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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Friends vs. Each Other" - September 13

Wow, for an eviction episode there really was a lot of B.S. this episode. I always thought that an hour that included Julie Chen would be more entertaining. It was probably the fact that everything was a nearly foregone conclusion that made this seem so long.

Regardless, the friendship is coping with the fact that they are finally going to have to attack each other. Basically they are all trying to rationalize the reality that with Janelle being head of household that one of them will have to send another one of them home. Of course that honor belongs to April unless either Maggie or Ivette win Veto. So, let’s jump to the veto competition.

Veto Competition: Missing Links

Each houseguest is given a board with facts separated by round gaps. Each gap needs to be filled with a houseguest’s face and there is only one correct solution even though some faces may fit in several places. First one done with all 10 evicted houseguests correctly placed wins.

Everyone begins to struggle realizing that many of the clues are vague such as “partners in snack shack from hell” or “on the same surfboard in wipeout.” Eventually, some of the houseguests catch on to use the specific clues first and they target “first and last to release buttons in pressure cooker” The Answer, Beau and Jennifer provided a launching point for Janelle and Ivette who bolted out to a lead. Janelle then became stuck thinking Kaysar and Howie were partners in “rectangled” (really Kaysar and Eric). This mistake sent Janelle backwards from 8 of 10 correct and provided Ivette with the opening necessary to take the veto. With her win Ivette scream louder than when she won HoH and literally bounces off of the wall.

Her celebration is short lived however as April criticizes Ivette for putting on such an outward display of emotion. She feels that Ivette is throwing the win in her face and is hurt.

Oh, April’s not even close to hurt yet. Ivette goes Latina up and down April telling her that she is full of it. Then April dumbly tells Ivette that many of her actions were influenced by Ivette (in essence blaming Ivette for her mistakes). Ivette is really fired up now and spots a few more choice words before leaving the backyard.

Janelle surely is enjoying all of this as April tells her that she is sorry for not giving her a fair chance, and that with the way Ivette is treating her that if she chose Janelle over her or Maggie that she would end up giving the money to Janelle. Maybe Janelle has hope after all.

So now for the facts:

Yes, Ivette vetoes herself.

Yes, Janelle has to make a replacement nomination.

Yes, the replacement nomination is April.

And yes, Ivette votes to evict April LIVE! (As if that mattered).

As a redeeming moment, Ivette gave a sweet speech during the eviction saying that she loved both Maggie and April. Whoop dee doo. What makes it funny is that this was contradicted by Ivette’s goodbye tape to April which still harbored hostility. Finally hypocrisy is exposed.

Now on to the new HoH competition.

Maggie, Ivette, and Janelle will all have to stand on a rotating circular balance beam while hanging on to a tethered key. Last on standing on the beam holding their key will win the first part of this 3 part HoH competition. As a bonus, the winning houseguest will also get the combination to the third safe in the gold room. We leave the houseguests like hamsters on a wheel. Literally.

Next Episode is Friday’s live eviction! That will bring us to the Final two and $500,000 will be awarded next Tuesday. So until next time, keep on scheming.

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