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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"The Secret Room: Days 3-6" - July 12

Welcome back to the world of Big Brother 6. While we are still waiting to find out who the secret pairs are there are plenty of secrets left to be revealed.

Picking up at the end of Day 3, Kaysar and Ashlea are both coping with the fact that they have been nominated for eviction. While they feel a bond as being the first two nominees, they both handle the situation in different ways. Ashlea takes the “oh woe is me” route by playing up her tears and looking for sympathy wherever she treads. While Kaysar was kind enough to offer a hug, most of Ashlea’s emotions fell upon dead ears.

Kaysar on the other hand took the time to accost Rachel in front of many of the other girls in the house in the HoH room, and proceeded to tell her that he completely respected her decision especially based on the fact that they had not had the opportunity to get to know each other better. This basic suck up routine not only seemed to earn Kaysar respect, but also the hugs and adoration of the women in the room. Who knows how fake the whole thing was, but who cares?

Eric tells Kaysar that he has nothing to worry about and that the guys will protect him. Assuming that Eric is referring to his 4-person alliance (Eric, Kaysar, Michael, and James), he needs to improve his math skills. 4 votes (really 3) are not close to saving someone’s tail.

Ashlea tells us in the diary room that she is convinced that if the vote were today that she would stay. Yet, while she has this confidence, she doesn’t have any real alliances in the house. We’ll see how long it takes Ashlea to wise up to the game.

Outside, Kaysar is further campaigning. I’m sorry, he says that he is not going to campaign, but he sits and has a conversation with Beau letting him know that he has plans to play this game genuinely and that he came to share a piece of who he was. Sure, and that million dollars and the partner you are hiding aren’t motivators at all. Regardless, a clear friendship is forged and potentially a strong alliance.

Back in the Head of Household Room, Rachel finds a gift. It’s a remote control! The BB^ houseguests get to watch TV for the first time ever! NO, sorry, it’s just the spy screen. That’s right, it’s back. Rachel eagerly changes the channels snooping in on the many different room of the house and enjoying the fact that she has this new surge of power. Then, all of the sudden, she sees a room that she has not seen before. The room, laced in gold has 3 safes, luxury beds, but even crazier, the camera starts to actively zoom in and out on 4 books on a shelf. After a few minutes, Rachel realized that not only was this a clue, but also that she had a matching set of books on her dresser in the HoH room. In opening these books, Rachel found the next clue:

“North, South, East, West” you’ll need a good sense of direction to find this room”

Wandering around her HoH suite, Rachel is confused as to what the clue refers to. Eventually, she leaves the room headed for the kitchen to see what else is in the house.

While Rachel is continuing her treasure hunt, Eric is entertaining the houseguests with his firefighter stories. He tells them of the brotherhood that exists in the fire department and how he feels that fighting fires is his calling in life. Further he talks about the relationship he has with on guy in particular who told Eric that if they were in a fire together that there was no way that he would die alone, because he would either pull Eric out alive or die with him. This deep moment was appreciated by Ivette, who later snuggled up to Eric on the hammock to forge her own alliance.

This new alliance between Eric and Ivette is supposedly going to insure that they make it to the final 2. That would put this alliance in conflict with Eric’s previous alliance with the four guys meaning that we have one of our first blatant moments of deception in the game.

Back at the scavenger hunt, Rachel has spotted a compass, the next clue, in the living room, yet she is leery about grabbing it, as there are many other houseguests around. Eventually everyone leaves the room, and she finds the clue on the underside of the compass written backwards. Realizing that this will require a mirror, she holds it up:

West South west from the Subway doors, forward 10 steps and it will soon be yours, Go southeast 10 steps more and it will lead you to the secret door.

Following the clues she is lead to the bedroom wall where after pushing and poking, and avoiding sleeping houseguests, she finds the secret door. Sneaking inside, Rachel closes the door behind her keeping the secret of the room to herself, even though the clues have told her that she was permitted to share the secret with anyone and everyone. Inside the room, Rachel finds a hanging gold key attached to a larger sparkly gold key hanging above the 3 safes, while the safes are all combination locked, Rachel, takes the key and manages to get out of the room unseen using the peephole provided by your wonderful producers.

Howie needs help. Serious help. He is running around the house trying on various women’s clothing and lipstick. Yet, Howie is still convinced that he looks amazing. Let me say it now. Make it STOP! Beau believes that Howie may be acting on some Bi-curious tendencies, but Beau won’t do anything with Howie because his mother would disapprove. Beau’s mommy taught Beau not to hang with crazies. Good mom. Yet why is Beau on Big Brother then?

Did I mention that the key Rachel found unlocks the Hot Tub? Well it did and Rachel shared it with everyone. No really, she shared everything. Once the Hot Tub was open she told everyone how she got the key escorted everyone to the secret room. After all the oohs and aahs were done, the houseguests brilliantly decided to spin the lazy susan to see who would get the 2 beds in the secret room. And the lucky winners are Kaysar and Ivette.

Now let’s get to the stuff that matters. It’s veto time. The golden power of veto returns, but this time around, it is possible that a veto competition will be completed without anyone getting the POV. Same as last season, 6 houseguests will compete for the power of veto. Rachel who competes as HoH chooses Maggie to compete with her. Kaysar chooses Eric and Ashlea chooses Howie. Ashlea had spoken to Howie previously asking him to either win and use the veto or play and throw the competition to improve her odds, yet Howie did not confirm if would do either. One way to find out.

The houseguests will play “Wreck-tangled.” Attached to a rope tangled and twisted around and inside of a huge rectangular cage, each pair of houseguests will have to work themselves and their rope to the end of the cage where the will unlock themselves from the rope and free the veto from the ropes end. Then, only on player from the team may grab the veto and place it on the winner’s post, capturing the golden power of veto.

This challenge is grueling as the hot sun is beating down on all of the contestants making the metal and grass very hot. At the 13 minute point Kaysar is suffering and a little later Ashlea is taking a breather on her bottom. Of course Ashlea taking a break is more reasonable as she has worked her way through and is waiting for Howie. Yet you would think that with the veto on the line shoe would be doing everything to help Howie that she could.

However, all of this did not matter as around 28 minutes in, Rachel and Maggie proved that teamwork and effort pays off as Rachel placed he Veto on the post keeping her personal winning streak alive. Everyone else is tired and dejected. Eric is lying on his back and says that the challenge was worse than when he climbed to the top of the tallest hotel in Vegas (that’s TV talk for Stratosphere). More accurately, he blames his fatigue on the PB&J. Ah, the power of nourishment.

Rachel seems to be perfectly confident in her decision t not use the veto throughout most of the day. This is until she heads back to her HoH room and finds that Jennifer has locked herself inside and was using the bathroom. Worried and offended that Jen might be snooping around, Rachel went to a group of guys and suggested that she take Ashlea off the block and oust Jennifer. The guys agreed and now all that awaits is the ceremony.

At the veto ceremony, Ashlea and Kaysar both sympathize with Rachel for having had to make such a hard decision in her nominations and they both respect whatever she chooses now. And for those of you who might have been waiting for a big shock, Rachel doesn’t come through and chooses not to use the power of veto.

That means that Thursday either Kaysar or Ashlea will be evicted from the Big Brother house setting the game in motion as the numbers dwindle. Only time will tell how many secrets the new Big Brother house holds so until next time, Keep Julie Chen in your dreams.

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