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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

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"Phone-a-Friend" - August 30

Here’s your update: Rachel’s gone, James and Janelle screwed up and now April is head of household. Yes, it’s depressing I know. What’s more depressing? April stating that when she won she felt like Miss America. It reminded me that Miss America is leaving Atlantic City. Tear... Thus far this season we have had no repeat HoH winners. That means either the games have been too pointless or the houseguests really aren’t that special. Yes, you may choose both options.

Now for a vocal outburst, sitting around the table, Janelle points out that in a way, Maggie has won HoH twice because she did call the shots when Howie was HoH. Maggie uses this moment to realize that maybe Janelle sees Maggie as a huge threat. Please refer to that comment above about the houseguests “not being that special.”

This episode of Big Brother has been brought to you by the number 6 and the letters S-L-O and W.

Moving on. It has dawned on April and Maggie that as there are only 7 houseguests left that this is the house’s last opportunity to back door James. They run to the Gold room to discuss the situation with Howie and Janelle and seeing as they are both in self preservation mode they sign up for the plan.

Ok everybody, let’s go see April’s HoH room! Pictures, blah blah, music, blah blah and Howie owning up to kissing April’s bottom now that she is in power. There, you have a full recap.

Ivette is afraid of Janelle and tells April and Beau that she need to go before they worry about James. April quashes that and reminds Ivette that there is only on “friendship” and that the “friendship” comes first. Ok children, can you say click? Now can you say cult? In reality this is how reality TV works. Alliances are a nice word for “kill everyone else.” It’s a good strategy whether you like it or not.

Bring on the nominations. This week’s supposed pawns are Janelle and Howie! Janelle says that she has a sick feeling in her stomach about this, but we must move forward. (This episode moves pretty quickly as it has to cover a nomination and a veto.)

In side conversation, April tries to get and assurance from Ivette that she will use the veto should she win it and Ivette gives a sheepish yes. Later, while talking to Maggie, Ivette continues to campaign for James and is warned by Maggie that an act to help James would be seen as an act against The Friendship. (Anyone notice how The Friendship is becoming Mafia-esque?)

April chooses Maggie
Janelle chooses Ivette (now that’s “bass ackwards”)
Howie chooses Beau

Mud Trough Veto!

Each houseguest has their individual mud trough and must search four keys to unlock their 4 vetoes at the end of the trough, one of which is silver. Why silver? The first person to unlock their silver veto will get the combination to the second safe. Very interesting.

The digging begins and April falls behind quick scoring her first veto after almost everyone else has at least one or two. Except for Janelle that is. So, with Janelle in last place Janelle finally gets on the board… WITH THE SILVER VETO! Ivette tries to avoid the mess and does somewhat well, but in the end, believe it or not, April comes from behind to win. That’s 2 competitions in a row for “weak” little April.

Shall we go for 3? It’s time to see if April can win America’s choice. I smell a loss coming. The phone is ringing with a product placed BB6 ringtone and everyone gather in the room to see who has won the phone call from a loved one. Ivette is begging to hear from her mother. Ring, ring…Hello? Hi is Janelle there? JANELLE WINS! Janelle won the call from Michael. You remember Michael, the supposed “sexual harasser.” However you can get him out of the house I guess. Janelle and Michael have a pleasant light hearted conversation and Ivette runs to the HoH room for a good cry.

April has a few comments:

1. She questions the character of anyone that would give Janelle a call from Michael rather than give the call to a mother/daughter or married couple relationship.
2. It is not possible that America could have voted this way, she doesn’t believe it.
3. The fact that Janelle chose to get a phone call from someone she only knew for 2 weeks over a family member says something about her character.

All of these are feasible accusations. I’d be interested to speak with April about how she feels the show was edited after she gets out. I’m getting the feeling that there may truly be some twisted portrayals of people on both sides here.

Now Janelle is at risk of not being vetoed because people are sick of her winning prizes. What happened to playing this game by methods of strategy? Don’t worry, nothing is in stone until after the veto ceremony and even then votes can change on a dime. That is something I am sure James is relying on.

After all, when April holds to her word (which she does), and does so by removing Janelle from the chopping block (Ivette is steamed); James has to know that he is in trouble. Thus, as this week ends, the nominations stand with James and Howie on the chopping block, James will need some kind of miracle to keep himself in this house. Can James pull off the nearly impossible? Tune into Thursday’s eviction to find out. We close this recap with hopes that the game will become interesting again as The Friendship will soon have to turn on each other.

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