Big Brother 8
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Today is

Showmance - August 28

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin, Jen
HoH: Jessica
Nominated: Amber vs. Zach

Jessica is in charge and Zach and Amber are on the block. America’s got its wish, will America’s nominees be able to save herself.

Zach is hurt at being nominated. Jessica said that she could trust him but now he is nominated? Zach says flat out that he will be looking for revenge.

Dick is thrilled with the fact that Jessica’s nominations show allegiance to the alliance.

And it’s time for tears! Amber is crying her eyes out, but then takes a moment to pray to attempt to center herself. (Those of you with DVRs would hit Fast Forward now)

Then Jameka heads up to the HoH room to try to figure out what Jessica’s intention is with her nominations, but Jessica isn’t giving up any information. Jameka runs back to Amber to tell her that she has no information, but Amber is staying positive. Amber believes that because she does not put pressure on HoHs that she is an easy nomination. (That has both positive and negative effects)

Jameka reassures her that she will be safe. Amber seems to agree and believes that Zach is the real target

Zach takes a minute to speak with Jessica about strategy. He thinks that the nominations are a great job by Jessica now that he knows why she did it. Zach sees that Jessica did it to stack the veto competition as a way of backdooring Dick or Daniele. Jessica smiles and nods, lying through her shiny white teeth.

Zach is now eager to sure up this plan of attack and he takes the time to make sure that Eric is on the same page. Eric simply says that he does not know Jessica’s Master plan, but thinks it would be pretty cool.

Eric meanwhile has managed to finally find his game. Up in the HoH room he gets in bed, shuts off the lights and finally does what America has been yearning for in the BB8 house for weeks. He kisses Jess! Jessica is exasperated that it took him this long but she is very happy and thinks that she sees wedding bells in the future. Maybe this is more than a “showmance”

As the sun rises, it’s time to pick competitors for the Veto competition.

Jessica picks Daniele
Zach gets Houseguests Choice and selects Eric
And Amber selects Jameka

In Cat Scratch Veto, the players will have to dig through the backyard swamp to find rats that have riddle that match the rounds given answer. The last person to find a matching rat will be eliminated.

No one makes a mistake during the game so it’s a slow elimination process.

First Jessica is eliminated.

Second is Jameka

Then, in a shocker, Daniele is ousted.

Amber, Zach and Eric remain and Eric beats Zach by a split second to face-off with Amber.

On the final riddle, with the answer of Veto (creative, huh), the win goes to Eric!

In his first veto competition, Eric takes the award. Guess that kiss did him some good luck.

And look, America wants him to Kiss Jessica as his next task. (Producer manipulation, anyone?) He completes this task with no problems.

As final Veto discussion approach, Jessica is ready to pull a backdoor, but Eric is hesitant. This worries Jessica that Eric might have ulterior motives.

Does he? What do you think America? Eric listens tot eh speeches and then chooses not to use the power of veto. Thus, either Amber or Zach will be going home and you, America, have a vote. We’ll see who goes home in just a few short days.


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