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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"How Many Houseguests Does It Take To Screw In a Light Bulb?" - August 2

Welcome to a totally predictable episode of Big Brother 6. Well, maybe not entirely predictable, but I bet you will be guessing a lot of things before you read them.

As we rejoin the houseguests, Kaysar and James are reflecting on being on the block. Everyone on their team seems to be saddened to be losing a member, but before any tears can come out everyone is strategizing how to keep their respective partner in the game. Both Janelle and Sarah quickly come to the conclusion that the only way to keep their pair safe is to win the golden power of veto so that they can remove either Kaysar of James respectively, without fear of being put up in their place.

Shortly after initial discussion, Ivette walks into the bathroom bawling, followed closely by April. April wants to know why Ivette is emotional and Ivette explains that she is crying because she is again realizing that Cappy (Eric) is gone and that this is just another one of those cases in life where the Good Guys lose to the Bad Guys. Ivette is convinced that Kaysar, James and Janelle are evil and she might well be right, but under the rules of BB6, it’s allowed.

Outside on the lounge chair in the yard, James tells Kaysar just how sinister he thinks Maggie is. Supposedly in having Sarah pull out the last key during nominations, Maggie made an attempt to crush Sarah’s spirit. You see, James and Janelle’s names both start with J-A leading Sarah to the false belief while pulling out the key that James was safe. With that said, James has a personal vendetta against Maggie.

Now the only thing left to happen is for James to attempt to play both sides against each other. James initiates a conversation with Ivette telling her that he isn’t so confident in his alliance with Howie and Rachel and that he feels the “evil” people need to leave the game. Ivette chimes in, agreeing with James

Later in the Gym, James consults Ivette again and proceeds to swear on a bible provided by Beau that if he gets HoH he will put up Howie and Rachel. Ivette seems to take James at his word and with that it is time for the Veto competition.

James is worried that Sarah will choke and ahs even told Janelle and Kaysar that he has no chance. Regardless, James motivates Sarah and makes it clear to her that under no circumstances should she take anything that happens in the veto competition to heart.

Maggie announces that it is time to select Veto partners and she starts things off by selecting Beau. Kaysar then proceeds to select Janelle, and then James picks Sarah.

It’s time to play Couch Potato (where’s Marc Summers?) Each competing houseguest will sit on a pair of rotating couches, with the goal of the game being to turn your TV on and then to channel 5. The difficulty of this game is that the TV’s can only be activated by throwing tennis balls at the channel up, channel down and on/off buttons.

Quickly, all of the teams strategized to team up on a single television, and this game was significantly more of a game than a competition. Whether you want to believe it or not Beau, who played baseball for 9 years, was worthless and Kaysar and Janelle didn’t do much better themselves. This basically left Maggie against James and Sarah. While James and Sarah quickly turned their TV on, Sarah continually hit the channel in the opposite direction, hindering their progress. Once Sarah’s TV was turned to 6, Maggie kicked into high gear and shut their TV off. Unfortunately, when James turned their TV back on, it was not reset to zero allowing James to finish the game with on final shot. Having teamed up, Sarah and James earned Sarah the power of Veto, and Sarah makes no qualms that she plans to remove James from the block.

James begins to feel guilty that he was instrumental in what is assumed now to be Kaysar’s demise. Janelle also apologizes to Kaysar, but Kaysar is deep in thought trying to figure a way out of his predicament. Ivette has other ideas though as she campaigns to get Janelle out of the house. She tries to convince “The Friendship” (Maggie, Beau, Ivette, Jennifer, and April), but all that is agreed upon is that the friendship must stick together.

We now interrupt Big Brother 6 for a prize break. It’s April’s birthday, so, Big Brother and Kmart award her a purple nightie, belt, Kodak digital camera and dock, and a cake. Most importantly, April received a letter from her husband and dog Pepperoni. The tears flowed and for one moment, everybody was happy.

Back in the Gym, Ivette is trying to verify that James would put up Howie and Rachel. James says that he has to take out Maggie because she wants him dead. James cites how Maggie turned off Sarah’s TV during the veto competition as an example. Ivette is dumbfounded saying that she has now lost the 60% of trust that she had left for James. Apparently naivety has run amuck in the Big Brother house.

Ivette runs back to the friendship and tells them how appalled she is that James went against his word and the bible. They all scoff in disgust and wish they could get rid of him this week. Unfortunately they will have to earn another opportunity.

Time for more prizes! Quarters have been scattered throughout the house and the houseguests find them all for use in the gumball machine. The machine dispensed 6 movie passes, allowing the lucky houseguests to compete in the luxury competition to the new movie Four Brothers.

The competing houseguests split into 2 teams:
Rachel, Sarah and Jennifer
Beau, Maggie and Ivette

Outside the teams were greeted by 2 marquees with numerous sockets but no light bulbs. The teams would have to screw in light bulbs to identify the secret message with the first team completing the secret message winning the movie screening.

This wasn’t overly interesting but it did bring to mind some "how many houseguests does it take to screw in a light bulb?" jokes. With a slightly quick Pace, Rachel, Sarah and Jennifer identified the message as Sold out and finished ahead of their rivals. As a result they were treated to Four Brothers in the HoH room complete with candy, sodas and popcorn. After excessive gawking at Mark (Marky Mark not Temptation Island/Russian Roulette) Wahlberg, the teams got some sleep only to wake up for the Veto ceremony.

First however, Kaysar had to take a stab in the dark. Figuring that Maggie was trying to use her position of power in order to solicit a deal, he decided to give her what she wanted. Meeting her in the gym, Kaysar told her that she would get a pass if she nominated someone from her side of the house. Maggie remained stone faced and silent leaving Kaysar to simply walk out of the room and hope for the best.

Neither of the nominees had much to say with Kaysar actually telling Sarah to use the Veto on James. Sarah made an unnecessary speech saying that this decision was difficult because she knew another genuine, intelligent, kind person would end up on the block. With that said she vetoed James and Maggie put Janelle on the block as a replacement.

Now Janelle and Kaysar are on the block with only a vote awaiting them. Who will survive to seek vengeance and who will be the next houseguest forced to speak with Julie Chen face to face. Tune in Thursday to find out.

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