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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"Eviction Night: Kaysar vs. Janelle" - August 4

Last time, a house was divided upon itself, and the power turned again. Who will take the power and who'll take the walk this time? And what surprise does Julie Chen have up her sleeve tonight?

It's Day 33 in the BB House. Teammates Janelle & Kaysar are on the block, but James is also in the crosshairs of Big Brother. Each have been on the block twice. Howie says that whoever survives will go onto bigger and better things. Kaysar saw this coming a mile away. "I'm going to keep playing this game until I leave," he says. Meanwhile, Maggie thinks it would be funny to force a tiebreaker. April is worried about getting the block next week if one of them wins HOH, prompting her to ask Kaysar what would happen if she saved him. "I feel like I can be honest with you. You're not who I'm after." He says that James will save himself, putting Howie & Rachel up. Kaysar wants to know who "these people" are. "Someone on my end isn't playing a clean game."

Kaysar reports to the team about James' betrayal. Needless to say Howie isn't happy. The leaders of the two factions conspire to get James out. "We need to come together for one reason." Kaysar made it his mission to get James out of the house. Ivette says that there's no way she could let "two heads of the snake" stay in the house.

Meanwhile, Janelle is sick to her stomach, as now James has pretty much dimed the whole house out. She is scared that she could be the one to leave tonight.

Going live to the living room now. Jennifer would spend the million on charity. April celebrates her birthday with her husband at a distance. Sarah really enjoys that her boy toy is safe for another week. Ivette proves herself the ingenious one, most proud of her "ghetto slide".

Let's talk about Eric's alliance carrying on his legacy. Ivette... well, can't stop yakking about him. Cappy this, Cappy that. I swear you aren't missing anything. James calls him an equal, but calls Ivette a dumbass for her "Where's Cappy" remark during last week's Match Game redux. From here we go to the making-fun-of-Eric montage. Meanwhile, James suggest that the next HOH put Maggie on the block. "She's Eric!" This is proven as she says, at 11:30p, on the dot... "Light's out, bitches!" Now the whole team is mourning Cappy's loss. "I know Eric's proud of the way I'm playing the game." And this goes into talk of Cappy's ghost... including a moving picture on the Memory Wall. Scurred yet?

Going to the HOH room with Maggie, we're still talking about Eric. "It was more important than I want to admit. I absolutely believe part of me is getting back at the people responsible for his departure." Yeah, Maggie misses him. A lot. Never mind that he's married and she's seeing someone. Maggie thinks that she is a target because of her nomination. And for the record... Maggie is NOT a police officer, but she plays one on TV.

Now we go to the Diary Room after 20 minutes. Ivette will never get along with Janelle, and will vote for Kaysar to avenge Cappy. Rachel doesn't think she's perfect, and says that Kaysar had a good hand, but showed all his cards. Sarah doesn't know what's going on. Howie likes her. 

James & Sarah's relationship takes focus next. Will their relationship survive? Let's ask their families. Going to the Rhine house first in Steubenville, OH. Linda (James' mom) thinks that the time in the house can either help or hurt a relationship. Desiree (James' sister) thinks Sarah is the ideal girl for James, a "pretty good big brother". Going to Stickney, IL to visit the Hresjas for a moment. Mary & James (her parents) know she's a tough cookie. "Her honesty is her best quality." As for the relationship, they think he's a great guy, but is having questions about James' questioning of Sarah.

Okay, this game is getting stale and predictable, let's throw in another twist. After tonight, four houseguests will have been evicted. Next week, one of them will be voted back into the house. The decision... will be America's Choice.  More on that later, right now, back to the Diary Room. April knows that Kaysar has it out for James. James thinks that it's so hard. Jennifer feels secure with Kaysar, but Beau thinks that he's scary. 

it's time. Final words from Janelle: "To the houseguest, I want to wish you good luck in the game." And Kaysar: "I want to thank everyone just the same. Everyone is unique and very special to me. Whatever happens, it doesn't change anything." And now the result...

"By a vote of 7 to 1... Kaysar, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House."  He just wanted to stir up the house, targeting "the people around Eric." "I leave the house with no regrets. Whatever I did was what I wanted to happen." About him and Janelle: "I definitely think Janelle and I will be good friends. She's got a good heart. I think I prepped her pretty well."  He thinks Janelle, Howie, and Rachel have an equal chance to win this. What would he do differently if he were allowed in the house again? "Not show all my cards." She warns Kaysar that anything can happen...

And by anything, we mean another game show ripoff, as the remaining 10 players (sans Maggie) prepare to play.... The Weakest Link!

HOH Competition: Eliminator

By answering questions correctly, houseguests earn the power to eliminate one person from the game. Houseguests will have 5 seconds to answer a question. If they run out of time or if they get a question wrong, they're eliminated. It's a buzzers round, so quickness also counts.

1) At the end of Spelling Bee, who was selected to spin the wheel?
Sarah: Kaysar. RIGHT. She eliminates Jennifer.

2) In High & Dry, which Houseguest finishes with the slowest time?
Ivette: Cappy, Eric. RIGHT. She eliminates James.

3) In Knight Moves, houseguests had to move like what...
Janelle, prematurely: The knight. WRONG. The letter L.

4) In Spelling Bee, how many words were misspelled?
Sarah: Four. RIGHT. She eliminates Ivette.

5) How many admit one movie tickets...
Howie: Six. RIGHT. He eliminates Beau.

6) In Couch Potato, what color was the on/off button?
Rachel: Red. RIGHT. She eliminates April.

7) When Jennifer won the bonus prize in Matching Munchies, which two numbers were revealed?
Rachel again: 46 and 57. RIGHT. She eliminates Sarah.

Down to Rachel and Howie. 8) In Couch Potato, the TV set had to land on what channel?
Howie: Channel 5..... SUPER BOWL BABY! Howie is your new HOH.

But the show's not over yet... As Howie now wears Kaysar's lucky hat and draw'rs, it's time to let the houseguests know that one of the evicted houseguests will be returning. *SQUEEE!* It will be either Michael, Eric, or Kaysar. Ashlea left sequester, so she is ineligible. I'll give you a hint, Ivette... It's not Cappy. It ain't Michael either. We'll see who America chooses next week. In the meantime, you can go to to cast your vote. OR if you have one of these nifty little gadgets here *holds up cell phone*, you can text your vote, either 1 for Michael, 2 for Eric, or 3 for Kaysar, to 22788 (CBSTV). Open to US residents only (sorry, Canada). Standard text messaging rates of 49 plus tax will apply. Voting closes at noon PT Wednesday. Here's a hint: VOTE FOR KAYSAR!!! Heh... See ya next week.

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