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Today is

Eviction Night 4: Clocks on Patrol - August 2

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike
HoH: Dustin
Nominated: Kail & Jen
Veto: Jameka (saves Jen)
Replacement: Nick

This week's theme was...

Some succumbed to it, while others weren't so moved. In the end, the temptation was there for Jameka to keep the nominees as they were, thus honoring Dustin's word, but in the end, the devout Christian provided Jen with salvation, putting Nick in harm's way. Who'll be banished from the house on this, the 34th day of the game?

Nick was nominated as a threat to the others for the rest of the game. Kail is worried now, because Dustin told her that Zach was the one to go. But this was the house talking as one. Amber runs off crying... again. Dustin says that this was a strategic move to benefit Amber, because their relationship was keeping her away from the game. "He's a threat to everyone in this house."

Nick starts asking around who knew that this was happening. "He's going to try and backdoor me." He thinks that this was Dick's doing, thinking that he was looking after Daniele. Zach sticks his head in and says, "I thought I was close to you, dude."

Amber, meanwhile, is... still crying. She did NOT see this one coming. Amber did bring Nick up, but she had no idea he was serious. Daniele knew that this was coming for Nick, but she will try and help as best she can. "I never screwed you over because I told your dad I would never either, and that's it." Dustin is still consoling Amber, while Nick tells him that it took some balls. He knew the decision. Nick just wants Dustin to be real to his face.

Dick flat out says that Jen just crossed into being manipulative with the PoV. He accuses her of throwing the Veto comp because she knew that Jameka would use the Veto to save her. Jen: "All of your negative energy is only hurting you? I'm not a bad person?" Dick, no matter what she says, says that she's a good person only in her mind, comparing her to Saddam Hussein. "I'm wonderful to myself, and that's all that matters." HER words.

Jen apologizes to Daniele to having to deal with Dick all her life? Daniele calls said apology ridiculous.

All this, while Nick gives himself a mohawk.

Daniele says that she'll vote with the group. Meanwhile, she confronts Jen about being treated unduly like crap. And here comes the audience, including Dick and Nick. And Dick's getting pissed... So much that he dumps a glass of tea on her head in passing.

Nice mohawk, Nick. "Shut up and get out of here!"

Nick thinks he can get the votes he needs to stay, but he's not going to campaign for himself. Amber, Jameka, and Daniele are three, and all he needs is four to force a tie. It's all up in the air.

Eric, meanwhile, gets a haircut... a faux-hawk. He thinks that it's going to be "the 5'7 Jew from New York" who'll be calling the shots. "You're going home, and I'm well on my way to winning." By the way, his assignment this week... KAIL. "I'm disappointed to see that you don't value my strategic input. But I'm going to do my best for you this week."

He says to Jessica.... "I can't (^_^)ing stand Kail..." "ME TOO!" Looking at all sides... again... with the rest of the house. "We hate her. We don't want to give her a free pass. She is still a threat." Dick is over looking out for the group. Daniele thinks that it's too early to split ranks. It's a good move to keep him in the house...

In the living room... Amber thinks Nick is a studly stud no matter how he looks. Eric, looking like Nick, calls it a shark's fin. Jen is pretty much used to Dick doing a random thing. Dick just wishes the glass was more full. Jameka thinks that God wanted her to be in the house to win. Because you know... God has important stuff on His to-do list.

Going to Dustin in the HoH room. Dustin has a few regrets of taking the prizes in the Veto competition only to have put Jameka in a compromising position. But when it's over, he's taking his girlfriend and his money to Barbados, so he's not feeling THAT bad. He thinks that Dick is playing strategy to intimidate everyone else. For the most part, it doesn't affect him. He took all the heat at the Veto.

Now to the final pleas... Kail once again shares that she doesn't take one week for granted and that she appreciates everyone in the house. Nick? "I know the votes are pretty much set in stone, but it is what it is. When I met (Daniele), I got sidetracked. You're very beautiful, smart. I've become very smitten with you. I just want to thank you for an enjoyable time in the house."

Time to vote. The vote is to evict either Kail or Nick. Neither of them can vote. HoH Dick only votes in the event of a tie.

Zach: KAIL
Jameka: NICK
Eric, and thus America: KAIL... "Let's target Kail and Jen next week, and this time, you have my personal guarantee that one of them will leave the house next week."
Jessica: NICK
Amber: NICK
Dick: "Regrettably, I vote to evict NICK."  (America's assignment: FAILED)
Daniele: NICK

By a vote of 6-2, NICK is evicted. He wasn't going to put too much out for Daniele to get should she want to start a relationship. Who does he think cast the second vote to evict Kail last week? Jen... It wasn't. It was Eric, who lets Nick in via tape on the twist of BB8 this year.

HOH Competition: Time's Up.

Each houseguest must sit on a pendulum for as long as possible. If you fall off, you'll be eliminated. Oh, did we mention... swinging? And hanging like a bat? And birds? That just ate?

And that's just for starters. Come back next time to see who is the last person standing! See you soon!


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