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Dino "Chico" Alexander

Co-Webmaster / Recapper

Chico Alexander is a 16-trapped-in-a-25-year-old medical technologist from Fayetteville, NC. Chico began at PTTGSP as a reality editor, then founded the DaytimeHub portion of GSNN. Chico covers both daytime and primetime games for GSNN today, along with serving as co-moderator of "We Love to Interrupt." Among his other interests: he's a fan and performer of a cappella music.
Jason Block


Jason Block is 36 and lives in Brooklyn, NY. A veteran of four game shows including Wheel, Jeopardy!, Millionaire and Turn It Up, this game show lover is also a fan of pro wrestling, classic films and gambling... especially Pai Gow Poker and craps.

He is also a board member of the Game Show Congress.
Alex Davis


Alex Davis is currently a student living in West Virginia. He is in the drum line, and plays drums for two different alternative bands. In his free time, he plays ice hockey, soccer, and video games. Alex is the owner of the internationally known net game show company tvzgames, which has been mentioned on G4. Alex is currently pursuing either a journalistic, video game, or TV industry career.

Alex is also one of the three coordinators at Buzzer! The Game Show Blog.

Travis Eberle

Recapper/Columnist: On the Buzzer

Our on-call recapper Travis Eberle hails from Olympia, Wash. by way of Kent. Last time he was on the pages, he had a little stint on Cram's hamster wheel. Today, he's parlaying his gig as one of the regular talking disembodied heads on "We Love to Interrupt" into his own column, "On the Buzzer". Offline, Travis is pursuing a degree in education.
Jason "Stormseeker" Elliott

 Founder / Consultant

Jason Elliott is from near Huntsville, AL. Jason is the founder of GSNN, which began as the Prime Time TV Game Shows Page in 1999. He now serves as a consultant to GSNN, providing web design and helpful hints.  He also contributes to the site occasionally in other ways, including giving his "InSites" every Thursday.
Don "Doughnut" Harpwood


Don Harpwood hails from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. A fan of game shows, as well as a good amount of reality shows, he'll watch those that he is able to watch, whenever he has the chance. Don is currently looking for a job to at least make some money during this time, and he currently aspires to write for a living. And in his spare time, Don likes occasionally playing video games and spends plenty of time on his laptop, surfing the Internet and frequenting various message boards under the nickname "Doughnut".

Don does hope to be a contestant on a game show someday, but until then, he continues to dream...

Jason "JD" Hernandez


JD Hernandez a 21-year-old student, currently studying to become a drama teacher. Aside from being a part-time bookkeeper ("Gotta make a living..."), he's also a struggling actor trying to make it in the biz! Residing in Ontario, CA, JD has a multitude of interests including basketball ("Gotta love those Lakers and Clippers"), bowling ("That average is rising, TYVM"), surfing the web, Peanuts, going to Disneyland, and music. His favorite game shows are: Press Your Luck, Price is Right, Millionaire, and 100 Mexicanos Dijeron (Latin "Family Feud"). "I'm probably best-known for being one of the world's biggest Tomarkenites, and have my own "PYL" page with a brand-new one on the way!"

His short list of game show credits include the Big Bucks documentary on Game Show Network in 2003.
Mike Klauss

Contributor / Recapper

Mike Klauss is a true veteran of the online game show community, having first logged on in early 1996. For almost seven years, Mike ran the acclaimed site. Even though he hasn't been an in-studio contestant on a game show, Mike has won over $1500 in prizes through interactive versions of televised game shows, including a PC on Paranoia's premiere. Mike represented Cleveland State University in the Hardball Hot Seat Challenge, on Chris Matthews' MSNBC show. For his effort, Mike won a trip to Washington DC, a digital camera, and $200. Nowadays, Mike's a senior at CSU, majoring in mathematics and education, with aspirations of graduating in early 2006.
Brian Moore


Brian Moore is from Cloquet, MN. He's a fan of not only game shows, but also of Power Rangers since 1994. In the fall of 2002, he was going for a degree in computer programming at the Lake Superior College, but a failing grade in Introduction to Programming Principles class and a scheduling conflict for the Spring 2004 semester forced him to quit during his 2003 Christmas vacation.
Gordon Pepper

Co-Webmaster / Recapper

Gordon Pepper is from near New York City. Gordon began at PTTGSP as a reality editor, then transitioned to webmaster of the RealityHub when GSNN began. Gordon covers mostly reality games for GSNN, but has been known to cross over to the dark side and cover daytime games too.  He's also a co-moderator of "We Love to Interrupt."
Eric Pierce


Eric Pierce is New Jersey native working as multimedia editor at a major sports network in Bristol, CT (go ahead, guess). Other things on his plate include a healthy side dish of board games and some roller coasters for dessert. While he hasn't made any game show appearances, he did manage to turn a Clue Crew audition into a summer in Jeopardy!, and later handled throngs of teenagers on the jam fest known as MTV's Say What? Karaoke. With any luck, you’ll see either his face or his name on a television near you soon.
Robert W. Seidelman

Contributor / Recapper

Robert W. Seidelman is a recent high school graduate with 2 years of broadcasting already underneath his belt. He's been a devoted game show fan since 3 minutes old. Grown up with Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime and Price is Right. Rediscovered some of these classics when he was 5 watching USA. Got into tape trading around 1999. Also, am starting college to get a Associates degree in broadcast production. "Current favorites are Celebrity Poker Showdown, World Series of Poker, I, Max (did a short-lived version on called I, Rob however I wish to do a version of this on GSNN) Street Smarts, Win Ben Stein's Money among other classics that I might have on tape. To see my collection, check out to see what I have. I also plan on pitching my ideas for shows at GSC4 at that pitch session if they have it. More to come when I live out my life."
Julie Suchard


Julie Suchard has recapped "Wickedly Perfect", "Kept", and now "Martha Stewart: The Apprentice" for GSNN.  She feels that she is beginning to get typecasted as the recapper for truly horrible "chick" reality shows.  Julie, a former "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" contestant, lives in California with her husband, a former "Jeopardy" contestant, and two daughters, one of which is also a former "Jeopardy" contestant.  Her pet peeves are plagiarists and people with the initials "GWB."
Joe"Game Show Man" Van Ginkel

Contributor / Recapper

No bio available.
Ryan Vickers


The life that Ryan Vickers "supposedly" lives is that of a Bachelor of Education student at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's - about 3 miles from most easterly point of North America.

But we all know that Ryan's not normal. He's a game show nut like the rest of us. Currently he stands at 6 game shows tapings, 4 game show rejections and 1 game show appearance - as a 2-day Wheel of Fortune champ back in 1997.

Other than that, he hosts his own game show ("BrainFreeze!") on CHMR-FM 93.5 St. John's once a week (when he is released on the world). Oh, and he's a big fan of juggling and scuba diving too. One day he hopes
to be able to juggle underwater. Maybe. Or figuring out how to get on "Fort Boyard".
Aldo Villalona


No bio available.
Chris Wolvie


Name: Chris Wolvie. REAL Name: Chris Motherway (which is why I'm known as Chris Wolvie on the internet) Location: Port St. Lucie, Florida (South-Central FLA). Occupation: Photo lab assistant at a major recently-bought-out pharmacy chain. Age: 32 ("I prefer 0 Celsius"). BD: July 27 (same as Triple!). When I'm thinking about game shows: usually while watching them, playing them on my computer or hosting my own netgame on mailing lists. When I'm NOT thinking about game shows: when I'm way busy at work, watching G4TechTV, playing my XBox, playing poker, way busy at work, chatting online, looking at... OK, "ogling at" swimsuit issues... did I mention when I'm way busy at work?

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