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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

Visit the Roundtable to see who is still in the house and in the game.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Michael vs. Janelle" - July 21

It's that time again. In roughly 45 minutes, one of the secret pairs will be dissolved (or in Janelle's case, eradicated) and another houseguest will get the royal boot.

Taking a look inside the house, we see Eric, the current HOH, thinking, Michael, thinking, and Janelle... also thinking. But first, a recap of events... Last week put the house on edge, with fight after fight, and James giving up the power of veto. Michael knew he wasn't going to use it, so it's up to him to make amends here. Eric says that they're cool, but are they? Michael doesn't want to have an air of conflict, and he tells Eric this. "I'd like to stay in the fight, and I'd like to win." "After the incident, things have pretty much cooled down. It's over. It's done with."

Back in the HOH room, Rachel and Eric discuss Michael's "raw deal." "I don't consider him a threat." Rachel tells Eric that Janelle is getting exactly what she wanted. Eric wonders if he made a right decision. He goes to April and Maggie with what he may think is a mistake. April calls Janelle a "strong player." "You can't underestimate anyone," Eric says, calling Janelle "stronger than Michael."

James wonders what is more dangerous, Janelle's strategy or Michael's loose cannon. James cites many close calls and the fact that he's moving Mike and Kaysar around. Janelle begins to see some of the gossip going on. Howie says that she's in a tough spot. He and Janelle share some time in the gold room. "You've got the votes to say, to be honest with you," he says, remembering the Surfboard Pact of episode 1. "You never know what's going to happen," Janelle says, "I may be the one to go."

Going live, Jennifer, still reeling from eating chocolate snake, tells everyone that she likes PB&J. James says that the Veto competition was grueling, having won by only 13 seconds. Kaysar talks about the tension between houseguests. "I think we've grown up a bit. We've come to appreciate each other a bit." Ivette.... ehh, not so much. "I've chosen to try and control my mouth." See what I mean?

Time to go to the Diary Room to gauge public opinion. James says that the only reason to keep Mike is because he's not a threat. Sarah doesn't think he's as smart as people give him credit for. Howie thinks that he has created so many enemies. James thinks Janelle is capable of doing anything. Sarah hopes that she can do some of her dirty work.

Going live to the HOH room. Eric talks about the argument about comments of Eric's family. "Being in a heated moment set me off a bit. I think in hindsight, I didn't like his behavior in the house. He has tried to intimidate me in the house. That never occurred again, his intimidation tactics. In the end, I think I got my point across." How did Mike break trust? "He was hanging around Janelle a lot. Janelle and I are like oil and water. I measure people by the company they keep. I know that if I lost, I was up on the block. So if I have a thought that I'd lose trust, I don't have time to not trust anyone in this game."

And did we mention that romance is heating up between the two nominees? "I was going to try and get close to him to try and vote him off, but then I started liking him." Michael cites strong chemistry. Janelle says that she was dating someone in New York... Notice I said WAS, because she proceeds to dump his ass on semi-live TV.  As for Michael, "we kept it fairly secret... maybe." Nope. Not a chance. April saw it.

Michael then proceeds to pull a Spider-Man on Janelle (kissing her upside down). They get cute for a montage. And I may be violently ill. He caps this by saying "Pay attention to Kaysar. He knows what he's talking about."

Back to the Diary Room with Jennifer, April, Beau, and Ivette. Ivette calls Janelle money-hungry. Beau relates to her. April calls her flirty. Jennifer wants to keep Janelle because "she's pretty to look at". Jennifer and Ivette call Mike "uncomfortable." April says, "Michael is a pain in my butt."

Okay, we spent this time talking about BB6, but now let's go back to four pairs on BB5: Project DNA. Let's play "Where are they now?"

Holly & Jase: Holly King (and Pumpkin Patch) dated Jase for about 10 months after the series ended. "I couldn't handle country music anymore. I don't think there's room in Los Angeles for two hyper people like us."  Jase Wirey moved back to Georgia. "LA's a tough town. She's a city girl and I'm a country boy."

Michael & Nakomis: Michael Ellis and his half-sister Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon hang out for the first time since leaving the house. "It's a real big shock", she says. Michael shows wedding photos with Scott and Drew. "Family life is wonderful."

Drew & Diane: The reigning laird of the manor on Big Brother, Drew Daniel has decided to take up acting, landing a part on B&B (that's "The Bold & The Beautiful"). His sweetie Diane Henry still lives in LA, just up the block from him. They're still friends... but that's it. "I still like to give him hell for riding my coattail."

Adria & Natalie: Ah, the twins. Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll revamped their website,, and have written a book. "It's been back to reality, but not the norm."

All four agree that the twist this year is "so awesome."

Diary Room time: Maggie wants Mike gone for Eric's safety. Janelle is not going to stay longer, because she's an easy target. Rachel doesn't think she's dumb. Kaysar thinks this personal and strategic decision is hard to make, asking for a second...

Okay, it's time. Final words from Janelle: "It's been a pleasure getting each and every one of you. It's been exciting. I've enjoyed each and every minute." Final words from Michael: "Overall, I've really had a great time. I wish you all the best of luck."

Final words from Julie: "By a vote of 9 to 1... Michael, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House." They go back to the animosity of the past week. "One of the reasons why I was a little irritated because we had an agreement, and I don't think he was terribly honest about it." About the Janelle romance: "I didn't expect it. I think Janelle's a wonderful girl." Kaysar's final words: "Hey, Mike. Sorry things didn't work out. All the money in the world doesn't justify hurting a friend. People in the house made you out to be something you're not. I know the real you, this whole situation will not be unchallenged." Michael thinks that Kaysar's a smart guy and he'll figure something out. On the reveal: "Too bad I'm not collecting with Kaysar."

But then again, you never know what's going to happen...


Julie will ask questions on life, the houseguests, and everything. The houseguests will have to give what they think the majority will say. Less popular answers will be eliminated until there is one... the new Head of Household.

1) Who does the majority think is more likely to send flowers after a first date; Howie or Kaysar? Majority goes with Kaysar, Beau is eliminated.

2) Who does the majority think is more intelligent; James or Eric. Majority likes James. Howie and Ivette eliminated.

3) In the food competition, "Snack Shack from Hell", what does the majority think was the grossest dish served; Turkey pot poi or ice clam sundae? Everyone likes ice clam sundae.

4) Who does the majority think is more likely to dress pets in clothes; Beau or Janelle. Everyone in with Beau.

5) Who does the majority think is more likely to read a boyfriend's e-mail, Jennifer or Sarah? Majority likes Jennifer. April eliminated.

6) What does the majority think is more annoying, houseguests who don't wash dishes or clothes? Majority like clothes. Everyone's right.

7) Who would the majority rather be stuck in an elevator with, Ivette or April. April gets this one. Rachel & Sarah eliminated.

8) Who would the majority choose to babysit their kids, Howie or Janelle? Janelle is right, Jennifer is gone.

Final question: closest to correct without going over wins. How many total coconuts were on both trees in "Wipeout?" Correct number: 184. Kaysar is the closes with 100. He is the new HOH.

But how will he use the power? Find out Saturday.

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