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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Maggie vs. Eric" - July 28

Last time, James was the target of Eric's politicking. In order to save himself, he fessed up to Kaysar about him and Sarah. That put the wheels in motion to give James the veto to save himself and put Eric up. Will the new alliance of four (six if you count Rachel & Howie) succeed in this new plan?

Tonight is eviction night, and for the first time, secret partners are now competing against each other to stave off an eviction notice. And sure enough, all of the houseguests will learn of the big secret that they all share, that each one of them has a secret partner in the house. Kaysar knew he was going to cause a revolution by rigging Eric's nomination. "They're not even worth my eyesight," Eric says of Kaysar and James. Sarah tried to "no hard feelings," but the two nominees... pretty much blew her off. "From the beginning, he said that it was only a game. He's not living by his words, and he's acting very immature about it."

Eric asks Ivette if she was in on it. "I will grab my bags and walk out of his (^_^)ing house right now," she answers, outing Janelle as playing nasty. "I'm not going to switch sides just for the sake that one team might win." Eric tells Ivette to relax, as her being in the game may be "the sweetest revenge of all."

Maggie warns that she may be the stronger of the pair. "But the game's not over." One of them is going to stay. Who will the house be left with as a bigger threat? Howie thinks that Maggie is the head and Eric is the tail. Maggie is definitely a smarter player, says Kaysar. Meanwhile, Maggie tells Eric not to pack as if they're going home. "It's not over unless Julie says it's over." She thinks that Eric is going to stay, and tells Eric to play like she's going home. "Either way it goes, whoever leaves, whoever stays, it's a huge loss."

In the living room, James is surprised by everything. April is pining for clams and seafood. Beau says that Ivette has a good fashion style, while Cappy and Howie need some help. Howie... spells rhubarb one more time. "R-H-U-B-A-R-B". Correct.

Now we get the ugly truth in the Diary Room. April calls Maggie a strong player. Janelle doesn't really like her. Jennifer says Maggie will help her. Sarah... is disappointed in Eric. She and Janelle cast votes for him, while Jennifer and April vote to evict Maggie.

Both wouldn't be here were it not for the unlikely team of Kaysar, the son of Iraqi immigrants, and Janelle, a Minnesota cutie. "Maybe the twist is put two normal people in a house of freaks." First, we head to the OC to visit Mr. & Mrs. Ridha (and sister Dalia, who doesn't get the whole bikini thing), who came to America in search of freedom. Every day, they pray that his difference doesn't cause a stir in the house. From there, we head to Grand Rapids, MN to visit Janelle's mom, Ann, who says that she always wanted to leave. Judging from high school pics, we see now what we have suspected all along... the draperies don't match. "You know, she is very well read and very intelligent." Dalia doesn't think Janelle is typical of Kaysar's company. "She's a very intelligent girl. We like the way she acts. And that's why I think Kaysar's picked up on her." Ann thinks that Kaysar was drawn to Janelle because she thought of him as very different. Are they outsiders? Dalia thinks that they'll bring down the house.

Here's Kaysar in the HOH room. "This alliance was sprung from circumstance. She lost her partner first. And I had lost mine. We came together because of what's left over." Julie suffers a one-time glitch by inferring that Maggie is Eric's partner. Dude! I know he's figured it out, but he's not supposed to know that! He calls the nominations "payback".

Secrets are beginning to be revealed, as strategies are coming out. James... isn't a teacher (duh) and isn't 27 (double duh). April says that James has lied the most. Everyone spills on the couples except for Ivette, Beau, April & Jennifer. "Heh, yeah right," Howie says. Cue Ivette giving what might be the WORST fit of sadness ever feigned in the Big Brother House. She swears that she can pull it off.. Not for looooooong. Same for you, April and Jenn. In fact, you were found out a long time ago. "We've seen each other once, twice..." As for Ivette... "Beau and I were put together." She only gives half the story, saying "I'll save (why Beau and I were put together) for the end of the game." Light bulbs go off in Eric's head.

"You're both gay." So much for the secret that the houseguests will NEVER guess. "Expect the unexpected. DUn dun duuuuuun."

Back to the Diary Room, ya freaks. Howie doesn't like Eric's authority. Beau likes his leadership. James thinks he's a cult leader. Ivette thinks they're both peas in the same pod. Beau evicts Maggie. James evicts Eric. Ivette evicts Maggie. Howie evicts, uh, Eric. Rachel.... is the swing. "Bottom line... I'm watching out for myself."

Unfortunately, we had some nasty weather round these parts, so we go right to the eviction. Here's Julie...

"By a vote of 5 to 4.... Eric, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House." With that, the battle lines have been drawn. But how is Cappy taking this? "There were some deals that made that were broken." He underestimated Kaysar as a player. "He's been coined King Kaysar, but that's part of the game, hiding yourself." And as for the experience? "I will tell them that their father is still a man of his word. The best thing I got out of this is the friendships gained." Here's a message from Maggie. "Don't you worry about me. You are an awesome person and you know that. You've brought more to me from being my friend than I can ever ever thank you for." Eric thinks that they got rid of the wrong person. "They have way underestimated the strength of her."

Well, that said, it's time for...


Each houseguest is given a ball and the aim to get as close to the center of the target at the end of a lane without going over, falling into a hole, or falling into that center hole. The person who does it the best is the new HOH. You only get one shot so pay it forward.

Janelle starts off nicely. Howie puts a bit too much arm on his roll. Ivette... about as strong as Howie. James tries the bounce. Janelle is still ahead, though. April puts a little English on it, and as a result... Hole in one. Beau ... not close enough. Jennifer also tries the bounce, but she gets the drain-o. Maggie... knocks Janelle from her perch. Rachel rebounds... but too much on it. So it's all on Sarah. Down the first chute. Maggie is the new HOH. And revenge begins anew tonight.

But first, Julie has some news... She lets EVERYONE know that EVERYONE has had a partner in the game since the beginning. But there is more. "If a pair makes it all the way to the end..." Oh, do I need to repeat it?

"And remember, there are still plenty of secrets left in the game." Will we find out one Saturday? You'll just have to tune in to find out.

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