Big Brother 8
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Today is

Egged: Days 27-29 - July 29

Last week on Big Brother, we were all ready to say goodbye to Kail or Jen...until Mike did one of the dumbest moves in Big Brother history and taunted Dick to be put on the block. Dick obliges and Mike gets to go home.

As for the eviction, Kail was thrilled and thinking that she survived an attack from Dick, but Dick said he just wanted one of them gone. Dick accuses Jen of voting to get rid of Kail. Jen denied it - and she was telling the truth. It was Eric who voted Kail, thanks to America's Vote. So America, inadvertently, may have sent Nick to his doom.

Nick and Amber are trying to figure out who that second vote was - besides Zack. Now they all think Nick did it, so now they get all sorts of suspicion towards him. Amber says that Nick is playing both sides, and Dustin thinks that if it wasn't Jen, it's Nick. Dustin says that Nick is playing a lot of different angles to keep him in the house. Jameka points out that Nick is playing Daniele - something that she is uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Dick confront Jen and she admits that someone told her to vote out Mike. Dick finds out that Nick is the person who spread the leak and the idea that he has been playing everyone.

Dustin says that there are 7 people who are happy that he is the HOH. Amber, who was one of them, is crying - again. The other 6 people? Dick, Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Amber and Eric. Dustin says that he has 4 targets - Kail, Jen, Nick and Zack. Jen doesn't think that she's going to be put up. Uh Jen - you are in the opposite alliance. Kail, on the other hand, knows that she is a target, if just for putting up Amber in week 1. Dustin, the new HOH, thinks that Joe is dying right now if he's watching this on TV. I think that Joe by now has unplugged everything and has moved to Siberia to be a Russian monk.

Dustin gets to show everyone pictures of his mom, dad and brother. He finds a letter from his brother, and Dick tells everyone to leave while Dustin reads it. They do, and he reads that there are people who get to see him how he is and he's glad. That makes Dustin break down in tears.

Time to get drunk. Jen says that she is going to have a baby, while Dick (who has kids) tells Kail that a dog is different than a kid. Amber sides up...with Jen? She says that dog love is the same as human love, while Dick compares a dog being hit by a truck to a kid being hit by a truck. Dick meanwhile has Amber to admit that she would give her life to save her dog. Dick thinks to ask CBS where they find these contestants. Eric thinks what I think - why we are
having this conversation in the first place. Its an awful move for Dick to be arguing with the best friend of the HOH. Amber is getting burnt out by Dick and complains to Dustin, who does say that Duck sometimes hits the spot. I don't think that it will hurt Dick now. I do think, however, that it can royally cost him later...

Speaking of Dick, he gets the 'Dick at Night' show, where he bounces around the house at night and has some fun. The 'fun' includes sabotaging the water to spray Jessica's shirt. Heh. Zack is telling about a comic book convention about naked women, ball gags, men with Cat-o-nine tails and other assortments. This is not necessarily the story you want to tell in front of women in the house. Dustin says that he is Eeyore, while Zack says that he doesn't want to fit
in a niche. Zack admits that he is an annoying guy. Jameka says that Zack is her least favorite, and Daniele wants him out of the house. 'I would rather eat slop for a month than have to talk to Zack for an hour'. Ouch.

Daniele may also not want to hear from Dick, who is trying to talk to his daughter. Daniele says that everyone else gives her respect and that she doesn't want to iron everything out in the house. Daniele counters that when he says that he has been mean to her, while Dick says that he wants to talk to her. Daniele tells Dick that she wants to be treated like a friend and that she doesn't want him to say mean things to her or about her. Dick says that he inadvertently says things, but he is a good person. Dick says that he promises that he never wants to go back to what it was. He wants Daniele to try the same, adding that he knows it will take time. Daniele finally breaks down and says ok. Dick says that he may break sometimes but he'll never give up trying. They share a hug. AwwwBarf.

From hugging to other movements - like dancing. Eric, unsuccessful with wrestling Jen, decides to dance with Jessica. They also flip around and we could see another potential twosome alliance. Hmmm...

From moves to food, It's time for the Humpty Scramble. The teams are Nick/Daniele, Eric/Zack, Jameka/Jessica, Amber/Jen, and...Kail/Dick (as Dick calls this a match made in Hell). Humpty Dumpty is all scrambled up and the teams have to put him together. The first team is the only team guaranteed to avoid the slop. Completing the egg first is....Jameka and Jessica, who finally get off 2 weeks of slop. However - they have to select 5 people to eat the slop for the week. The only person who has yet to eat any slop is Dick, so he gets slop. He
has no problem with it. Also getting slop is Zack (hated by Jameka), Kail (hated by everyone), Nick (also hated by everyone) and Jen (hated by everyone), who is happy to be on slop because she has no control, adding that slop is more nutritional. Dustin makes the official decree, and gets a raspberry from Dick for his troubles. Heh.

Dick asks Jen if she has had a boob job. Her silence is deafening, as Dick continues to pepper Jen on surgery, which leads Dick to believe that Jen has had a boob job and was short-changed. Heh. Kail is trying to get Dick up, and is offering to Dustin to put herself up as a pawn. In exchange, she wants her safety. Dustin thinks about it...while Jen comes in to talk to Dustin. Jen tells Dustin to put up Daniele and Dick, but Dustin tells her that he doesn't see
them working to well. Jennifer offers up Zack, saying that anyone who goes up against him will result in him leaving. Eric finds out that America wants him to nominate...Jen. Eric goes for Jen and Zack. Everyone else goes Nick and Zack, while Eric suggests to break up the 'Jen and Kail' alliance. Dick likes Eric's choice, while Dustin just wants one of the four gone.

Eric's job - what phrase should Eric start using?

1. Sweet Chicken
2. Booyakah
3. I'd buy THAT for a Dollar.

It's time for the nominations. Zack is hoping that Dustin doesn't put him up, while Kail is hoping that he tells her about the pawn bit. Nick feels that he is safe, while Dustin knows that not everyone will be happy with him. Dustin says that the nominations are based on strategy and game play. Safe is...Amber. Next up - Jessica, followed by Dick, Jameka, Nick, Zack, Daniele,
and...Eric. Nominated is Jen and Kail. Jen is a strong competitor, while Kail's behavior has been questionable. Kail is concerned (but she put herself up, so she has no one to blame but herself), while Dustin really wants to see Kail leave. Jen is upset that Dustin would put her up. Last week, both Jen and Kail, despite being nominated, got off the block. Can they do the same this week? We'll find out on Thursday, but we'll see the next episode on Tuesday. Join us then.


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