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Seven pairs of "secret teams" cohabitate in isolation from the rest of the world for a chance to win up to $1 million. All with the all-knowing, all-seeing eyes of Big Brother watching over them...

All 47 of them. 

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"Hunger Spell" - July 23

Last week on Big Brother, Kaysar, Janelle and Howie were the outcasts, who accused Eric of being the shepherd and sending Howie down the stream to be turned into a lamb-burger. At the Head of Household competition though, it was Kaysar who won it, and now it looks like the promise that Kaysar made to take revenge will indeed happen.

Back to Michael leaving - Eric said that Michael never apologized, while Janelle promises to try to eliminate Ivette. Everyone else walks into the room to see Michael's Color screen turn black and white. The girls, however, couldn't be happier, as Sarah, Rachel and April are relieved. Janelle wonders who she can hang out with now that the departing Ashlea (her partner) and Michael (her soulmate on the show). April volunteers to be her new talking partner - something Janelle agrees to in principal but who also knows that she has talked trash behind her back. April does admit that she doesn't like Janelle. Hmmm...

Maybe it's because that Kaysar won the HOH. Eric notes that he won - and also notes that everyone is now gravitating towards him. Janelle is thrilled that someone on her side won the HOH, while Rachel is thrilled for another reason - she knows that a strong player was going to be up for elimination. Ivette, on the other hand, is not very happy, because she knew that Allah was going to give it to him - which is not what she wanted, especially because she got into a huge fight with him before.

Howie is thrilled, as he, Janelle and Kaysar go into the room and talk strategy. The three people are partying, but Kaysar knows that he has to be very careful about vengeance, because there's a game that needs to be played.

Ivette was convinced that they were going to be eliminated. Janelle would be happier if Ivette leaves, but she thinks the better plan is if Eric leaves. Actually, that would be a horrifically bad move, but we'll chat about that later. Ivette tells Maggie that the dumb girls always stay (Ivette). Kaysar remembers that he promised Eric that he wouldn't put him up.

James comes into the planning room and the group asks him to stick around. He declines and just wants to get peanuts, knowing that they would be talking BS to him. Kaysar is just itching to eliminate one of the thorns on his side, but Howie reminds him that he needs to play strategically or he is going to be eliminated next week. Janelle says that none of the girls would want to see Maggie go, while they are wondering if Maggie and James or Maggie and Eric is the couple (it's Maggie and Eric). Kaysar says that Janelle and Howie are safe - and that no one else should feel safe.

Kaysar asks who wants to see the new HOH bedroom. I'm sure none of them would, but since it's mandatory, they all go. Included in the goodies for Kaysar is a Hooka (pipe for tobacco) and Kosher Meat that he can eat. Eric congratulates him and gives him a hug. As they all leave, Kaysar tells Janelle that they have to be partners, because no one else is. Kaysar says that they need to t ear up groups and pit them against each other, because they have to take the focus off from them. Good strategy - now let's see who you put up there.

James gets called into Kaysar's room. James says that he knows about the partner thing, and his partner couldn't be there because he got called out at the last second. Oops. They talk about partners and Kaysar says that they figured out everyone - including James and Sarah. Kaysar - 'He wouldn't be stupid to lie to me'. We all know that he would because we all know that James really is with Sarah, and James adds that if he pulls this off, that he needs to get the biggest BS award ever. Kaysar adds that as a sign of loyalty, he won't nominate James. We'll see how long that lasts...

Speaking of relationships, Ivette tells April that she has a relationship - with a girlfriend named Maggie. Ivette is frustrated that she can't talk about it, but April said that G-d knew that Ivette would talk to her for a reason, and even though she says that she won't say anything to anyone else, that she wants to talk to her afterwards. Ivette says that this is a test, because only April - and Beau (of course) knows, as she's the only other person.

We talk more strategy and Janelle discusses how they have to get rid of James, Maggie and Eric. She suggests to put Maggie and James up, because that would put Eric and James at odds with each other. Kaysar says that it's a good idea, but then he thinks about how to stir up trouble in another fashion...

Rachel (who is Howie's secret partner) discusses Howie's weird sense of humor and Howie ogling Rachel. Rachel says that she'd rather ogle her than not, because he makes her feel good. Rachel says that they are friends, but Rachel says there's nothing going on while we see scenes of Howie flirting in the house. 'If she needs a warm body in the house, then I'm definitely not going to turn her down - I'm going to encourage it.'

The guests want to be encouraged to eat normal foor - but Rachel gets very scared when she sees a wheel with wedges of nothing but 'PB and J' on it while seeing another banner that says 'Will Spell 4 Food'. I'm guessing it's spelling bee time - and it is. Each person will select a food hiding under a silver tray. For each food correctly spelled, one PB&J wedge will come off the wheel. The wheel will then be spun. If it lands on food, no problem - the guests will be able to eat anything they want. If it lands on 'PB&J', then everyone will be eating Peanut Butter and Jelly for the week.

Ivette gets avocado and spells is a-v-o-c-a-d-o. RIGHT!

Janelle gets spaghetti and spells it s-p-a-g-e-t-t-i. WRONG. Ivette - 'I live in a house with idiots.'

James gets ham and spells it h-a-y-m. No, only kidding. He gets it right.

Rachel gets broccoli and spells it b-r-o-c-c-l-i. Wha? WRONG. Eric - 'My 9 year old Danielle and my 8 year old Joseph could have gotten those'.

Jennifer gets the tough mayonnaise. She spells it m-a-y-o-n-n-a-i-s-e. RIGHT!

April gets Pepperoni, which is the name of her dog. She better get it right. She spells it p-e-p-p-e-r-o-n-i. RIGHT!

Beau gets asparagus and spells it a-s-p-a-r-a-g-u-s. RIGHT again!

Eric gets marshmallow and spells it m-a-r-s-h-m-a-l-l-o-w. RIGHT! Four in a row!

Maggie gets papaya and spells it p-a-p-a-y-a. RIGHT! Another one off the board. That's five in a row.

Howie gets rhubarb and spells it r-u-b-a-r-b. WRONG. There goes the streak.

Sarah gets cauliflower and spells it c-o-l-i-f-l-o-w-e-r. Coliflower? WRONG. That's awful.

Howie tells Kaysar that he's the good luck charm and that he should spin it. 7 good spaces, 4 bad spaces. Allah has determined that...everyone will eat peanut butter and jelly for the week, as the wheel lands on PB&J. Everyone is moaning and it sounds like they are at a funeral. We are here to mourn the disappearance of the food. Kaysar says that it may be helpful, as people will be more aggravated that they can't eat. Hmmm...Just a note that EVERYONE in Kaysar's clique spelt their word wrong and Kaysar himself spun the wheel. It's a food conspiracy!

Howie and Kaysar talks about religion. Howie says that he's a Jedi, and then he says that he doesn't know. He talks about the physical stamina, the mental appreciation and the attitude, which is great...until Kaysar tells him that Jedi's don't have sex. Howie decides to go to the dark side. Heh. We get a montage of Howie doing jedi-like moves. It's the Howie show this week.

It's Nominations Day - and Ivette talks to Kaysar and tries to blow smoke up her butt. Ivette reminds Kaysar that he isn't the target - the clique is going after Janelle next and reminds him that he would gain a couple of weeks to put her up against Janelle, and adds that he would get a lot of promises if he did so. Hmmm...

Sarah says that she hasn't been invited in either clique, and she wants to belong somewhere. Kaysar says that she is with James, but she says that they aren 't an item. Kaysar tells Sarah that Eric told him to put both James and Sarah up. She tells Sarah that to tells James, but James isn't buying what Kaysar's selling. James reminds Kaysar that everyone wants Janelle up, and adds that if he doesn't do that, then he's a target and gone next week. Kaysar knows this - but he also knows that he promised Howie and Janelle that he wouldn't do that.

It's nomination time. Kaysar says that it's extremely difficult to make this choice - especially because he's in the minority group. Maggie says that she will be very surprised if she is nominated. Kaysar said that he tried to overcome and think logically, which for him, he admits, is a very difficult thing to do. The first person safe is...Jennifer. Who else is safe? Beau, April, Rachel, Eric, Howie, Sarah, Ivette and...Janelle. The two people up are Maggie and James. Why? They are both considered good competitors and threats and he adjourns the meeting.

Kaysar is here to prove who's the better strategist. In that case, it's not him, because this is awful strategy. The right thing to do is to grab part of the alliance and swing him to his side by putting up the other part of the alliance, hence making him in the majority faction. What he did instead was to get the whole alliance even more against him.

Not only did Kaysar piss off James and Sarah, he also pissed off Eric and Maggie and almost guaranteed that his nemesis Ivette (who's connected to Beau) will remain in the house for another week. Kaysar is thrilled that he selected the way that he did, because he says that he managed to piss people off. That's true, but they are all pissed off at YOU, Kaysar. If any of the remaining 5 people win HOH next week, then Kaysar or Janelle are going to be roasted Kosher meat.

There's still time for things to change, as we still have a Veto to go to. Join us on Tuesday to see if James or Maggie can save themselves form a veto or if Kaysar can save himself from being the bootee next week.

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