Big Brother 8
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Today is

Yellow: Days 22-23 - July 24

The story so far...

EVICTED - Carol, Joe
HoH - Dick
Nominated: Kail & Jen

Oh the swings of power. After Jen Attacked Dick and failed to get rid of both he and Daniele, Dick wins HoH and seeks vengeance against Jen and Kail. Can either of these ladies get themselves vetoed, or will a woman be leaving the house Thursday night.

Kail and Jen are on the block and in only a couple of days, one of them will be going home. If Kail has it her way, it will not be her and as Kail ahs made clear on numerous occasions, she will not take anything lying down.

Kail informs us that she is going to play the game completely differently. Jen on the other hand is, well, just Jen. She isnít shocked at all about her nomination.

Zach, however, is thrilled that Kail has dug her own grave. He feels that Dick was targeting him, but as we know, Dick wants Kail out.

In the backyard, Dick reiterates his hatred for Kail and Jen has to make it about her again by interjecting. Dick reminds her that he will not play this game on a personal level like Jen did because that was a mistake. Yeah, because none of this has been personal...

And now shenanigans! Brought to you courtesy of Showtime. Zach butt naked! Some people may be excited by this as the house convinces Zach to streak from the kitchen into the pool. He agrees to do it only if the group promises to leave him his towel. They promise. Then they steal his towel and lock him in the backyard.

Poor naked Zach is forced to stroll five feet tot eh side and grad a towel off of the backyard washer/dryer. Wow, guys, way to leave Zach stranded.

Back to the game and Kail is shooting strategy with Jen. Kail points out that Nick, Mike and Zach should not be picked as that will not use the veto. Then with perfect timing, Mike walks in. Kail takes this opportunity to validate her thought process and asks Mike if he would want to be picked to play the veto competition. He says absolutely and that he would definitely use the veto. Jen and Kail are somewhat stunned, but they agree to pick Mike should they get the opportunity.

Kail continues to strategize, this time with HoH Dick. He tells her flat out that he thinks she is a bad player. She says that if he believes that that he should keep her. Dick is worried however that Kail and Mike will realign if Kail stays. Brick wall.

Kail then tries another angle. She tells him that Jen is targeting Daniele and that leaving Jen in the game is leaving a direct threat. Dick simply tells Kail that she has made her bed and can now lay in it. Brick wall.

And now more shenanigans! Eric, Americaís player has to vandalize someoneís property. Who did America choose? JEN! Eric is thrilled and he quickly gets mustard from the storage room and squirts it all over Jenís t-shirt covered pillow.

Jen discovers the mess and starts asking questions in the open. Eric suggests they open an investigation, Dustin realizes that the mustard had to come from the storage room as the mustard in the fridge was still factory sealed. Eric is not found out and the task is complete.

Veto selections!

The balls are drawn and the players joining Dick and the nominees are Jessica, Nick, and Zach. Kail is dejected. Then, Dick decides to intimidate Kail and Jen before the competition. Kail admits that she is a little shaken, Jen is completely aloof.

Dick claims that Kail tried to sell Jen out and Kail denies it. They have a liarís argument and eventually Dick has completed his dirty deed. In Dickís defense, he is right, but really, who would you not sell out to stay in the house?

The veto competition begins. Everyone will dress up like disco mad hatters, stand on pedestals, wear a big poofy hat and balance a drinking glass on top. The last person to keep balancing their glass will win the Power of Veto.

The competition seems like a simple balancing act, but Kail drops out in the first 2 minutes. Then the real fun happens. The fellow houseguests get to come outside dressed in horrible outfits to make the competitors laugh. Men in French maid outfits, Daniele with a mustache, Amber in pig snout. Itís all quite ridiculous.

You can clearly see that the houseguests are targeting certain people. In order, Jessica, Nick and Zach laugh their way out of the competition.

It Dick and Jen as the last two and Dick bargains with Jen letting her know that she is safe. Jen shows her first ounce of intelligence refusing to step down.

Then things get really dumb. Kail convinces Mike to help her make Dick laugh and get him off the podium. All the other houseguests are working on Jen, including Dustin in Jenís leotard. Kail and Mike start to work on dick with Hula, prank props, coconut bras and Mike devouring whipped cream.

Dick warns Mike that if he continues that he will be put on the block in Jenís place. Mike says that he canít be threatened. Dick canít believe Mikeís insolence and Mike continues. Dick grabs his glass off his hat and tells Mike that he is on the block.

Mike is proud that he made such a great show of loyalty. Dick compares Mike move to that of Marcellas in Big Brother 3.

And now before the inevitable happens we have a little bit of drama.

Kail copes with having to go against Mike by covering her eyes. Wow, special.

Dick is pissed Zach, Nick and Jen are in his HoH room discussing strategy. At least on TV they werenít discussing anything. Dick goes upstairs and kicks Nick out retrieving his key. Nick leaves only after having an argument with Dick telling him that he has fallen for Daniele and no matter what Dick believes, he is not playing her.

Daniele comes in and warns Dick that the house is not accepting of his power trip and that anything that he does to make himself look bad makes her look bad. They get into a father daughter spat that is really more about lack of communication than miscommunication and after Daniele leaves for the backyard, Dick later comes up to her letting her know that he is willing to work at this with professional help if necessary.

(Side note: During this time, Dick does throw up the idea of getting rid of Nick, but no one in the house bites.)

And with that we have reached the inevitable. Jen asks herself why she should use the veto on herself (really, she does) and then she removes herself from the block. Dick makes a quick fake left and then boom, Mike is on the block.

So, will Mike or Kail be leaving the BB8 house? Keep watching and reading to find out.


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