Big Brother 8
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Today is

God: Days 29-31 - July 31

The story so far:

EVICTED: Carol, Joe, Mike
HoH: Dustin
Nominated: Kail & Jen

Mike is gone, but everyone is wondering who else voted to evict Kail, we know that it’s America’s vote through Eric that is causing the drama, but Now that Dustin is in power and Jen and Kail are on the block again, how will the Golden Power of Veto shake things up?

Dustin pulls Kail aside to let her know that she is nothing but a pawn. He tells her that Zach is his actual target, but Kail doesn’t completely buy it. And for good reason, Dustin later reveals in the diary room that Kail should not believe him and that as long as Jen, Kail, Zach or Nick goes home he will be happy.

Jen actually seems emotionally bothered by being nominated again. Kail stops by to comfort her, but it’s Zach’s hug that is the most laughable. Kail gives Jen a pep talk with the ulterior motives of getting her to compete hard for veto, but that probably isn’t necessary.

And now Amber gets in on the scheming. She pulls Dustin aside and lets him know that Nick was consoling Jen and that she thinks Nick needs to go. Dusting seems to heed her words, but no plans have been solidified.

Now let’s draw houseguests for the veto competition. Kail is afraid of Evel and Daniele getting to play and Dustin immediately pulls out Daniele’s name.

Jen pulls out Jameka’s name and Jameka believe that Jen selection is God’s way of telling her that she needs to win the veto for Jen.

Kail pulls out Jessica and Eric will host. There are 17 hours until the competition, so let the chatter begin. Jameka and Kail are having a chat and Jameka expresses her devout plan to win the veto for Jen. Jen walks in and Jameka pulls her aside to tell her that she will win the veto for her. Jen obliviously thanks her and we move forward tot eh diary room to learn that Jen doesn’t care about anything other than her own safety. What a surprise.

Wonder what America’s favorite atheist thinks about this. Dick confronts Jameka in the kitchen and ask her is she would act the same irregardless of who had pulled her ball for veto. Jameka says yes and tells Dick that she is following what God tells her to do. She feels that the outcome is predetermined and that hopefully by following God’s wishes things will fall her way. Dick questions her about why she should even play if things are predetermined and Jameka is simply done talking. That is probably the best thing for her right now.

Now for the Power for Veto welcome to the Big Brother Art Gallery. The houseguests will be shown visual puzzles that refer to Big Brother catchphrases. They will be awarded money for each correct response and the person with the most money at the end will win the power of Veto.

Everyone starts with 1000 Big brother bucks, but 1 wrong answer eliminates you from the game.

For 500 bucks it’s a house with a smiley face on it. Daniele guesses Head of Household and is up to 1500

Now a memo on a brick wall. Daniele again with Memory Wall. She’s up to 2000

For 750 bucks, a house made of books. Kail guesses diary room and is up to 1750

An illuminated foot with a plug attached at the toe makes Daniele guess Veto. The correct answer is “Power of Veto” Daniele is out and Kail is in the lead at 1750

Now a temptation, first to buzz in will win a trip for 2 to Barbados for 750 bucks.

Bzzz! Dustin takes the prize and others are getting pissed that he is not fighting for the Veto.

And now a gnome sitting on a knee. Kail buzzes in guesses need to know basis. She’s out. It was “nominee”

For 1000 bucks 3 ants on a lion. Jameka guesses alliance and is up to 2000

A rebus pops up and Dustin guesses Julie Chen, he’s back up to 1250

A city block on a pork chop…Chopping Block for 1500 and Dustin is up to 2750,

Now another temptation. For 1500 bucks you’ll get 5000 real bucks…

Bzzz! Dustin Again! Amber is crying over Dustin’s selfishness.

Going into the last questions I’d recap the scores but it’s worth 2000 so whoever gets it right will win. Jameka is currently in the lead with 2000.

And now we see hands reaching for power wires… Jen buzzes in and guesses safety. She is clearly wrong, but since only one person gets to guess, she kills the question giving Jameka the power of veto. The correct answer: The power is up for grabs.

Everyone is disgusted at how Jen threw the competition for Jameka to win based on Jameka’s promise to use the veto on Jen. Apparently, strategy is not allowed in the Big Brother House anymore.

Briefly Dustin is hated for being selfish, but the focus quickly shifts back to Jen and Jameka. Amber and Dick both take their turns trying to convince Jameka to go back on her word to Jen but Jameka thinks “God is gangsta” and would not appreciate her doing that.

On the other side of the coin, Jen claims that she did not throw the competition. Dick says otherwise and boy does Jen hear it.

Now what phrase did America want Eric to coin in the BB8 house? “I do that for a dollar” wins!

This leads to Eric stuffing himself in a pillowcase and jumping into the pool fully clothed. This phrase could get really interesting in the coming weeks if it catches on.

Up in the HoH room, everyone thinks Jameka’s use of the veto is making everyone see this as a great opportunity to get rid of Nick. Daniele is losing it at this idea and steps out to collect herself. Jameka says that if it was up to her that she would like to see Zach leave, but no one seems to be going along with that course of action.

Now Jameka could leverage the veto to get what she wants, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

So after a long deliberation we fast forward to the Veto ceremony where Jameka holds up to her word and removes Jen from the block. Dustin is forced to make a replacement and Nick is now sitting next to Kail. Nick is hurt; Kail is shocked as she thought she would be sitting next to Zach, but what would the Big Brother house be if there were no surprises?

Stay tuned to see if Nick or Kail will be packing their bags and who will be the next HoH.


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