Big Brother 8
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Today is

Power - August 21

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike, Nick, Kail
JURY: Dustin
HoH: Daniele
Nominated: Amber vs. Jameka

Jameka and Amber are nominated by Queen Daniele. More importantly, Jameka and Amber aren’t buying the crap that Daniele is selling. Will either of them step it up and win the Golden Power of Veto, or is this just the start of the Queen’s reign.

As the aftershocks of the nominations hit the house, Amber and Jameka seem strengthened by the fact that they were nominated together. Neither one agrees with Daniele’s rationale that they were nominated because they are too nice and Daniele is afraid of sitting next to them in the final 2. Arguably they are both right and wrong, but none of that matters.

In other shenanigans, Eric and Jessica are beginning to heat up. Eric is teaching Jessica the clench (a form of headlock) and with them in such close quarters you know that something sexy is going to have to happen. This is reality TV after all…


Zack walks in and interrupts the action, eventually totally blocking Eric and resting with his head planted squarely between Jessica’s… anyway back to the game.

Eric is going to get a second chance as America has commanded Eric to give “Woobie” his fake childhood toy to Jessica. Eric spins the yarn and Jessica buys it hook line and sinker.

Meanwhile, Zach and Daniele are reminiscing about the old days when they could talk to Carol. Then they realize how much they are sick of all the people still in the house with them. The eventually settle on Jen being the most annoying and Zach claims this is all part of his silent assassin strategy. Sure Zach…

And now it is time to select Veto players. The winner and 2nd place in this veto competition will be going on a trip outside of the house. Eric hasn’t gotten o play in a single Veto competition and is hoping to finally get a shot.

Houseguest choice for Daniele, she picks Dick
Amber picks Jessica
Jameka picks Zach

And no one picks Eric… sniff

But, Eric will be the host of the competition. Call it a consolation prize.

Amber feels as if God is calling for her to win this competition, so let’s see what happens.

But only after Dick stirs the pot by telling Amber and Jameka that they are all alone and that no one will be throwing the competition seeing as there is a prize attached.

It’s a simple game played on motorcycles. All the players have to do is guess what percentage of Big Brother fans answered a particular way. The farthest away will be eliminated each question

Question 1:
What % think Kail would make a good politician?

The correct answer is 19%. Dick is out guessing 78%

Question 2:
What % think life in the Big Brother House is easy?

The correct answer is 14% Zach is out with 62%.

Question 3:
What % think that Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe?

The correct answer is 47%. Jessica is out with 67%.

Question 4: For the trip…
What % said they would rather have a beer with Nick than Mike?

The correct answer is 70%. Jameka is out with 87%

So Amber and Daniele will be going on the trip! But now for the veto…

Question 5: For the veto…
Amber in tears…

What % said that Zach was the sexiest bunny of all?
Amber: 65% Daniele: 46%

The correct answer… 35%. Daniele wins the Power of Veto!

HoH and PoV, what more does this girl have up her sleeve.

Amber doesn’t know why God wanted her to lose today and she claims that she started to lose a little bit of faith. Amber and Jameka step aside and pray to find strength.

Now things are really getting wicked. Daniele is considering vetoing her own nomination and making Jen the target.

Daniele and Amber have a chat in the HoH room, and Daniele is bargaining for some safety.

Amber not only gives Daniele a week of safety, but safety throughout the game, with no backdoors, on her daughter’s life. Well dang!

With the wheels in motion Amber seems to be feeling a lot better about things. And she should as Daniele follows through and uses the Power of Veto on Amber. She replaces Amber with Jen and it looks like Jen is being shown the backdoor. Will the votes add up to send Jen home? Keep reading to find out.

Oh and about that special trip Amber and Daniele will be taking? They will be headed to New York to be contestants on the Power of 10.


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