Big Brother 8
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Today is

Bi-Polar: Days 14-16 - July 17

The story so far...

HoH - Jen
Nominated - Dick & Daniele

The reign of Jen is surely anything but pure “Jenious,” but if she wanted to hurt Dick, she was smart to put up Daniele. Can the Double D Dynamic Duo get their heads off the chopping block and what emotional breakdown will Jen have next?

It’s Day 14 and the nominations have hit home. Dick is frustrated to be nominated against Daniele, because he refuses to campaign against his daughter.

Daniele, on the other hand is fully ready to campaign as she intends on staying in this house at all costs.

The rest of the house seems to sympathize with the father daughter duo. They listened to Jen’s speech about removing “negative energy” and they all think it’s a load of crap. Everyone wishes Jen was going home this week, but unfortunately she is not an option.

Note to houseguests: Please remember that a hated houseguest is your best friend. His/her existence helps ensure that someone else will be the target instead of you.

Daniele has a different kind of best friend though in Nick. Nick who shall heretofore be referred to as “Puppy dog” (ok, not really, but he is acting that way), is completely smitten with Daniele. He cuddles up next to her bed and says that he has “developing feeling”

Nick later says that these feelings “suck” because they will affect the way that he plays the game. Case in point, he tells Daniele about his alliance with Kail, Mike and Zach. Daniele then tells him that she is really only 20.

Meanwhile in the other room Zach is getting a sneaking suspicion that Nick can’t be trusted around Daniele (Oh really!) Zach and Mike aren’t worried though as they are sure they will find out where Nick stands when they try to vote out Daniele this week.

Another note to the Houseguests:
Feelings and friendships should be likened to showmances. They only last for the duration of the show. Or until you are voted out. Especially when the other person has a boyfriend. After all, most of these relationships are predicated on lies and people are cast onto the show for their lying capabilities. When it comes down to it are you really going to pass on that veto (Marcellas), or $500,000 (Ivette) to keep a friend you’ve only known for 80 days? Think about it…

And now to the daily Big Brother Sideshow known as America’s Player Eric! This episode Eric had to “sleepwalk” into bed with the houseguest of America’s choice. If you didn’t see it coming from a mile away, America chose Joe. Eric made a valiant attempt and basically humped Joe’s leg until deciding that it was too weird aborting the mission.

The next morning in the shower, Joe asked Eric if he had some kind of sleepwalking condition and Eric denied everything. Joe said that some guy with dark hair was all over his leg, but he wasn’t sure who it was. Looks like Eric got away from this one scott-free.

Damn… What was the whole point of this episode again? Oh yeah, the veto. Let’s select competitors.

Jen pulls player’s choice and selects Mike, Daniele draws Joe and Dick draws Amber. With that set there will be one hour before the Veto competition begins.

Hell literally is about to be set ablaze…

Jen has decided that in week 2 of this game it would be wise to play to the hilt. For that reason she chooses to corner Amber and let her know that she has to do everything she can to sabotage Dick and Daniele because the nominations have to stay the same. Amber stands there dumbfounded and annoyed with Jen wanting to continue her conversation with Dustin, but Jen isn’t done yet.

Jen warns Amber that if she doesn’t comply that someone close to her will go up, like Dustin. Turn on the waterworks. Dustin makes it clear Jen should leave and Amber flows like Niagara Falls. She tells us that she loves Daniele and Dick too much not to help them, but doesn’t want to lose Dustin, and wishes that she was never selected to play for Veto.

In turn Jameka, Daniele and Dick all see the effects of Jen’s speech on Amber, and to no shock, Dick takes it up with Jen. However, Dick only gets to Jen after she has laid the same threats with Joe. Joe however points out that Jen doesn’t know who he is close to as he is close to no one so she can’t hurt him.

Dick lays into Jen saying that she is an inconsiderate *ahem* and Jen says that she doesn’t care (shocker). Joe chimes in and Jameka even gets in on the act when Zach goes as far as to (loosely) defend Jen. The house is on absolute edge, it’s a perfect time to start the Veto competition.

The Big Brother houseguests will be dreaming of a “Cutthroat Christmas!” The houseguests will be curling (sliding an Olympic curling stone) trying to get as close to the red line as possible, either side. The furthest away each round will select a gift from under the tree. However, as houseguests continue to be eliminated, they can choose to steal from another houseguest rather than select a new gift. Of course, one of the gifts is the Power of Veto.

Round 1: Joe tanks it and ends up opening the Slop Pass.

Round 2: Daniele and Mike seem to really have the hang of this and Dick completely chokes only to be saved by Jen who chokes worse. Jen wins a red unitard that will have to be worn for 24 hours straight.

Round 3: After 2 solid throws, Mike blows it winning a Big Brother date night, but leaving Daniele, Dick and Amber to fend for the veto.

Round 4: This time Dick doesn’t escape a choke of a throw and he is out. He does win a plasma TV, but he wants the veto.

Round 5: It’s one on one and Daniele goes first. Again Daniele does great being only about a foot from the line. Amber… tanks it. Clearly she threw the competition as she is a good 8 feet from the line. Amber will win 24 hours handcuffed to the houseguest of her choice (Kail) for her efforts. And in a game with no steals, Daniele wins the Power of Veto for the second week running.

Now as you can tell, some of the gifts were intended as punishments, but Jen seems to like this unitard a little too much. She looks like a reject from the Britney Spears “Oops! I Did it Again” video, but hey, whatever floats your boat. As Joe puts it Jen will love anything that puts more attention on her. “Way to go Big Brother!”

Now, while the usage of the Veto might be a foregone conclusion, Daniele’s eventual replacement is not. Eric takes this as another chance to put Jessica on the chopping block, but Jen isn’t having it and dumps him over in the hammock.

Kail chimes in with Amber and Dustin in the HoH room. They all tell Jen that Joe would be a good choice as he works to hard manipulating the house. Jen doesn’t agree and would rather consider others. The group keeps pushing for Joe and Jen just plain walks out.

Where does she go? Downstairs into the bedroom to see Nick giving Daniele just a little bit too much attention. Jen pulls a 180, heads back to the HoH room and let’s everyone know that she is going to be putting Nick up. The room is shocked and tries to sway her, but Jen says that her mind is made up.

At the veto ceremony, Dick gives the customary speech, but tells Daniele to use the veto on herself. Daniele then shares her conflict with the whole group and expresses kindly how hard this week has been going against her father. She doesn’t however pull a Marcellas and she saves herself. Jen then must make her replacement nomination and she puts…. Joe on the Block!?!?

So in a bi-polar twist of events Jen believes that there may be some sweetness in Daniele after all and Joe and Dick are officially up for eviction. Who will the houseguests vote out of the house and does Jen have a prayer going forward in this game? Keep watching…


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