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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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"Chocolate, Cigarettes, and Other Human Vices" - August 6

If you remember two weeks ago, Kaysar was bragging about how he was the best strategist ever in Big Brother history. Well, we start off this weeks episode talking about Kaysar's eviction from the game. Oops. Part of the problem was that, as I explained 2 weeks ago, he strategized incredibly poorly. The other problem was that the one person that he didn't want to see win HOH - Maggie - did just that.

Maggie wanted to get rid of a strong threat. Howie and his group sang a song to Kaysar, and said that they loved him, regardless. Jennifer said that the vote deserved to be closer than 7-1, but he had to go. James is not happy that he lost a strong ally in the game. As Kaysar's picture fades to black and white, Janelle says how wonderful he was.

Fast forward to the Head of Household competition. He jumped on it and Rachel said that it would be nice for him to win it. Howie does embrace it, adding that he's glad he did something in he house. James says that if everyone keeps their word, that he will be safe in the house for a week, while Maggie, who notes that she's friends with Howie, has no clue who he's going to nominate.

The groups discuss the HOH challenge, and note that Rachel eliminated April before Sarah. They note that Ivette eliminated James as well, and Ivette notes that James betrayed Eric, hence she wants to eliminate James. Hmmm...

We also find out that one of the house guests will be returning. They find out that the viewers will be deciding who leaves. Maggie would love her ex-partner Eric to come back, while Janelle, who knows there will be problems if Eric returns, wants it to be Michael or Kaysar. Howie notes that a returning Eric would reunite them and Maggie, and that they want to eliminate Maggie. Meanwhile, Howie notes that Ivette told him about James wanting to put up Howie and Rachel should

We get to see Howie's HOH room, which is overflowing with twinkees, Cupcakes, Cherry Coke and other junk food. He also gets a black Speedo, which gets the girls screaming. They scream even more when they see pictures of him scantily dressed during his stripping days. Beau notes Howie wearing tank top and a fanny pack with his photo with dad and he smirks. Howie wanted a light saber - and didn't get it. Awwww.

Janelle, Howie and Rachel talk strategy. The plan is to eliminate James, who is enemy number one, but should they fail, they need to put up Maggie. What they are terrified about is the chance that James wins veto, Should he do that, then he'll still be around and it could be everyone against Janelle, Howie and Rachel - especially if Eric comes back.

April and Jennifer come in and Howie talks to them about trust. They talk about who not to trust, and they both say James and Sarah, adding that he is playing all of the angles. The women all call him a son of a bitch and they want him gone. Beau and Ivette come in - and they start bitching about James. They all say that if he puts up James and Sarah this week, then whoever doesn't go this week will leave next week. With that, coming in is...James and Sarah. Howie tells James and Sarah what Beau and Ivette says and James didn't know what to say. With that, Rachel is very concerned about the return of Eric, but sh also knows that if James is still in the house when Eric returns, then they go after James - and Howie and Rachel, assuming that Maggie doesn't get put on the block, are off the block. Hmmmm...

Maggie then comes in and talks to Howie, explaining that she doesn't have a partner. They both decide that if Sarah and James goes up and if Eric returns, then Maggie and Eric won't target him and will go after Sarah and Janelle instead.

April says that she can wag her tail bone when she's happy, but reiterates that she doesn't have a tail. Too. Much. Information. April tells Beau that her tailbone is crooked and she wants Beau to touch it. He won't do it. Ivette will, and she screams. Ivette feels April's bone (WHA??!!?) and now calls her 'the lemon'. Uhhh...ok.

At night, Rachel tells Howie that if he gets rid of a member of 'The Friendship' (Maggie's group) and if Michael or Kaysar comes back, then they have a huge alliance. Instead, Howie tells Rachel that he and Janelle promised everyone that James and Sarah would go up. Oops. 'Some people need to learn how to shut up and listen and not spill a plan' says a very pissed off Rachel, who now wishes that she didn't throw the HOH competition to Howie. They curse each other out as they retire for the evening.

We get to see a promo of Michael, Eric and Kaysar pleading to go back in the house. Don't forget to vote on Polls close Wednesday at 12 pm pacific.

Michael, Eric and Kaysar will get to eat all the food that they want. Not everyone will get that opportunity as we get to this week's food challenge. The Blue Team (Beau, Ivette, April, Janelle and Maggie) and the Red Team (Rachel, James, Jennifer, Howie and Sarah) will each get their own conveyor belt. Food will be coming out of the belt. They have to eat it. What they don't eat will land in a bucket at the end of the belt. The team that has the least amount of food in the bucket after 5 minutes will eat whatever they want. The other team gets nothing but PB and J for the week.

First up - Hershey Kisses. That's not too bad. We get snowcaps and cookies (which isn't too bad), but then we progress to individual pies and egg nog. The Red Team's strategy is to avoid the light things and eat the heavy things. Also helping them - the Blue Team's Maggie, who can't eat anything dairy, and Janelle, who claims that she actually wasn't eating the food, but was smearing her face into it instead. That's not going to help the Blue Team when the wedding cakes start rolling in. As for the results? Blue Team - 35 5.5 pounds. Red Team - 35.15 pounds. Janelle has the free pass. What does she want to do with it? This week - she's keeping it for herself.

April came into the house not smoking at all. This quickly changes, as she winds up going through a half a pack a day, as chronicled by Ivette. April claims that she has never bought a carton, but Big Brother shows us that she actually imported 4 cartons into the house. Ivette notes that Big Brother will not give any more cigarettes, and we see this as April begs Big Brother for more.

Maggie and April come into Rachel and Howie's room, and Maggie admits that James was the target, but he won the Veto. Rachel says that the deal would be that Sarah and James would be the targets for the next 2 weeks, and that she, Eric, April and Jennifer would all honor it. They seem to agree, and Maggie says that if she wins HOH, she would honor it, but she doesn't know what anyone else would do. Hmmm...

So who will Howie nominate? April hopes it's not her. Rachel trusts Howie. Maggie doesn't think she's safe, and she says that if you ever are comfortable, then you aren't paying attention. Howie is paying attention, and he is concerned. Ivette says that she is a big target, while James thinks it's going to be a nice, relaxing week. Howie says that with great power comes great responsibility, and he says he has to do the best thing for himself.

With that, everyone has gathered around the table. Howie says that he plays for strategy, and with that, we pull some keys. The first one pulled is...Janelle. We continue the safe list with Rachel, then Beau, Ivette, Jennifer, April and...Maggie. That leaves a smiling Sarah and a shocked James. James is dangerous, while Sarah works together for him, adding that it's a disaster for him if they stay coupled.

Howie says that he has no regrets. Sarah says that she doesn't have a friend in the house. James says that this had to have been in the works. Maggie is thankful that she's safe, and she knows that one of them is going home. James says that his rage will be legendary.

Is this the right move for Howie and Rachel? The problem is that it depends on who walks in the door next week. If it's Eric, then they made a brilliant move because now they will be in the dominant alliance with Janelle, Maggie, Eric, April and Jennifer, while being able to pick off Sarah, Beau and Ivette for the next 3 weeks afterwards. If Michael or Kaysar show up and if James somehow survives, then it's disaster because it will then be Howie, Rachel and Janelle targeted by the two guys, with the rest of the house waiting to pick off who survives that turf war. Join us on Tuesday to see who gets the all-important Power of Veto and what this means for the rest of the house.

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