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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

Visit the Roundtable to see who is still in the house and in the game.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper, and Eric Pierce,  GSNN

Julie Chen
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"The Force Is Strong With This Young Padawan" - September 6

The Heat is on as the Summer of Secret continues. Now that there are no more pairs all bets are off and the real mayhem will ensue. Will Ivette shake up the friendship with her nominations and what will happen if the Houseguests have kids together? Only one way to find out…

Ivette in many ways is the Head of Household by default (thanks Maggie) but she doesn’t care. She is running around the house screaming like a lunatic. Howie and Janelle await their evictions ever so slowly realizing that they are going to need to win the veto to have a chance of keeping both of them in the house Ah, sweet optimism.

To the HoH room. The big points come when Ivette swoons over the picture of her girlfriend, Tush (Just because calling her babe is weird and as far as this show goes using her real name, Maggie, would be even weirder). This is followed by Janelle commenting in the diary room that, and I quote, “I don’t want to like slander anyone on national television, but her girlfriend is ugly as hell.” Ouch. I think someone may lose some popularity points for that one. Tush did however send Ivette a necklace that made her very emotional. Howie then proceeded to eat Ivette’s Reese’s Pieces without permission. Mmm... Reese’s Pieces.

Sidebar. Howie loves his Lightsaber. No, not that…. the toy Big Brother gave him, No, not Janelle. Anyway, our Jedi knight spends much of his time around the house training and he and Janey re-enact Star Wars battle all day long. Apparently Janelle is pretty good with a lightsaber as she gives Howie a good challenge.

Ok, let’s make it official. Ivette nominates Howie and Janelle, telling Howie that this happened only because they picked opposite sides and that Janelle is up because of her profound ability to manipulate men. Everyone smiles and the Girl Scout troop skips back up the HoH room. Meanwhile, viewers may pay credence to the fact that when selecting her keys that Ivette recognized that there might be benefits to nominating Maggie or April. Hmm…


The Morphomatic is back and 6 faces each made of 3 Houseguests will be presented. Competitors will have to light up the three appropriate names and hit the buzzers to check their guess. Fastest time wins.

Here are some funny highlights:
Janelle, Kaysar and Sarah made up the girl that was so ugly Ivette would talk to them in the club. (paraphrased so you could understand it).

She later called Kaysar, Beau, Rachel and Arab Black Drag Queen, exclaiming that this is why there are no Arab Black Drag Queens. (If anyone knows one email Ivette at… oh never mind)

April called Ashlea, Eric and Michael, “Tore up from the Floor up.”

Howie did very well until he got stuck… identifying himself, but at least he was wearing James’ veto power underwear.

Maggie… had the same problem as Howie confusing herself with Rachel
Janelle nailed her first one saying it was Michael’s mouth and she’s seen that a few times.

Here are your times!

April 4:16
Maggie 3:59
Ivette 3:28
Howie 9:18
Janelle 2:30

Howie apologizes to Big Brother for his lack of performance and Janelle wins the Golden Power of Veto.

April wants to know why a person who only wants a sugar daddy out of life deserves to win. (How about because she just does? Or would you rather me say the she plays better than you? Your choice, but competitively speaking, Janelle is the shiz now that James is gone.)

Ivette blames herself because she felt that it was her duty and purpose in this game to get rid of Janelle. Maggie and April attribute Janelle’s win to her superficial nature (Oh, accept it already… She plays better than you!) The friendship agrees that April will be the pawn and that is exactly what happens. Now we move to the obvious.

Janelle vetoes herself and Howie and Janelle prepare to launch their scheme now that April is on the block. They want to offer Ivette a deal to vote out April and play to the fact that she has a better chance of getting the money if she takes Howie or Janelle to the final 2.

But before they get the chance, Ivette corners Howie at the pool and tells him that she is thinking of voting off April to increase her chances. She further says that she saw her picture next to Howie’s on the memory wall and felt deep down that they would be the final 2. Howie is ecstatic that Ivette is thinking this way and now only time can tell.

That’s why you need to tune in Thursday to find out just what happens. Will Ivette make potentially the biggest move of the game or will Howie leave making it an all-female final 4. Check back at this recap to get the juicy details.

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