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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: April vs. Howie" - September 8

Last time we were here, we had ourselves a bit of a plot to get April out of the house. So far, it's only come halfway to fruition, as she is on the block. Joining her, of course, is Howie. It is now day 68, and one of these two will be the newest member of the jury.

Of course, the last time we were here, Janelle vetoed herself, while April, who views the move as lose-lose, is now in dire straits. Here's how Howie sees it playing out. Janie votes to evict April. Maggie votes to evict Howie. Ivette is the swing vote. Janelle thinks that keeping Howie around is an easy out to the money. "It could be like a 'Star Wars' movie," Howie begins to fanboy up, "the Clones turn on the Jedis. Ivette turns on April, and then we wipe out Maggie. We've been good Jedis for long." Welcome to the dark side, Howie.

Maggie & April spy on the rest of the guests. April thinks that Ivette is immovable, but doesn't know anything beyond that. What we do know is that Howie thinks that Maggie will move on to the next round regardless of who wins HOH. "It's a get-rich-quick scheme." They say that if she votes April out, then she's assured top 3. "True friends will be friends with outside this house. You are in a position now to win a lot of money." Ivette thinks that there is truth of what Howie is saying, saying that there's no way she can tell what Maggie & April are doing.

She talks to Maggie & April about this. "Everyone in this house deserves the money," April says. "I have credit cards." Yeah, but my thing is that some people deserve the money more than you, April. "She's not here for the money, and the closer we get, the more she talks about the money. There's nothing more that I would want than to win the money for my family."

Going to the living room live. Ivette never thought she would make it this far. Howie, as the only man, sees these "beautiful" women as step-sisters. Janelle gets fan-service from CBS, as she thinks that the swimming challenges were the hardest. April, on day 38 without a smoke, thinks she'll keep it up after she leaves. Maggie gets more fan-service, as living in the house has messed up her entire schedule.

Do Ivette's mother and her girlfriend agree with the way she's playing the game, and do they think that her loyalty to the Friendship will cost her the $500,000? Let's ask. "Ivette's mouth gets her in trouble, a lot of the time, practically all the time," says Maggie (Ivette's GF). "She's never been a crier." About Cappy: "I hate Ivette's obsession with him." And mom? "She's been a lot closer to him, and to James. She forgot about Beau! You didn't go there to make friends. You went there to win at a game." Maggie admits that she likes Janelle, who she thinks is a good player. "I do see where Ivette may be jealous."

Let's go to Ivette in the HOH room. Last week, Beau was evicted, moments before she won HOH. How important is the money? "The main reason for coming out is my family. It would make a world of difference."

Let's go to the Jury House, as outdoorsy Rachel and city girl Jen are now joined by ... Jimbo. And, of course, the obligatory screw you. Jen was play-acting. Rachel was disappointed.  As we watch last week's footage, it becomes obvious that Rachel is getting ever more disappointed and Jen & James are going to start getting at each other's throats. Quote of the night from James: "America hates you, April! I'm just kidding. No I'm not, America hates you." And before all is said and done... Beau arrives... another double eviction casualty. James carries him over the threshold.

Last words from the nominees. Here's April: "Thanks to Matt, mom and dad, my family and friends. Thanks to the Dorks. Thank you so much, and I would love to stay another week. Just vote where your heart's at." Howie: "Who could settle me down? Little Jen-Jen from BB6, Holly from BB5. If you weren't married, Julie... Jedi Janie, you'll go on to be a better Jedi than I can ever imagine. But you got your hands full. I can't wait to see the battle.

Now to the vote. As Howie has predicted...

Janelle: APRIL
Maggie: HOWIE

So it's all on HOH Ivette. Is this a strategic vote or a personal one? "April, you're a wonderful friends. Howie, you've brought so many laughs in this house. But unfortunately, I have to evict you, Howie."

So we're left with an all-female final four. What happened to his alliance? "James. I thought we had some powerful alliances. I couldn't take a shot at James blindsiding me, and everything was downhill from here. I wanted to vote out Maggie from week 2, and ever since then, I fumbled the football. There's a million things that could've changed. I got beat by a nerd herd. Janelle is the strongest player in this game. She's a Big Brother historian."

We'll see Howie on Finale Night, but meanwhile, America has another choice to make. This time, it's to see who will sit in on a taping of the new season of "Two and a Half Men". Go to and cast your vote.

HOH Competition: Before or After?

Seven questions about events in the BB House. Did they happen before or after another event? Most points wins.

1) Did Kaysar receive an MP3 player for his birthday before or after America voted him back in the house? AFTER. Everyone right.
2) Did James win his fourth Veto competition before or after Jennifer was evicted? AFTER. Janelle & Maggie right.
3) Did Howie meet Holly from BB5 before or after he got his lightsaber? AFTER. Janelle & Maggie right.
4) Did Beau win the martini bar before or after Maggie's birthday party? BEFORE. Janelle right.
5) Was Eric evicted before or after the first safe in the gold room was opened? BEFORE. Everyone right, but April is mathematically eliminated.
6) Did Sarah eat turkey pot poi before or after she unlocked the gym door for the first time? BEFORE. Janelle & April are right, and Maggie is mathematically eliminated.
7) Did Janelle receive a phone call from Michael before or after April won HOH? AFTER. With a perfect seven, Janelle is the new HOH!

"I did it, Howie!" But what will Janelle do with it? Find out Saturday after the game. Cheers!

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