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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Howie vs. Rachel" - August 25

Last time, Howie & Rachel, one of the two sole teams remaining in the game, were on the block, fighting for survival, but because James had to go an win himself another Veto competition. So now Howie & Rachel, one of the two sole teams remaining in the game, are still on the block, fighting for survival. It's now Day 54 in the house and the Friendship are holding all the cards. For the moment, at least. Tonight is the first time that the houseguests will cast their votes to evict live.

Rachel didn't expect James to use the Veto, but she says that whoever is left behind will be on a search-and-destroy mission. Howie calls said mission personal, to break up the last survivng couple. "Should've thought a ilittle better about this one!"

Howie is thinking that he's the one that's going to be evicted because of his big mouth. Rachel wants Howie to see him succeed more than anyone, even herself. Rachel notes that if they want to be strategic, they can vote her out.

Meanwhile, Howie shows how pale his ass is. that prompts Beau to ask him to streak through the backyard. He says that he'll do it... IF they vote Rachel out, even going so far as to make them swear on the Bible. I bet you'd never think about streaking and the Bible in the same context before... Maggie says she won't do it. "Because I'm a lying sack of garbage around here!" mocks Howie. Ivette won't do it, either, so he's not going to do it.

Maggie is quick to note that Howie said that she's going to be the deciding vote. "The only way I'd be the deciding vote is that if you knew how James was going to vote." Maggie also wonders why the focus has switched to splitting pairs from taking out the biggest threat.

With that, the James Rhine Threat Level has risen to orange.

Meanwhile, April believes that if she took James with him to the end, the Friendship would vote to give her the money. "But I don't think James would bring me to the end."

Talking with the houseguests, April feels like a piece of her is missing. Maggie notices the kitchen table has shrunk as a milestone. Now the fan service... If Ivette was casting a BB6 movie, she'd cast Julia Demato to play herself, "something like the Sopranos" (C-Note: Jamie-Lynn DiScala is from "The Sopranos". Julia Demato of season 2 of American Idol... IS a soprano). If Janelle could leave the BB House for a day, she'd visit family and friends in Minnesota.

In the HOH Room, Beau admits that Howie & Rachel's nominations are purely strategic, and that Janelle and him have made amends. Beau & Ivette hope to be themselves and make friends with everyone. Where does James stand? "On a good note, he's in our group on a positive side. He's still supporting us."

Can he? Howie calls him the most dominating player in history. Howie would put his money on him, having won more vetoes than anyone in victory. "I can only guarantee victory through winning vetoes, and then creating internal strife," James said. He plays both the Sovereign and the Girl Scout Troop. "It's my job to continue the hate." He talks with the GST about nominations, the group not realizing that the moment he wins HOH, it's Maggie & April on the block.

James tells Janelle that they could make it to the end. Does he believe that? Surprisingly? Yes. If he can send all of the GST to the Sequester House, then they'd have to choose between him and Janelle, instead of him and one of their own. A plan of sheer brilliance, but the finale is still more than a month away.

Are Howie & Rachel more than just friends? Let's go to the Gordon parents' house first. Mom and Dad Arleen and Louis pretty much peg him dead on. Meanwhile, Rachel's parents, Bob & Ruth, think Rachel is more serious, while Howie is the party person. Mike (Howie's friend) dated Rachel for a bit, and they maintained a close friendship with that. "I think Howie's feelings for Rachel have been evolving in the house." From Ashley (Howie's sister), we learn that a) he has a lot of respect for women, and b) like my compadres Gordon & Jason (and my maternal great-grandmother), Howie is one of God's chosen people (footage of Howie's bar mitzvah is shown). After that, footage of Howie lusting over every carriage for breasts in the house is shown. "Rachel's probably attracted to that," Rachel's mom says. Howie's mommy thinks that Janelle is most of her type.

After that piece, I'm convinced that if Howie & Rachel ever got together, it would be the end of the series.

It is the end of the series for one of them, though. Final words from Rachel: "I'd like to say that this has been an amazing summer. Thank you to my friends and family for all their support. To my houseguests, without you, my eviction would not be possible, so... I am honestly glad to have met all of you. Howie, you are the greatest. Thank you for everything.' Howie: "Thanks to my family and friends. To my houseguests for putting up with me. Rachel made a big commitment to hang out with me. At the same time, if I walk out of here, I'm happy. Don't feel bad for me, because I get to hang out with Jenny in the tropics!"

Now to vote.

Maggie: RACHEL
Janelle, giggly about a snowstorm down under: RACHEL

It is official, but let's see how the rest of the house voted...

Ivette: RACHEL

By a unanimous vote, Rachel has been evicted from the Big Brother House. What happened? "I truly believe that I'm sitting here because Howie nominated James and Sarah. It just changed the whole game. The game changes on a dime. I don't know how to explain his behavior. I think if they looked strategically, they would've taken me out. They did the right thing." About Howie... "We've definitely grown a lot closer. He's been a lot of fun to live with." We get the goodbye montage, a kissy face from Howie, respect from Rachel & Maggie, another kissy face from Beau, and yammering about poor sportsmanship from Ivette. "Ivette seems to have some issues."


Before we get to HOH, though, who would you like to see get a phone call from home? It's America's Choice, so get your text messaging fingers ready. Text 1 for Beau, 2 for James, 3 for April, 4 for Janelle, 5 for Ivette, 6 for Maggie, or 7 for Howie to CBSTV (22788) or go to to vote. Standard text messaging rates apply, yada yada. But now... the power is up for grabs...

HOH Competition: High Low

Every answer to all of Julie's questions will be either higher or lower than the number stated. If it's higher, step up. If it's lower, step down. Correct answers stay in the game, wrong answers are eliminated. Last person standing is the new HOH.

1) Of the 14 houseguests, how many are taller than six feet? Higher or lower than 3? Correct: higher. Maggie, Howie, and Ivette are eliminated.

2) Of the current houseguests, how many have never won HOH? Higher or lower than 4? Correct: lower. All are right.

3) How many veto competitions have been played so far this season? Higher or lower than 9? Correct: lower. All are right again.

4) How many nights have you spent in the Big Brother House? Higher or lower than 50? Correct: higher. James is eliminated.

5) How many houseguests have went from HOH to being evicted? Higher or lower than 4? Correct: lower. Both right.

Tiebreaker question, TPIR rules apply: In the Veto Competition Goal For It, how many hockey pucks were in the red bin? April scribbles 100. Janelle has 85. Correct: 155. April is the new HOH.

How will she use her new power? Find out Tuesday. Meanwhile on Saturday, instead of watching seven houseguests on the field, you watch 22 players and the tackle football. Enjoy.

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