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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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"Stark White and Pitch Black" - August 23

Welcome to another predictable episode of big brother. For those of you who need to be caught up, Kaysar was evicted for the second time due to the chicanery of Jennifer who was then quickly evicted herself. In a quiz about household items, Beau won his first head of household and now has the duty of making himself a target, I mean making nominations.

With the power shifting sides in the house, Hurricane Howie has quelled. He even half apologized to April for the insults he had been spewing. Meaning that he apologized to those that could not defend themselves, but he did not apologize for what he said about her.

Rachel is steaming over the fact that she got her question wrong. Fine, Rachel, you buzzed in too early, but Maggie had a chance to prevent the tie-breaker by tanking the last question and didn’t. You don’t see her crying now do you? (Like Maggie would have ever thought of such a thing) Anyway, Rachel knows that she and Howie are prime targets and is committed to playing this game to the bitter end.

Janelle, Howie and Rachel all discuss how they won’t be able to stand it if any of the “friendship” win. Newsflash: barring a major flip, they will have at least 4 jury votes so you are screwed.

Maggie is trying to convince Beau and April at the patio table that James may be a bigger threat than Rachel and Howie. Maggie is really just projecting that she is scared of James and trying to get someone else to do her dirty work (shocker, I know). Beau still seems unconvinced, and leaves to prepare the nominations.

Without further ado, this week’s nominees are…




Again, what a shock.

But there were some fireworks, Beau referred to Rachel and not being grey but rather stark white and pitch black. He feels she is one of the most sinister players in this house in the way that she plays both sides. As Ivette puts it, Rachel reacted with her horse face and Rachel is a total estrogen filled Chihuahua (translate the curse among yourselves). Additional terms used were wench, hag and just plain nasty.

This time around there wasn’t much discussion pre-veto outside of James letting us in on the fact that he doesn’t give a crap about anyone left in this house. (What a… wait this is getting redundant)

Now it’s veto time.

Beau selects James (wait!?! that is actually a bit of a surprise)
Howie selects Janelle
Rachel selects April (because she is weak and she has no allies to choose from)

The houseguests are sequestered and will compete individually. Anchored to the floor of the pool in the yard are discs of all the houseguests. Competitors will have to dive into the pool unhitch a disc and place it into one of two side by side columns. The goal is to fill both columns placing secret partners beside each other in the columns. Fastest time wins. (Moira Quirk will keep the time) Tweet!

The only thing you need to know is that April did miserably and Rachel struggled trying to stay in her top.

Howie 6:20
April 9:53
Beau 6:37
Rachel 8:52
James 5:47
Janelle 5:51

So once again, for the 4th time, (arguably the 5th if you include Sarah’s TV), James wins the Golden Power of Veto. Howie resolves the situation saying that at least he is losing to the best player in BB history. (I’d still give that title to the evil Dr. Will Kirby, but competitively I won’t argue)

So, will James aim to wreak havoc in the same way Kaysar and Jen did previously. Hah! Not that dumb. At least not anymore. James makes it very clear that he is not going to use the veto because a certain Girl Scout troop would not be pleased. (I wonder if they make their cookies from real girl scouts?) As the moment of truth arrives the show editing sets up the possibility that he might waver, but James holds steadfast and Howie and Rachel remain on the block. That means you should tune in Thursday to see one more couple broken up because when that happens the apocalypse will begin. Beau and Ivette will have the honor of being the longest surviving couple in the game. There’s a real shocker for you. Over and out.

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