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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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"Hypocrites Are Running Amok!" - August 16

We return to the Big Brother domicile being reminded of how Jennifer broke her promise in order to protect her friends. Now we insert some random cursing from Janelle and Rachel (female dog, incredulous woman, evil temptress, etc…) and the Big Brother pot is liberally stirred.

In the Gold room Howie, Rachel, Janelle and Kaysar hash out the situation and out of the rubble comes Howie as the voice of reason reminding everyone that they have to stick to the plan and James will probably still go. If only Howie had his brain about him last week.

The only other major talk going on is happening between Ivette and James who are discussing how they can keep him in the game. Ivette is convinced that James still has a chance as there are 4 days left until eviction and James truly believes that Ivette wants to work with him, at least 40% of the time. He’s convinced that the other 60% of her allegiance belongs to the “friendship.”

In his attempt to continue campaigning, James meets with Jennifer privately in the HoH room and he tells her that the reason he let go of the button in the HoH competition is because he realized that he was playing for the wrong reasons. He saw Ivette worked up over faltering in the challenge and realized that she was playing for family friends and honor while all he was playing for was revenge. Jennifer seems somewhat empathetic but she keeps her cards close to her chest

Later Kaysar meets with Jennifer and after expressing his aggravation with her change of plans, Jennifer fills him in on some of the happenings of the house since he has been gone. She tells him that his alliance flipped on the original plan to oust James and gunned for Ivette and that is the reason she can not trust his teammates. Kaysar picks up a vibe from Jen that all is not kosher and with that we move to some comic relief.

Howie finally decides to try on his black speedo. He models it and everyone laughs and cheers. He attempts a Rockette high kick and falls on his tookas. Everyone laughs and cheers. For 5 dollars extra, Howie will give you 2 extra prat falls and a banana cream pie.

It’s Happy Happy time! Maggie and Kaysar both have birthdays this week, and like they did for April, BB and Kmart provided cakes and gifts for the birthday buffoons. Kaysar received a 20 gigabyte mp3 player and Maggie received a Sony PSP. Maggie had no clue what the PSP was and further let's us know that electronics were not her thing. I argue that the PSP could have been better spent on someone else, but what do I matter?

Ivette is now focused on lobbying for James. She tells her teams that she believes that most of James’ actions are solely as a result of him reacting to being put on the block. She claims that playing the game in an evil fashion is so tempting that no one can blame him for slipping to the dark side. If Ivette truly believes this I want to know what is in that Ghetto juice she is drinking. However ridiculous her claims are we must remember that Ivette is talking to a bunch of baboons and for that reason all she has to do is wave a banana. Guess what? The baboons have evolved into chimps as they have now realized that because James has no allies they may be able to use him as a vote. Well either they evolved or read our 5 Rules of Big Brother from last week.

Veto time!

Let’s see if you can guess who each competitor picks as their partner.

Jennifer picks April.
Rachel picks Howie.
Janelle picks Kaysar.

Veto Competition: Coaster Toss

Just like the houseguests have played in the living room, Big brother has set up an oversized game of coaster toss. This time around the target is a 5 tiered wedding cake like structure. The outermost and largest tier represented week one all the way to the top tier, the smallest in the center representing week 5. The coasters have the faces of the evicted houseguests on them and matches earn points respective to the week. Did I mention if no one scores any points that no one would win veto? It didn’t matter anyway.

Here are your scores:

April - 4
Rachel - 6
Kaysar - 3
Jen - 1
Janelle - 5
Howie - 4

And Rachel wins the power of veto!

The only thing left is for Jen to quiz her compatriots on what to do as she is now considering getting rid of Kaysar rather than James. In doing so she finds that Maggie has flipped her script and decided that she can not play honestly anymore because no one else is. She is mad at America for sending back the person she evicted rather than giving her back her sweet Eric. Basically, everyone agrees that lying is now ok to them even though it wasn’t before. Jen finally isolates each of her partners and seeks their opinion.

Maggie wants Kaysar gone over James.

Beau wants James to go, fearing that James is stronger at winning veto competitions.

Ivette wants Kaysar outta here.

April says Kaysar must go as he is the leader of the other group.

The votes are in and the winner is clear. Rachel vetoes herself and James wins! Kaysar is put up on the block after an annoying speech by Jen about this being out of respect and that Kaysar is a leader and threat in this game. Ugh. Well now that this entire house is full of liars I’d like to introduce you to the game of Big Brother the way it’s supposed to be played. You truly can never underestimate the intelligence of a Big Brother houseguest. Jennifer has made herself a future target when she was once in total obscurity, but for now Kaysar and Janelle are the one who need to be concerned. Who will stay, and who will go? Tune in Thursday to find out.

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