Big Brother 8
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Today is

Banner, Part 1 - August 5

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick
HoH: ... to be determined

We have a recap of the Head of Household challenge to start off the show. First to go - Amber, at the 6 minute mark. Eric is next to go at 9 minutes, Go where, you say? out, as the contestants, in an endurance challenge, had to hang upside-down from a cuckoo-clock like podium.

While we're figuring out who won, we get a flashback of Nick's departure. Dick thought that it may be the worst mistake in the game, but the best move for his daughter and boyfriend, while Daniele says that she will miss Nick, but she does have a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, we have a banner up on the plane, stating that Eric and Amber are liars. Amber is disgusted while Eric is concerned and angry on the banner, wondering what damage happened thanks to that banner. Daniele and Dick saw the banner, and all of the sudden the light bulb went off in both Daniele's and Dicks head. Zack tries to shift, but that doesn't work and he falls at the 32 minute work. Dick goes next at the 44 minute mark, leaving Jessica, Daniele, Jen and Kail...make that Daniele, Jen and Kail, as Jessica drops out.

Dick, realizing that if Jen falls off, he's screwed, talks trash to both Kail and Jen. Adding fuel to the fire is Jen, who calls her a cheater. Jen then turns around and tells Daniele that she won't put up either Daniele or Dick, but no one believes that. Jen goes after Daniele, but Eric comes in and defends Daniele. Jen stops talking trash and loses her balance at the 91 minute mark.

Now it's just Kail and Daniele, and Kail asks Daniele to not put her up. Daniele can't promise her that, but promises Kail that she won't go home. Daniele wants to make people nervous, while talking to Dick about the banner. Eric, meanwhile is very concerned about said banner, and now wonders openly if he's safe. A pissed off Daniele now wants to know who is setting her up and voting for Nick. Dick then comes over and asks everyone and Eric talks - a lot,
denying that he did it. Maybe too much...

It's time for Daniele to meet her boyfriend Kris, while Eric isn't too infatuated with Kris while Jen wants the world to know that Daniele played Nick. Daniele tells everyone to leave - except Dick, as they now tell each other they trust each other. Daniele is convinced that thanks to the banner, Eric is the leak. Daniele is convinced that Eric had to get rid of Nick in order to save his own ass - but the banner told him out. A very concerned Eric tries to get info from Dick, who now isn't saying much. Eric once again tries to convince Dick that he didn't do it, but Dick sees right through Eric as he excuses himself and curses up a storm.

Dick and Daniele both tell Jessica what's been going on and they want to target and backdoor Eric, but unbeknownst to both of them, Jessica has an alliance with...Eric. Uh-oh. Of course, Jessica immediately tells Eric everything, which pisses him off, as he promises that Dick and Daniele will leave two weeks earlier than planned. Uh...they wouldn't have had those thoughts if you voted with your head instead of listening to America, dummy.

Here's someone that Daniele really doesn't want to see - Jen. She comes in there to apologize, adding that she doesn't want to leave the house with negative feelings. Daniele asks Jen who she voted for, while Jen says she voted for Kail to stay. Jen says that she may have been rude to Daniele, but she never lied to her. That's actually true.

Eric, however, hasn't been truthful to anyone, as he goes into the Big Brother America's Choice as to who to nominate. America's Choice is...Jen. Dick then goes to talk strategy and tries to finger out Eric, who already knows what's going on because Jessica told him. Dick goes after Eric, while Eric turns it around and tells Dick to not shine the light on the people who have supported him, or they will turn on him in a second. I see where Eric is coming from, but all he did was to get Dick even more pissed at him.

We skip right to the nomination ceremony. Daniele says that it's not only what she wants, but what the house wants. She starts by thanking Dustin by not nominating her. Also safe is Eric, Jameka, Amber, Dick, Jessica..and Zack. Once again, Kail and Jen are up for nominations. Kail is up because she is a threat, while Jen is up because she asked to be nominated, adding that Jen has made it personal. Kail says that it's once again to be the pawn, while Jen is having fun, adding that it's the best way to be safe. Meanwhile, Daniele says that she wants to overturn the house, adding that she wants NEITHER Jen nore Kail to go home.

Hmmm...let's just say that Daniele is planning to back door Eric. Let's see where the votes are...


She can certainly get Zack, Jen/Kail and Dick to vote out Eric. She only needs to flip one more person to get a tie. She may be able to get the now solo Jameka to do it, and if she does, then it's a huge power shift in the house. America's Vote may play a major role - but not in the way that anyone expected.

Join us on Tuesday to see the saga continue to unfold.


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