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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

Visit the Roundtable to see who is still in the house and in the game.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

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"Bringing Down the House: Finale Night" - September 20

Let’s start it off by returning Janelle the real world and introducing her to the Jury. After James makes a big tirade about the person winning the money being someone who played the game the best and as if on cue Janelle joins the group receiving hugs and kisses from the sovereigns.

In discussion, it finally dawns upon the friendship that Maggie might have been manipulating them all and have underplayed her abilities. Everyone seems to agree that Maggie was letting others do her dirty work. However, James wants everyone to give credit to Ivette because when the chips were down she beat the best player in the game (referring to Janelle) in order to stay in the house.

Jury Interrogation:

(Rough transcript brought to you courtesy of a good show you are missing on Bravo called The Law Firm.)

(It used to be on NBC but you didn’t watch it there either…but now that Big Brother’s over you might need a Tuesday replacement. Bravo at 8pm. Plug, plug)

James: Maggie, what moment got you to where you are now?

Maggie: I’m here because of all of my team members not one moment

Rachel: Ivette, Why shouldn’t I vote for Maggie?

Ivette: I can’t give you a reason

Howie: Ivette, did you play the game with integrity?

Ivette: I was always honest, perhaps too honest with people

Janelle: Ivette, why didn’t you take my deal and choose to make the $450,000 mistake, especially considering you family?

Ivette: If I had taken you I would have broken a promise yada, yada, yada (BAD MOVE!)?

Janelle: Maggie, you haven’t made a lot of plays in this game why in the hell do you deserve the money over Ivette?

Maggie: I have tried to be a competitive player and not need the spotlight, but I have always been strategic

Beau: Maggie, what was your strategy when Cappy left the house

Maggie: My strategy was to not get evicted, I thought I was gone, but that is when I made the friendships I did and the bonds will last me outside of this game.

April: Ivette, were you throwing competitions early on?

Ivette: Long winded answer…..basically, she never threw a competition.

Jennifer: Maggie, when I was HoH, who was the one person who brought up Kaysar’s name for eviction?

Maggie: (stutters) Ivette: I don’t mind taking blame for that.

Final statements:

Maggie: Most of my moves were to not appear as the overt aggressor. She admits to letting others win and gave 110% to get here.

Ivette: I deserve the money because I played it being Ivette. I know people were casualties for me but I volunteered myself for my team and I am grateful for being here.

Now after the jury is introduced to the live audience, (and Janelle by far gets the loudest cat calls), It’s time for the votes.

But first let see how the other houseguests are. Bring out Ashlea, Michael, Eric, Kaysar, and Sarah.

Some highlights:

Before Howie cast his Key/Vote he opined that he was sorry he could vote for either of America’s choices, Janelle or Kaysar, and instead has to choose from America’s last choices.

Michael is happy that the public has not latched on to the Girl Scout mob’s sexual predator bit.

Kaysar tells, Jennifer that the next time she is HoH that she should “think for herself.”

Better yet, Jennifer does not attempt to rebut, and agrees.

April got called out on all of the bad mouthing she did toward America and Janelle and they replayed the clips for our enjoyment.

James and Sarah have a sweet reunion hug.

Cappy opens his mouth and gets booed for trying to suggest Kaysar was a hypocrite.

Now back to what you care about.


Beau votes for Ivette
April votes for Maggie
James votes for Ivette
Rachel votes for Maggie
Janelle votes for Ivette
Jennifer votes for Maggie

It’s a tie, 3-3, Howie’s vote now holds all the power. Who is the force strong with?

Howie votes for …Maggie 4-3. Maggie wins!

And that brings Big Brother 6 to a close, so until next summer, remember Howie’s words. Don’t hate the Houseguests, hate the game. As for me, I’ll use Janelle’s words: Bye Bye b**ches.

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