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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Howie vs. James" - September 1

A couple of weeks (or maybe it was a month) ago, there was a plan in order to backdoor James out of the house. That said, it's only last Tuesday where the plan finally came together. But the numbers favor the Friendship over the Sovereign Two (Howie and Janelle). Will the backdoor be held open? It's now night 61 in la casa de CBS. Votes will be cast live, and in another shocker, we have a second double eviction week.

James is doing whatever it takes to stay in the game, even if it means using Friendship member Ivette. James is surprised not because he's going on the block to await his fate, but that he's replacing Janelle. "Smart for herself, but for the team, dumb dumb dumb move. If Howie gets HOH, it's Maggie & Ivette on the block."

James doesn't have a chance against Howie. Ivette wanted to comfort the guy, which doesn't please Maggie one bit. Ivette admits she hates Howie. James admits he needs a liaison for the Girl Scout Troop. "He tells me he can't trust anyone else in this house," he says. She admits that he did play the game dirty, but "he's good company." April says that it's a waste of time reiterating the fact.

Meanwhile, Howie is trying to nap, dammit, while James campaigns against him. Fair enough. It just means that Howie is going to campaign for himself. James really thinks that Ivette and Beau will give him their votes. Dumbass. He also thinks that he and Janelle can work out a deal that will keep him in the house. Again, dumbass. But back to James, telling Ivette that he and Janelle pinky-swore on getting Howie out of the house. If you're taking score at home, this is the 17th lie that James has told this series. He knows that he needs three votes to stay in the game.

Now to the living room. Janelle loved hearing from Michael earlier this week. Yay. Now.. More fan service from To lose weight, Maggie has been losing weight by running. Ivette, if she won HOH, wants to have a picture of her girlfriend. Beau thinks that the worst roommate to have permanently was Howie.... sorry, Janelle.

For now, the focus shifts on April today. Let's talk to family and friends about "the bottom line" and "the deal". First, Melanie & Kelly (sorority sisters). I speak sorostitute, so I'll translate: she was an intelligent girl who made everyone feel at home. She doesn't know when to shut up. From there, we go to husband Matt, who notes that old standby, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." He thought that Howie was a goofball, but now that he's seen the dark side (the "Sith", if you will... after all, this is Jedi Knight Howie we're talking about), he hates him. "I'm big boned, but I'm not fat." (C-Note: I use that one all the time.) And what does Pepperoni (dog) have to say about this? "*whine*" That's what I thought. Matt thinks that April is actually one of the strongest players in the game, rather than one of the weakest per Howie.

Going to the HOH room with Pepperoni's mama... Was it strategy to play under the radar? "It absolutely was. Not that I didn't make it this far, but if I didn't, it was okay, because I have a wonderful life outside of this." Maggie is April's new partner, but she wants to keep it on the DL. "I feel that I've stepped it up." About Ivette: "I know that every day I see where her loyalty is. I believe it stands with the Friendship, and I think it will stay with us."

Tonight, let's go to the Jury House to see what life is like for Jennifer and Rachel. This season, it looks more like a wine country than the tropics. Jennifer misses the house and all the goings-on. "If Rachel shows up... God, she's so boring, there's nothing to say about her." Sorry, babe... Prepare to be bored. It's no secret that the two never got on in the house, so for the two of them to be together in sequester will be, to say the least, interesting. The two toast to being jury members, right before.. yep, it's the requisite footage of the last week in the house.

Either James or Howie is about to join Jen and Ray-Ray. Final thoughts from the Howie: "Hurricane Howie has fizzled. I'm a waste of a nomination, I'm a waste of an HOH around here. I lit April up like a Christmas tree, and she did nothing but win events through the month of August! At the same time, guys... Five vetoes to zero vetoes!" And from James: "I'd like to thank the houseguests for coming after me week after week after week... Tank you for making it easy for me to get those vetoes. I definitely know that this was a strategic move. Nothing personal."

Now to vote.

Maggie: JAMES

Best James can hope for is a tie at the moment...

Ivette: JAMES

It's official. Here's Janelle to cap it.

Janelle: JAMES

What we call in the business a sweep. By a unanimous vote, James has been evicted from the house. How did he take going it alone? "These houseguests are crazy. They kept making worse mistakes than I did. I didn't know until today, but when they come after you for seven evictions in a row, I know it has to be strategy." Howie may have made the game mistake when he broke up Sarah & James, because he contends that he would have remained loyal. "When I went over to that side, at that point, it's like, let's see what we can do." He was sincere with Ivette as well. Goodbye montage, as each houseguests pays proper respect, which ends with Maggie finally revealing the truth that we've known all along... that she was a lowly ER nurse (C-Note: Yeah, this coming from a lab tech).

HOH Competition: Playing It Straight

Each houseguest must roll a bowling ball down a narrow beam. The farther it goes, the more points its worth, unless it falls into the trench marked 0. At the end of the beam is a hoop marked 10. You want to get that hoop.  You get two tries. Most points wins.

Maggie drops balls into 2 and 5. Total: 7
Beau rolls 5 and 6. Total: 11. He's now in the lead.
Ivette rolls 5 and 4. Total: 9
Janelle rolls 6 and 2. Total: 8
Howie rolls BOTH balls into 6. Total: 12, making him the new HOH, the first "repeat offender".

Wait! More fan service... Howie's looking in a relationship for... "one of the houseguests". Call up Ashlea. I hear she's single. Also, if he won a million, Beau would give to family, charity, and a vacation. April wishes that she brought her Pepperoni. It's official. She loves her dog more than her husband. Oh dear God.

Without revealing names, Howie "kinda" has an idea about who he is going to nominate. "You got another double eviction week, Julie?"

In a word... Yup. With that, he can only say... "I love you, Ivette. Bo-Bo, I love you." So we have our two nominees. Barring veto, the final team will be split on Saturday. Can either one save the other from eviction?

As we leave, our thoughts are with the millions of lives affected by Hurricane Katrina. If you wish to help, go to or for more information. Thanks... and we'll see you Saturday.

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