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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

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"Underdogs on Top" - July 26

So, James and Maggie are on the block and wow do they feel it. Maggie is pissed and never had any clue that being nominated felt like this. (I wonder if it feels like rotten fish.)

James is pissed too. He wants Kaysar’s head on a platter because Kaysar promised him that he was safe this week. Well, nomination isn’t exactly the epitome of safe, especially considering the history of pawns in this game.

Otherwise the house is in its usual state of gossip and conversation. James is telling Eric that the only reason that he and Maggie were nominated is because Kaysar could not nominate Eric, due to the prior agreement. Last week, Kaysar agreed that he would not nominate Eric if Eric gave him a pass and didn’t nominate him during his reign as HoH.
Eric is aggravated, but nothing seems to have set in as well as it will in the rest of the ongoing hour.

Janelle and Sarah are lying in the gold room having a conversation and Janelle drops the standard bomb asking if Sarah and James know each other. Sarah makes a sheepish denial and the conversation continues as they talk about meaningless blather. I guess that when you don’t have TV there isn’t much to talk about.

Regardless, let’s move on to the house itself as more secrets have been revealed. The coasters in the middle of the living room table have been replaced with square multi colored coasters. At first, Eric is disappointed because they can no longer play their usual game of coaster toss (tossing the Frisbee coasters into the center pit of the table). Then Eric along with some of the other houseguests notice that the new coasters resemble the squares on the wall of the multicolored bedroom. Reading the numbers and directions on the back the houseguests find a loose panel that reveals a blacklight and another clue telling them to use the light to seek out their next message. Jennifer, who apparently has some experience with fluids detectable under a blacklight notices that there is writing above the fish tank. (Wonder if she was ever on Room Raiders?) The new clue tells the houseguests that the first number on the right safe is the number of seas that are in plain sight. Knowing that there is a map on the wall of the gold room the houseguests ran in and counted the number of seas coming to many different numbers, with many finally settling on the number of 4. In a moment of sheer stupidity, the seas are counted by Big Brother showing that there are 17 Seas. Fortunately, seeing that this is the first piece of the combination hopefully someone will realize the mistake in time.

Back in the HoH room, Eric has promised Kaysar that he will honor Kaysar’s nominations. This pisses off Maggie even further who has now lost an ally in her fight to seek the veto. She does admit however that she would not want Eric ever to have to go against his word.

James told Kaysar that he respected his decisions because this is truly all a game. He then warned Kaysar that he had full plans of winning the veto and after winning it Kaysar should toughen up and avoid Ivette to attack the big fish, Eric. Both feel that Eric is the dirtiest player in this game, so all things considered anything could happen.

Sarah, who was worried that Kaysar and Janelle were on to the relationship between her and James, decided that it was time for them to come clean in order to earn some trust. As a result she came clean to Janelle, and James came clean to Kaysar. This opened up the path for havoc.

Kaysar takes advantage of this newfound trust to forge a new alliance pulling himself, Janelle, Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah together. He realizes that by doing this, if James is Vetoed and replaced by Eric that their alliance would have the votes to take over the house. He calls in all of the members one by one and calls them out on their pairings in what may be one of the greatest Big Brother coups ever. Rachel is shocked that Kaysar called her and Howie out on the carpet, but is game. Likewise, everyone else falls into place so the veto competition is the only piece that remains.

As a recap, James and Sarah are dating while Howie and Rachel are best friends. Janelle was shocked that Sarah and James were dating (maybe she’s not as smart as the editing is trying to make her).

Maggie wants to talk. She corners Kaysar in the HoH room and tells him that she was personally hurt and that she does not believe that his true intention was to put her up as a pawn to remove James. (Finally, some logic and intuition!) After a lengthy, pointless discussion, Maggie learned nothing and it is time for the Veto competition.

Kaysar picks first and selects Howie
Maggie then picks Ivette
…and then James picks Janelle.

BOOM! The Latin time bomb explodes. How dare James pick Janelle! Everybody hates Janelle! Who does he think he is?! Ivette is livid. Ivette wants to beat James up.

…and the BB6 Line of the year: Ivette was more shocked than when her mother found out that she liked girls.

James is pleased. He wants to take down the house with the people that they hate the most and he think Janelle is the perfect choice.

Knight Moves is the veto competition. Each houseguest will play on the chess board selecting a position and then removing the tile they step on leaving a red space. From that point on, on their turn they must move in 30 seconds the way a knight does (in an “L” shape of 2 spaces straight and 1 to the side or vice versa). If a houseguest can not make a move they are eliminated and the last player in the game wins.

Ivette moved first and placed herself near the corner. Kiss of Death. James Kaysar and Janelle in their first moves nearly froze out Ivette and 2 rounds later, Ivette was gone. Maggie who is pumped being the Chess Champion of her city is game to win, but once she realizes that everyone is out to get her the same way they attacked Ivette, Maggie lost it and lost out. This was ugly. Beautiful, but ugly. Maggie’s breathing changed and just like that the power shift is almost complete. The rest of the players played the game out in a kind fashion eventually passing the victory to James. Eric noticed that Kaysar threw the game and everyone not in the new alliance now dubbed by Eric as the “Evil Empire,” was sick to their stomachs. In Ivette’s words, “James gets that Veto and all hell breaks loose.”

Post competition, Maggie has a conversation with Kaysar where Kaysar admits that he is not naive and that he knows what is going on (Duh, really?). He tells Maggie that his goal is to flip this house upside down and he has succeeded. Even after this conversation, Maggie seems nave of the master plan.

Eric comes out later and asks Kaysar if he can look him straight in the eye and tell him that eh did not tank the Veto competition. He can’t. After that he asks straight up if he plans to nominate him. He says that Eric is his pick. Begin the firestorm.

Eric says that he is not upset and claims that he has played this game honestly. James attacks him and says that Eric used him and Eric admits to that. With that everyone is in agreement and it is time for the Veto ceremony. James removes himself and Kaysar puts Eric on the block as planned.

Ivette is now more livid and pissed than ever before (notice how everyone is pissed this episode…). She is emotionally broken as Eric was he rock in this game and she realizes that he may now be gone. Worse yet, Maggie is not sure that she would be able to continue in the game without Eric. This sets up a lot of speculative scenarios. Will the Eviction go as planned removing Eric or will James play both sides against each other securing his title as the biggest flip-flopper in BB history? Will Maggie quit before anyone gets a chance to vote? Will Ivette beat the crap out of Kaysar? To find out, check out Big Brother Thursday.

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