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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Sarah vs. Ivette" - August 11

It's Day 40 in the House, and the Friendship and the Sovereign Five have united to split the power couple of James and Sarah up. James vetoed his own nomination, leaving Sarah in the line of fire against Ivette, who volunteered to play pawn, not a safe move in the Big Brother House, especially given the fact that she's beginning to talk to James.

But the news is not all bad, as it's also reinstatement time for Michael, Eric, or Kaysar. More on that later. Let's go back inside the house. Ivette is wondering if the decision she made was the right one. "It's been promised to me that I'd get the votes needed to stay," she says. "If I can't count on Rachel and Janelle, the votes would go 4 to 3 for me to stay." That as Ivette gives Big Brother the finger.

April brings up that Ivette doesn't speak 100% all the time, thanks to Howie. "Ivette runs to James about everything. I'm just really pissed off about everything right now." Howie thinks that Ivette needs to go. Rachel wants to know what Jennifer thinks, thinking that she's working out with Maggie...

... She's right. "Who's a bigger threat? James & Sarah? Or James & Ivette?" Maggie talks to Ivette about the pawning. Ivette thinks that April & Jennifer are playing dirty. "You can't think always so positive." Maggie notes that because people are thinking about wavering on their promise means that people don't care about their word. Yeah, that's about right.

Let's go to the Diary Room to see where lines lie for Beau, April & Janelle. Janelle doesn't want to keep Ivette. April thinks she gets riles easily, but Sarah is part of James. Beau wants to keep Ivette because they're partners. He votes to evict Sarah.

Going to the HOH room with Howie about James. "We were going to fight it out, and he turned on me. I told him when I put him up that this was going to bite me. It was gonna be quicker than sooner." He wants to see ... well, SOMEONE come back and ally with him.

Back to the Diary Room with James, Rachel, Jennifer, & Maggie. Maggie sees Ivette as a bigger threat. Jennifer, a loose cannon. Rachel, a cling. James... just talks about Sarah. He votes to evict Ivette.

There are bigger risks than money for Sarah, who, if evicted, leaves her boyfriend behind. It's final words time early. Sarah thanks everyone for making her a part of this. "I completely understand why I'm here. It's a game. So no hard feelings toward anyone. You all are friends." Ivette thanks her girlfriend and family and her new friends. "I can't leave this house without saying thank you to Beau. Remember, action speaks louder than words." It's eviction time. Take it, Julie...

"By a vote of 6 to 1... Sarah, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House." With that, James goes somewhere to have a cry or something. Meanwhile, Sarah is surprised to see herself go. "I was tricked!" She'd like to see Kaysar back in the game, but at this point, she doesn't want any of them to come back. James tapes his goodbye message... which is about as sappy as it gets. Sarah cries and tells us that she loves him a lot. But we know that she deserves better. "I got to know him a lot better than I think I would have. We've experienced something that no other couple probably has." Oh quiet already...

Now to another turning point on Big Brother 6, with Michael, Eric, or Kaysar returning to the game. "America's Choice is kinda scary," Jennifer. Ivette starts whining about Cappy again. Maggie may have to run over Ivette to get to him first. Janelle doesn't think that America was wowed by the firefighter, especially after that escapade with Michael and Eric a while back. Howie would like Kaysar to come back to start thinking for him again. Janelle hopes that it's her showmance partner Michael. Beau wants Cappy.

They reunite for the first time since their evictions. Michael has "to do some homework to catch up." He wants to see Kaysar again... well... later. Eric wants to return true to form. "I'm a man of passion and excitement. That's the person I am." And finally, Kaysar returns. "The Three Stooges..." Kaysar returns, expect more surprises and stir-ups.

Going back into the house.... Squee... Yeah, whatever. Anyway. More than 5 million votes were cast. The two people with the highest number of votes were... Eric... and Kaysar. For Michael, it's sayonara until September 20, aka Finale Night.

But for now, it's time to move back into the BB House. Will it be Eric? Will it be Kaysar? "When you hear the doorbell, America's Choice will walk through the front door." That said, Big Brother cuts all audio from homebase. And we announce America's Choice. America Choice is... Kaysar. With 82 percent of the vote, no less. Meanwhile, the same people who voted to kick his ass out last week are all cuddly toward him now.

With that, it's time for...

HOH Competition: Pressure Cooker

It's your standard "keep your hand on the button" endurance trial with a twist. It takes three eliminations to unlock the door to the Pressure Cooker. After each person is eliminated, they can open one of eight boxes. Some surprises may be good, some may be bad. And as we leave for today, Julie opens the first box... houseflies... and we fly off until Saturday.

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