got nothin'."

Eric explains himself to Jessica as to why she was getting the silent treatment. "I was profusely sweating." And she actually believes him! "Eric and I have buried the hatchet." So all's right in their little world.

Dinner with Jessica and Zach. Amber, Jameka, and Eric are all going to vote Dick out. He causes a lot of friction, but look what it does to the game. Given the position, Jessica is open to anything that Dick is willing to offer to her. Zach will also pledge his vote to Dick. So unless Jessica says no, don't vote him out, that's what's going to happen.

Let's see what America wants Eric to do... America wants to evict... Dustin. "Not a shocker." If they keep Dustin, at least one more week... sorry, I was distracted by Jessica's boobies. Anyway, if Dustin was kept in the house, he could pretty much pull something out of his hat.

"I'm hot, are you?" SAY YES, DAMN IT!

Next day... Dick says that Eric is a gamer, and that there are only two people that can keep him in the house. Anything that Eric does, Jessica will do with him. Dick says that Eric's blowing up the whole game. He goes to Jessica saying that we should get rid of Dustin. "I'm letting the game play me, and this is a chance to make a big big move. Dustin's rubbing people the wrong way." You can either align with the weak or with the strong. There's honor amongst thieves.

In the living room, we revisit Dick's decision. Would he have done the same thing before? Daniele was very insistent that she would not be saved by her father's hand. Would Daniele have done the same for him? She likes to think that she would. Jen was surprised that Dick gave her the slop pass. Amber says that she thinks about her daughter every day... and starts crying. "This is only temporary. I love you so so much."

So how's Joe (Dustin's ex) taking evicted life? He goes from beautiful to really self-absorbed. Dustin's choice to take the prizes in a veto competition shows his true colors. He doesn't care who he steps on to get there. Dustin's going to lose it one day. "I think Dustin's future is very limited. He's been very arrogant." Daniele notes that Joe was right.

Talking to Jessica now. Dustin said that he was in cahoots with Dick and Daniele, and in the last second, she had no idea what to do. Who in the Late Night Crew does she trust the most? Eric & Jameka. Does she have romantic feelings for Eric? "Who knows? I'm really trying to stay focused on the game right now."

Last requests for Dustin. "It's been very fun. I hope that you guys to make the next six weeks even more fun." Dick? "I did what I had to do. You guys do what you have to do. My only regret is that Carol is not there to give me a long deep wet kiss as I walk out the door."

Now to the vote. You are voting to evict either Dustin or Dick. Neither of them can vote, and Jessica only votes in the event of a tie.

Amber: DICK
Eric: DUSTIN ("I think it was a great choice. I was hesitant at first, but I embraced it. We turned this house upside down.")
Jameka: "D.D."
Daniele: DUSTIN

By a vote of 4-2, Dustin has been evicted. "Interesting." To say the very least. If you remember, he volunteered to be a pawn. He thinks that Eric was the fourth vote against me. Pawn's remorse? "Yes and no. At this point in time, everything happens for a reason. I will be on the jury, but I do regret putting myself on the block." He made a risk and it was a bad move. It's very good to have Amber release those emotions, but not exactly in the way she did it last week. And Joe? He's ecstatic right now.

Dick: "Dustin, if you're seeing this, I pulled off the biggest coup in the history of this show. Ha ha."

HoH Competition: Strange Visitors.

The houseguests met some very unusual characters. These strange characters held the answers to this week's HOH. Hope you were paying attention to this mad hatter, this barber shop quartet, this reject from "Pirate Master", these bunnies, and this living statue. Again, Jessica cannot play, neither can Jameka. Questions are of the true-false variety, and the last person standing is the new HOH.

1) The pirate on stilts had sage advice: "Always drink downstream of the herd." FALSE. Jen is eliminated. Always drink UPstream.
2) Only 2 members of the barbershop quartet had red bands on their hats. TRUE. Dick & Zach are eliminated.
3) The cards around the bunnies' necks are the ace of hearts, the nine of clubs, and the five of diamonds. TRUE. Eric is eliminated
4) The mini-mad hatter ran around with seven cards on his hat. FALSE. He only had six. Daniele is the new HOH.

We have a pretty good idea what this means, but just to make certain, I'd tune in on Sunday.


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