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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"A Blast From the Past" - September 6

Before we start this Big Brother episode, let me point one thing out. You may all hate the Friendship. You may all love the sovereigns. The fact is that the Friendship are playing a much better game and they were able to use their smarts and the Sovereigns idiocy to grab almost complete control of the game. It would be a real shame if the final 2 were Howie and Janelle, because they both have been outplayed. I say almost, because Howie, the last male sovereign, is the HOH.

This episode! The Power of Veto! The LIVE Eviction! (C-Note: If you're using the Rock Star INXS definition of "live") The Head of Household competition! A week of action in an hour! Couldn't we have this every episode from now on? Guess not.

We start with James FINALLY leaving the house 4-0. Howie wins the HOH, and he nominates Beau and Ivette. April thinks that she's everyone's hero, while Beau says what everyone knows - if James didn't leave now, then due to his athleticism, you can just make a place for him in the final 2. Ivette says that she was happy that James and they are still friends, and Howie wants James to make a Pina Colada for him. Ivette wanted a sympathy vote for James, but she wasn't going to get one and she wasn't happy about it. The sovereigns did the right thing though - two sympathy votes could have tied the voting and given James another way to stick around.

Flashback to Howie winning the HOH, as he butchers - but wins - the bowling competition. "The PBA isn't going to be calling anytime soon, but I got the job done." April, however, is not happy, because she knows that someone from the Friendship is leaving. An upset Ivette, Who has her own bowling ball, is furious, because she knows that it's going to cost her or Beau. Howie hopes that he can make the right decision this week, but this one is so simple that not even he can screw it up. He doesn't, as he nominates the two people Who are the last couple - Beau and Ivette.

Meanwhile, Ivette is having a pity party because she's the only one Who hasn't won HOH. She regrets not getting rid of Janelle, and swears to do it if she gets the chance. As for Who to go? Janelle - "Beau is just very physical and Ivette annoys the crap out of me."

We get to see Howie's HOH room, and it's full of more junk food. In addition, Howie FINALLY gets a light saber - two, in fact, as Janelle grabs the other one. Janelle thinks that it's cute - and they are even more cute as the sabers glow in the dark. Beau notes that Howie is regressing, while Maggie, who likes that Howie got the sabers, wants one for herself. I'm sure she'd prefer to stay in the house.

April is actually happy that Howie is doing the dirty work of putting Ivette and Beau up for them. Her and Maggie meet for food and, as they have no partner, will have to pair up as a couple and take Ivette as far as they can. WIth that, Ivette comes in and the blondes quickly change the conversation topic. Hmmm...

Strategy talk time - Ivette says that if Maggie plays for her and takes Ivette off, then April goes up. Maggie realizes that she also swore to protect April, so winning the Power of Veto may not be what she wants to do. But if it doesn't look like she's playing for it, then Ivette will know that something's going on and could switch over to Howie and Janelle's side. Of course, if Beau or his partner wins it, then Maggie may be going up anyways. Decisions, decisions...but Maggie isn't going home now and she should know it. The whole objective today for the sovereigns is to send either Beau or Ivette home and Maggie should realize it, hence knowing that she and April can play to win and neither of them worry if the other one is going up.

Veto Competition: Roll Out the Veto

We have a surprise for the house! It's Holly from Big Brother 5! She is still a bubblehead! Her voice is still incredibly annoying! It can still shatter glass! Holly is the host of the Big Brother Casino! You bet and 2 dice are rolled. One die has the week number (1-6) and the other die has an event - Evicted, Won Veto, Etc. Everyone places a bet and a guess on the answer. A right guess and you double what you bet, while a wrong answer costs you your bet. If the die rolls 'Crap Out', then everyone loses their bet. The person with the most chips after everyone rolls once wins the Power of Veto.

April rolls first. She gets CRAP OUT and everyone loses their first bet. The second roll is Week 3 - Not Evicted. Everyone says Maggie. Everyone wins. With a Fast Forward through the game, we see the results. April - 19 Chips. Beau - 16 Chips. Howie - 17 Chips. Ivette - 19 Chips. Janelle - 19 Chips. Maggie - 19 Chips. All 4 women tie with 19, so it's a Tie-breaker. The question - Who was NOT evicted Week 6? Maggie bets it all on Janelle, meaning that everyone had to bet it all and they all had to be right. Janelle and April do that, but Ivette gets it wrong, so she's out.

Next tiebreaker question - Who was the replacement player for Week 4? April bet 37 on Janelle - and she's right. Janelle bets it all - on her, and she's right. Maggie also bets them all on Janelle, so it's 2 players left.

Tie Breaker #3 - In a Veto Competition, how many total keys were buried in the mud? Maggie says 96. Janelle says 72. The answer is...138, and Maggie wins VETO! Janelle is not a happy camper, because she may not get rid of the person who she wants. Maggie is even unhappier - she's going to make someone in the Friendship miserable. What Beau and Ivette really want is for her to remove one of them from the voting block, put April up, and then vote her out, which would happen, 2-1. (Maggie and the person who she saves). This, of course, would be a horrible move for Maggie, as she would no longer be protected in the later stages of the game - especially if Beau and Ivette continue to stick around.

Maggie calls Howie. Janelle wants to come over, and Maggie decides not to talk to Howie. Janelle says that she is not going to let Maggie get near Howie alone, because last time that happened, Sarah and James got put up for elimination. Maggie explains it to Beau and Ivette - even if she takes one of them off, the other person is going home. Maggie says that she wanted to win because she did not wanted to be back-doored, but now she leaves the choice to everyone else. Neither Beau or Ivette say anything and they leave. April thanks Maggie for not using it, but she says that she may use it. Maggie tries to explain that April would not be leaving, but she doesn't understand and April bursts into tears. The angst of idiocy.

April speaks to Janelle, Who realizes that as long as the pair is in the game, they are going to target them. Janelle explains to April the situation in an attempt to turn April to the sovereign side. Maggie then speaks to April, and tells her that against Ivette, Beau, or her in the final 2, she loses. I happen to disagree, but I digress. With that, April bursts into tears, explaining that Maggie was going to be her final 2 partner and that they had a deal. True enough, they did, and Maggie is really caught between a rock and a hard place. Does she guarantee her existence in the game by sacrificing April or does she put herself on the block by breaking up the pair?

With that, we go to the Veto ceremony. Maggie asks them for final thoughts. Beau says that he won't go against her partner, and neither will Ivette. Maggie explains that morals are not good for the game - but she's going to use them. With that, she decides not to use the veto. That saves April, but Maggie realizes that it could hurt her down the stretch. I don't think that move would hurt Maggie, but telegraphing to April that Maggie may not be her final 2 partner should she win down the stretch may come back to massively hurt her.

We now go to Julie Chen. With the use of the non-veto, the last remaining pair will be gone and CBS will not be giving out a million dollars to the winner. The voters to decide who will be leaving are Maggie, April and Janelle. Beau thanks his family and America, while Ivette says that she can't compete against Beau.

With that, it's time for the vote. Janelle goes first and she votes to evict Beau. April is next, and she decides to evict Beau. Maggie is last, and she votes to evict Beau. Beau is gone, 3-0. It's a very tactical move by Maggie and April - they know Ivette wants to stay. They also know that Janelle and Ivette can't stand each other and Ivette will be on the block before they will be. We get the 60 seconds of hugs and then Beau leaves the house.

The blondes console Ivette, Who claims that she has cried the most in the house. April says that she has cried more, and I think it could be a close contest. Beau meets Julie in person. Beau says that he doesn't regret voting out James, even though the fact that they didn't eliminate Howie comes back to get him. Beau says that Ivette has an amazing chance to get to the end and with that, Beau leaves. No good-bye video. No nothing. Bye, Beau. Don't forget to write and don't let the door smack you in the butt on the way out.

HOH Competition: Magnetic Attraction

With every eviction comes a new competition for the Head of Household. Howie can't win it, which means that Janelle better or there will only be one sovereign left after the next eviction. The game is magnetic attraction. These are all questions based on people's surveys. Eight questions will be asked, and whoever gets the most right will be the new HOH.

#1 - Who says that get the most compliments on their smile - Kaysar or Michael? They all say Kaysar - they are all right.

#2 - Who says that they crack their knuckles - Sarah or James? They all say Sarah. They are all right.

#3 - Who says the craziest thing they ever did was getting on stage with a naked girl on Key West - Beau or Ivette? April says Beau. Everyone else says Ivette. Ivette is right and April takes her first wrong answer.

#4 - Who dressed up as Britney Spears - Jennifer or April? Jennifer is right. Everyone is right - except Janelle. She drops into a tie with April, 1 question behind Maggie and Ivette.

#5 - Who would title their autobiography I had a blast living a normal life - Eric or Maggie? They all say Maggie - they are all right.

#6 - Who says that their shortest job was 3 days selling blood plasma - Rachel or Howie? Howie is right, and Janelle, who gets another one wrong, is in deep trouble.

#7 - Who's first Job was working at a Dairy Queen - Janelle or Ashlea? Janelle is right, and everyone is right. Maggie and Ivette are still tied at a perfect 7 for 7, April is 1 question behind, and Janelle is officially eliminated from winning HOH - which could pretty much spell her own elimination.

#8 - Who says that the body part liked the most was buttocks? Kaysar or Michael? Everyone says Michael - and they are all wrong. Oops.

Ivette and Maggie are now tied and they play a tie-breaker. April is clapping her hands in triumph while Janelle, dejected, has to walk off. Tiebreaker question - In the HOH competition Playing it Straight, what was the total number of points scored for all of the houseguests combined? Maggie, who decides to let Ivette win, says 1. Ivette says 35. The answer is 47 and Ivette wins! She runs and cries to the chair while being comforted by April and Maggie. Ivette finally gets the HOH room for herself. AwwwwBarf.

It should be a no brainer as to who to put up. The question is - who do you eliminate? Do you get rid of the brains (Janelle) or the brawn (Howie)? Join us on Tuesday to see what happens next.

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