Big Brother 8
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Today is

Eviction Night 7 - August 23

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin
HoH: Daniele
Veto: Daniele (saves Amber)
Nominated: Jen vs. Jameka

It is day 56 in the Big Brother House. To say that Jen was completely floored when she found out that she was backdoored would be an understatement. Daniele's plan could not have worked out any better, as Amber is saved to put Jen up on the block. Not only that, Daniele and Amber have won a trip to New York to be contestants on "Power of 10", CBS's new hit game show (C-Note: to see how they did, click here).

But before they left, there was a bit of smoke and mirrors...

"Obviously, I'm not close with Daniele? She's just a liar?" That's Jen talking. There's a strong likelihood that she'll be going home. She's a loose cannon. That's a big risk for her.

Jen seeks solace in the gym. Dick hopes she understands that she brought this on herself as she stated time and time again that she's not here for the money. "Anybody that says that they're not here for the money shouldn't be here." Shouldn't be bitter for Daniele giving you what you want. "I don't care? I'm not bitter?" Yeah, you are Jen.

Jen visits Daniele in the HOH room. She's Daniele's biggest competitor AND she wants Dick out of the house. "I always get the last laugh, because I'm having a good time? Even when I'm crying?!"

"Amber... Daniele... Please go to the diary room."

It's game time.

Jen says that going to sequester would kill her. Jameka says that for someone to take sequester so nonchalantly it takes the integrity from the game (C-Note: WHAT integrity?). Dick comes by with a puffer. Jen leaves, sick of the whole thing. She takes all of her stuff and bags it. "I might as well pack now?" As long as she's taking the nomination well...

"And she's cooking!" WHAT?! If you remember 15 days ago, Jen said that she would be on slop for 30 days. "I'm hungry?" Can't eat it. "What if I do?" Whatever.

Jen goes back into the house and takes all of Dick's smokes, breaks them in half, and douses them with bleach. She only hid her stuff because she knew that Dick would do something... drastic, to say the least.

And here comes drastic. Dick will see her out the door, but not before Jen has a turkey burger (AND cottage cheese AND an apple) or Dick finds her stuff and takes it to the HoH room. For ransom presumably. "I've dated girls like this before... Not pretty, man."

"Jen... Please go to the diary room."

Uh oh. As you know, Jen was on slop for another 15 days. The moment that turkey hit her tongue (tasty as it may be), Big Brother assessed her with a yellow card... ONE PENALTY VOTE.

"Winning over the hearts and minds of America, one Jen-ius move at a time." That'd be Dick... and a fight ensues. As was said before... "Go home, you're going home Thursday anyway."

And now, let's go to New York, where Amber and Daniele are about to go to NEW YORK CITY!!!!111 to play CBS's new hit game show POWER OF 10!!!!!111 with host DREW CAREY!!!111 for a shot at $10,000,000!!!111... And they're going to the airport in a LIMO!!!!!111.... And if you want to see how they did, go HERE!!!!111....

Oh, and they get to meet Michael Davies... I'm jealous. Supporting Daniele will be Nick, Daniele's showmance. Supporting Amber will be Katie, Amber's cousin.

Back to the house, though. Jen is the first person in eight years of Big Brother to break a food restriction. Eric, on the other hand, has explaining to do. Every time he loses a bet.. he wears a dress. Or a Man-kini. "This is me, live and in color, take it or leave it, and that was not right, Julie."

Going back to Daniele. She credits her dad, Eric, and Jessica for her still being in the house. Will she turn on her father? She hopes that it'll be the two of them to the very end. If it's down to winning in the final two? "I hope I win. You know, we came in this game separate."

Now to last rites... Jen is first. "I've always been a happy person who's honest? Obviously I don't fit in here? But I got through on this possibility? And I was happy to come here, and I'll be happy to leave?" Jameka is grateful to be here. "I feel as though a lot of you know where I stand in this game. I hope that with me giving you my word, you all can see individual benefits from that."

Now to vote. As a reminder, Jen was assessed one penalty vote. We'll mark it now...

Big Brother: JEN

Neither she nor Jameka can vote. Daniele votes only to break a tie.

Amber: JEN
Dick: "I am thrilled to evict JEN this week. Finally."
Eric: "America, we HAPPILY vote to evict JEN."
Zach: JEN
Jessica: JEN

By a unanimous vote, Jen is evicted from the Big Brother House. ... and her photo on the Memory Wall does look better in black and white. (Staples) That was easy. (/S) Is she this erratic and random outside? Yep. "I didn't have so much of a strategy? I just thought that 'see how much it lasts'?" How about Dick? "I think either way, it's not appropriate either way or true? I don't know that anyone that knows me that 95% of the things he says are completely ridiculous?"

HoH Competition: Tanks for the Memories

As a reminder, Daniele can't play and neither can Jameka. Daniele's outgoing, and Jameka's still on restriction.

So why are the houseguest in dunk tanks? Because in a moment, Julie will pose questions on the first five guests evicted. You'll have to figure out how they answered. Last one standing will win HOH...

And even worse yet, guess who's finger is on the button. That's right, Jen's.

1) Who did Joe say was in need of a slop diet, Zach or Jameka? Answer: Zach. All right.

2) Who did Carol say would do worst in a spelling bee, Jessica or Amber? Answer: Amber. Eric gets wet.

3) Given the choice between Jameka or Dick, who did Kail say she'd give her Bible to? Answer: ... Dick. All incorrect, all stay dry.

4) Who did Nick stay she would least want to see streaking, Eric or Zach? Answer: Zach. Amber and Zach take a dive.

5) When asked what movie would best describe their time in the house, who said "Meet the Fockers?", Mike or Joe? Answer... Joe! Jessica is the new HOH!

This is Jess' second time in the master bedroom. But will she be the master of the game again? Find out Sunday.


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