Big Brother 8
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Today is

Banner 2 - August 7

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick
HoH: Daniele
Nominees: Jen & Kail... again.

Itís Jen v. Kail week 3, but you have to wonder what Eric will do now that Jessica has alerted him that he is in danger. Can Americaís Player survive one more week?

Eric has begun to round the troops. He has told Jameka that he thinks he is being backdoored by Daniele, but Jameka isnít 100% sure. Dustin and Amber on the other hand do fully trust Eric on this one and are ready to start WWIII.

Daniele pulls Zach into the HoH room and tells him that she is sure of her suspicion that Eric was the phantom vote. Zach is fully ready to assist Daniele in any way so it seems as if nearly the entire house ahs picked sides.

And now to select players for the Veto competition.

Daniele picks Zach.
Jen picks Dustin.
Kail picks Jameka via houseguestís choice. (Playing the God card are we)

Amber will host, and this one is going to be good. The houseguests will have to give up lots of things if they wish to win this veto. They will secretly write on boards how much they are willing to give up and the highest will have to pay, while the lowest will be eliminated.

Rd. 1: Show me the bunny. How many hours are you willing to wear a bunny suit? Max 120 hrs.

Zach: 120
Jen: 120
Jameka: 110
Kail: 120
Daniele: 120
Dustin: 100

Dustin is out. Zach, Kail, Jen and Daniele get bunny suits!

Rd. 2: Dump the funk: How many times, (once per hour) are you willing to dump manure schmutz over your head? Max 24 hrs.

Zach: 24
Jen: 24
Jameka: 24
Kail: 24
Daniele: 24

Everyone wins schmutz!

Rd. 3: $10,000! The person who chooses the highest number will get that much money, but will also be eliminated.

Everyone writes 0. Boo!!

Rd. 4: Sloppy Summer. How many hours over the next 30 days are you willing to eat nothing but slop? Max 720

Zach: 250
Jen: 720
Jameka: 480
Kail: 720
Daniele: 710

Zach is out, Jen and Kail gets 30 days of slop!

Rd. 5: Power Shortage. How many of the next 5 HoH competitions are you willing to sit out of? Max 5

Jen: 4
Jameka: 5
Kail: 5
Daniele: 3

Daniele is out. Kail and Jameka will have power shortages for 5 HoH competitions.

Rd. 6: Money Walks! How much of the grand prize are you willing to give up should you win? Max $250,000.

Jen: $250,000
Jameka: $10,000
Kail: $248,999

And Jen wins the Golden Power of Veto!

And now Jameka has a case of the Amberís. She breaks down crying realizing that by giving up 5 HoHs that she will not get pictures and letters from her family. She turns to god in prayer and Jen walks by in what may be the most priceless moment in BB history asking why she canít have a white belt to match her Bunny costume.

Daniele tries to console Jameka but Jameka is only seeing ulterior motives. As she puts it, crap is crap.

Daniele pulls Jen up into the HoH and tells her that she needs Jen to vote to keep Kail. Jen wonders why but guesses the Eric is the target. Daniele admits it but threatens Jen not to tell anyone.

To add to the sucking up, Dick calls a truce with Jen realizing that he is going to need her vote very soon. Jen obviously accepts the truce and Dick and Daniele have pretty much all the wheels in motion.

So after a ceremonial dumping of Schmutz, Dick takes some time out to tell Jessica that Eric is playing both sides. Jessica goes and talks to Jen and Jen confirms this. Jessica may be starting to waver, but she hasnít made any firm decisions yet.

She goes and talks it over with Dustin and Dustin says they are saying these things only because of their position in the game. Jameka echoes the same thing and Jessica is left in a quandary.

Will America help the problem? America had to pick someone for Eric to promise to take to the final 2. America chose Jessica. Eric is thankful that this hasnít blown up in his face and he happily performs the task. Jessica may now have the assurance she needs to stay loyal.

And to wrap the night, Evel Dick accosts Eric in the Jacuzzi and tells him flat out that he is a liar, a manipulator and he is going home. Eric denies all of this and stands up to Dick, but that will not change at least the immediate course of events.

At the veto ceremony, Jen saves herself, and Daniele makes Eric the replacement nomination. Will Eric, Americaís player be ousted or will Kailís third time on the block finally be her undoing? Fireworks are bound to explode if you keep watching Big Brother 8.


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