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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Chocolate Pee-Pee" - August 13

We have a lot to go over very quickly in the opening minutes of this broadcast. Sarah gets evicted 6-1 as double-crosses were threatened, but not carried out. Kaysar comes back into the house. Everyone (including the returning Kaysar) immediately gets whisked into the HOH challenge, which is an endurance competition to see who can hold on to a button for the longest.

Once someone was eliminated, a box gets to be opened. Julie opens up the first box - 'flies'. No one flinches while they all talk about what could be in a box. There could be prizes, or there could be nasty things. Maybe there could be both...

Let's Flashback to the eviction of Sarah. James thinks that the intentions were at a personal level, while Ivette was shocked that everyone kept their word. Sarah gets a big hug before being sent on her way. Maggie admits that the only reason why Sarah left was that she was an ally of James. Meanwhile, Ivette and James talk about a friendship they have, adding that they will always speak truthfully to each other. James talks about them teaming up to get rid of certain people in the house. Hmmm...

Kaysar knows that the idea was to get rid of James, and that he was the backup. We now flashback to Kaysar's return, and the mobbing of Janelle, Beau and Howie. James stayed far away from Kaysar, as he says that everyone switched sides so that they wouldn't upset Kaysar should he turn around and win HOH. On the other hand, Ivette was at the door asking for Eric. Maggie said that it was a blow and Ivette was miserable.

Back to the HOH challenge. Everyone tried to make deals, first asking everyone who has won HOH to step down, then they try to get both James and Kaysar to step down. No one budges. At the 5 hour mark, Howie has to open up one of the boxes. He opens the green one, which says...DEAD FISH. Yikes. There's a lovely combination of dead fish and flies. Yummy.

We flashback to hijinks, as Beau is in the shower. Howie looks at Beau's...uh....collateral... and says that he's a big guy. All of the girls then decide to look, and then they scream with delight or horror. Ivette does a chocolate peepee dance and Beau is just enjoying the spotlight. Beau also happens to be single, as he just advertised a reason for him to be taken off the market.

We're now up to the 6 hour mark. The PBJ sanction has been lifted, meaning that there's now real food available. We get Jen (who is a dancer for the Arena Football League) showing off her moves. She also decides to teach others moves, as Rachel tries to follow along.

We get the 7 hour mark and we have our first victim. Beau's knee touches the ground and he's the first one out. He's still unhappy as he has to select a box. The attitude gets better as he wins a Martini Bar! With that comes booze and he gets to make himself some drinks. The rules state that you can't leave the box until 3 people are out, so everyone is staring at Beau guzzling the booze. The contestants also know that Beau can't hold his liquor, so by the time drink #4 rolls around, he gets feisty. Getting feisty includes slapping all of the guys butts and Ivette yells at him to calm down, lest Beau gives people a reason to put him on the chopping block.

Janelle decides to dance with Jennifer. While dancing, she lets her hand off the button. Oops. Janelle is out next and select...a free Netflix membership, DVD player, and a hot plasma TV! Needless to say, no one is real thrilled about it and they are all cursing Janelle out. To add insult to injury, Janelle now gets to drink martinis and before long, you have two smashed people in the pressure cooker.

We're up to 8 hours and April is trying to get a deal with Janelle - she'll give up HOH for the plasma TV. Maggie is horrified, knowing that they need one of her alliances to get out of the game. 30 seconds later, the light goes off over April's head. Maggie wants to kill her, but April realizes that her getting HOH is not a good idea, strategically. She gets a happy reward for doing it - $3,000! That also allows April, Janelle and Beau to all get out of the cage. Upon leaving, April says that she didn't let go of the button on purpose, but no one is buying what she is selling and she even admitted later that she did let go on purpose. heh.

At the 10 hour mark, the rule changes that you can't change hands on the box. Ivette does it and she gets buzzed. Ivette really wanted HOH because it was her mother's birthday AND her anniversary with her girlfriend Maggie (No, not the Maggie in the house). Ivette is furious with herself - and the consolation gift of an airhorn isn't going to help her spirits any.

As she is crouching on the corner in tears, James realizes that he's just going after the HOH in revenge - and he's a better guy than that (sure he is. Tired people love to rationale just before losing). With that, James lets go of the button and gets buzzed.

Seeing that James is now out, Maggie figures that 1. He's leaving anyway, so she's in no threat and 2. There aren't enough boxes for everyone, and she wants to win something. With that, she also lets go of the button and the three of them can leave the Pressure Room. As for the boxes - James gets Pizza. Maggie gets...rotten eggs, which combined with the flies and the dead fish must make a lovely compost.

Howie tells them that by making it through dawn, they have both set a Big Brother endurance record. For the 3 people left - Jennifer, Rachel and Kaysar - it's of little comfort right now. Jennifer tells Kaysar that he's safe and that he won't be put up. Everyone wants to get rid of James. The only problem is that Kaysar, who just got into the room, doesn't realize that. Kaysar wants to personally eliminate James by putting him up, but as we've all seen, putting James up won't necessarily guarantee his dismissal. What to do...

Kaysar tells Jennifer that he will let go of the button - if the two people Jennifer nominates to back door James will be from her group. Jennifer agrees and swears on her life. Kaysar then lets go of the button and Jennifer wins the HOH, to the screaming of everyone who's still awake.

Let's look at this for a minute. Either Kaysar is one of the biggest dopes in the history of Big Brother for letting one of his enemies win the HOH, or Jennifer is an even bigger dope in the history of Big Brother if she is stupid enough to put up two people from her own group, alienating her core alliance and giving everyone in the other alliance a chance to get off scot free should they swing someone to their side.

Howie is thrilled about Kaysar not getting HOH, because it will put their group up at even strength for the next HOH competition - assuming that either James leaves or someone from their side goes. Kaysar once again is smug, thinking that if she holds on to her deal, that it would cause problems on her end. The last time Kaysar was that smug, he wound up leaving the next week. We'll see what happens here.

Before we see what Jennifer does, everyone gets to see what her room looks like. She sees her boyfriend, who wrote stuff to her on the back of each picture. That makes Jennifer break down as we see a trail of tears. Everyone hugs Jennifer as we get a cry-fest. AwwwBarf.

Jennifer and April talk about the deal made with Kaysar. April explains Jennifer the fallacy - if they put up both of their people, then as neither person nominated can vote, even if they backdoor James (Vs. Ivette, per se), the voters would be Kaysar, Howie, Rachel, Janelle, April, Maggie, and Beau. Kaysar's crew has a 4-3 voting edge - which means that they can vote off James....or they can use this as a huge ruse and vote off one of Jennifer's group. Jennifer realizes this and says that they can't trust Kaysar - and they certainly can't trust Rachel and Howie, who tried to convince them to vote off Ivette last week. Some of the hamsters have brains. Who would have figured?

We get the traditional HOH spiel from Jennifer, as Howie hopes he isn't nominated, James says that him getting nominated would be dumb, Rachel is hoping for the best, and Jennifer says that promises are null and void and she will honor what she made - up to a point. Kaysar says that Jennifer better keep her word and Janelle says that she would be pissed if she was nominated.

Well, we know that at least 2 people will not be happy campers. Jennifer starts this with... April. We continue with Maggie, Ivette (and now Kaysar knows something is up), Beau (Kaysar can only grimace now), Kaysar (who looks very non-plussed), Howie, and... James, who looks stunned. Jennifer says that Kaysar and she have a deal - and she continues to have a deal, but she won't put her team in the line of fire, and hence, the nominations of Rachel and Janelle.

Jennifer says that he can trust Kaysar, but not his group. Rachel says that she is here for Howie, while Janelle was pissed and called Jennifer a B!tch. Kaysar warns that Jennifer will pay if he is HOH. Kaysar is never going to learn, is he?

Did Jennifer do the right thing? Well, she did the wrong thing by agreeing to Kaysar's plan in the first place, but there is safety in numbers, and from that point, she had to do what she did. She will force Kaysar's Crew to go along with the plan or they will lose one of their own. That being said, Jennifer BETTER make sure that James leaves and they BETTER make sure that one of them wins HOH, because if they don't then they could get simultaneously picked off one by one by Kaysar and Howie alternating HOH's.

That's all for this episode. Join us on Tuesday to see if the hamsters can finally get a veto competition right without screwing it up.

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