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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

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"Dairy Has Gone Down the Tubes" - July 16

Hi all - This is Gordon Pepper reporting on the latest Tour of Duty for Big Brother 6. By you reading this, I assume that you have already read the earlier recaps, so I will not recap that. I will however, go over the latest dirt and see where these lines are going to.

We see the eviction of Ashlea, the election of Eric as the new Head of Household and the realization that everyone knows that everyone else has a partner in the house.

We start the new material with Ivette thrilled that Ashlea is gone, while Janelle is threatening to get revenge. Rachel, the old head of household, called it 'The Right Decision' while Sarah says that with the first elimination, it's time to start playing the game.

Janelle may start focusing her anger on Mike and Howie, as both of them put their paws all over her when they hugged her. What else is Janelle upset about? The fact that Ashlea's picture has morphed from color to black and white - signifying that she has been eliminated form the game. Maybe it would be easier if you called the color 'Dorian' Grey.

The next item - Eric beats Janelle to win the Head of Household. His alliance is clearly with Beau and Ivette, while Janelle misses a chance to get revenge. Kaysar is less than pleased, while Janelle wanted to throw up in the pool.

Janelle's next strategy is to find out who, besides her, voted to get rid of Kaysar. Why? Because she's going to need an alliance fast. Ironically, she's sharing this information with Kaysar, who suggests that maybe it was Michael who did. Of course, we all know that it isn't Michael, because Michael is Kaysar's game partner.

It turns out that it's James who cast the vote. Who is James allied with? Eric, so getting the alliance is no good there. As a matter of fact, that vote was manufactured because they want to have a cloud of suspicion form around Eric, Janelle and Kaysar, so they can pick the three of them off one by one.

Eric asks who wants to see his HOH room, and everyone quickly scrambles over there. Eric gets energy drinks, lo-carb beer and an air mattress. He also gets pictures of his family. That chokes him up, adding that family means everything to him. 'Cappy' (or Eric) thanks Big Brother for everything. AwwwwBarf.

Like myself, not everyone is thrilled that Eric is turning on the water works. Janelle accuses Eric of being a good actor. Maggie and Eric gives a long, good, hug. That turned out to not be a swift move, as that got the attention of both Beau and James, who now think that they are game partners - and it turns out that they are. Uh-oh...

Ivette creates a water slide made of trash bags. Beau and Ivette slid down there while Jennifer slid a little, then stopped. A lot of people went on the slide - but not Janelle, who wants to be left alone. She's starting to get a bulls-eye on her back.

She's not the only one. Michael is starting to get on the girls bad behavior by touching them and kissing them when they apparently don't want to be touched or kissed. Eric tells him to cut it out. That gets Michael upset and he confronts some of the girls, who don't really help allay his fears. Eric walks into the room and Michael asks what's going on. Eric explains to him that women don't like to be touched. Instead of getting the hint, Michael says that Eric is treating him like an employee. He just isn't getting it...

...and Janelle isn't getting chess when James is trying to teach it to her. 'She's a pretty girl, but dumb. She's hot, though.' Janelle says that her father taught her how to play chess. She says that she let James win, to make him not think that Janelle is any good. She also plays with Michael, who makes her very uncomfortable. 'Michael telling me that I'm beautiful is strategy on his part, and me giggling like a dork is my strategy.' The dork wants to end this game, so Janelle quickly check mates him.

Game #3 - Kaysar, who she says is calculating and intelligent. She lets Kaysar beat her, adding that playing chess is a good way for her to figure out how the guys will play Big Brother. She may have something...

The guys talk politics about the war and Bush going into Iraq. Eric - 'The two things that you don't talk about with friends are politics and religion.' James thinks that the war is justified, while Eric doesn't think that it's justified. Meanwhile, Kaysar, who's family is currently in Iraq is also in the room. The guys ask Kaysar for his opinion and he says, very diplomatically, that the war isn't justified because innocent Iraqis are getting killed. James then mentions that he'd rather be in Iraq killing Iraqis right now. Oops.

Saying that in front of an Iraqi is not the brightest thing in the world and Kaysar, predictably, goes off on him. He takes James over and explains to him that his aunt died because they weren't able to take her to a hospital because of the war. Kaysar says that he wants to put a face on the war - and his face would be fine. He adds that he wants to inform people and maybe discussion, instead of violence, will reach people's hearts. Here, here.

Kaysar has other things going on besides worrying about the war. He may also have to worry about Beau, the openly gay guy in the house. Beau goes over, mounts a sleeping Kaysar, and plays with his ears. 'I'm not homophobic, but he's getting a little aggressive.' Beau seems to have found a playmate...

We interrupt that intimacy with playtime for the guests as they participate in the weekly food challenge. In this wild western-themed challenge, 2 people sit together on a barrel-like table. Each pair will flip over their table top to find out what category they are playing for. The pairs need to eat what they have selected off their menu in 3 minutes. They are at 'The Snack Shoppe...From HELL!' (They said that, not me.)

Howie and James select first and will be playing for the beverages. They select 'Ice Cream Sundaes', but what they get instead is...Iced Clam Sundaes. That's not too bad, but Howie gives up rather quickly. 'This happens to be one of the bottom levels of Dante's Inferno' says James, who quits shortly after. The guests will be drinking water all week - and they don't seem to be too thrilled with that.

beau and Janelle are playing for Breads and Cereals. They select Pepperoni Pizza...except it's Pepper-ONLY Pizza and they get a pizza covered with hot black pepper topping. Despite gagging, they get it down with seconds to spare.

April and Rachel play for Dairy and they go after the Coconut Cream Pie...scratch that. Make it SAUERKRAUT Cream Pie. Yummy. Rachel hates Sauerkraut and gives up quickly. April loves it, but she can't eat it alone and time runs out on her. Howie - 'Dairy has gone down the tubes.'

Jennifer and Maggie, who are playing for meats, select the chocolate cake, but it's actually dried chocolate SNAKE. Maggie is a vegetarian, so she passes this one. Jennifer decides to take the snake head-on, while Maggie eats...the chocolate. What a trooper Maggie is. Jennifer downs it with 13 seconds to go, and they can eat meat, which still won't do much for vegetarian Maggie anyways.

Ivette and Sarah, going for the fruits and vegetables, select Turkey Pot Pie, but it's POI! Sarah has no clue what it is, but Ivette knows exactly what the bitter root is and she is shuddering. Sarah quickly finds out what it is and she bails, with Ivette right behind her. Ivette - 'If I can deal with Peanut Butter and Jelly for a week, then the house can deal without fruits and vegetables for a week.' That's the spirit, Ivette.

Kaysar and Michael gets the final category - Snacks and Sweets. They select the tuna melt...uh...tuna malt. Michael has no problems in downing the malt in 9 seconds. It takes Kaysar closer to 20, but that gets done too, and they have the sweets. To sum this up, all the housemates will be eating this week is meats, breads and cereals and sweets and snacks. This isn't going to be sounding too good to Bodybuilder Eric or the other weight-watching members of the house .

The final category is... Beer and Wine. 2 People need to step up - and Michael and Janelle volunteer. They select the egg salad sandwich, which turns into Egg Salad Sardines. They both seem pleased by this. Eric tells Janelle to step aside because he has decided to do the stunt for the house. What a guy. Janelle can't stand the fact that Eric's stealing the spotlight, but he and Michael are successful and the group gets their liquor.

We get drama after the event, as April apologizes to everyone. Eric calls everyone over and says that although that certain people didn't finish, that when it comes to being a team, people win or lose as a team and that they will all have their chance to shine and to not hold their failures against anyone. The team agrees, but we all know that it's not the case and this is going to be held against someone down the line.

Eric also reminds them that the allotment that they are getting is probably for the week, so he warns them all to conserve their food. Sure enough, the ice cream is gone within 8 hours. 'Sorry' says Maggie on her own camera feed afterwards, 'Perhaps you should have had some before I ate it all.' Burp.

Michael goes back to his womanizing ways - this time on Janelle, who as we all know from earlier, is not too keen on this. Eric tells the girls that he's going to put up Michael and Janelle up there, but he's going to tell Michael that he's going to be a pawn, when it's actually him who's going to be going. After Michael leaves, the women, spear-headed by Sarah, decide that they aren't going to be deceitful and they are going to ruin the plans. Maggie, who is Eric's 'friend', is in the group and she tells Eric afterwards that his idea isn't going to work. They think that maybe they need to make a different plan - and possibly target Sarah and James - as they know that they are an item. Hmmm...

Eric talks to each person individually and asks for a 'I won't put you up if you don't mark me up for the next week' agreement from each person. Eric tells Janelle that if he has his way, she'll be around next week. He also tells Ivette that the idea is for both of them to be at the end. Hmmm...

Then there's the chat with Michael. He tells Michael that he's spending too much time with Janelle and that it concerns him. He also tells Kaysar that by yapping to Michael about what was going on earlier (see the previous episodes) that it hurt him and he doesn't know if Kaysar can be trusted anymore. Kaysar starts to blanch and we are starting to see the all-guys alliance start to crack a little bit more.

After the predictable walk to the keys and Eric rambling about how hard of a decision it's going to be. Michael doesn't think that he's going to be put up. Janelle, who now needs Michael in the game, doesn't want him to go up either. Sarah is concerned as well - as she should be. Can anyone can't see this one coming?

Eric tells the people that the important thing is for them to understand why he made the decisions that he did. With that, we see the first person safe is...Rachel. Joining her is Howie, Jennifer, James, Beau, Maggie, Sarah (now there's no doubt who's going up), Ivette, April and Kaysar. The 2 people nominated are Janelle and Michael. Eric says that Janelle is underestimated, while Michael is a strong player - and it's in his interest to nominate him.

Eric wants to make sure that Michael does not win the power of veto. Janelle wants to make sure that she wins it. Michael, who is now calling Eric 'Erica', will make sure to eliminate him and his sheep. Well, we have a new player in the drama. Join us on Tuesday when we see which two sheep are being prepared to be sheared and on Thursday to see who is the latest lamb chop.

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